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Class is in session! Jack’s the perfect hero to teach the next generation of animated heroes!

Rey is real aggressive guys...and it looks familiar...

Here we have Rey in her deleted scenes 

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Let’s compare that to Kylo and Luke fight 

Rey in the throne room fight

Kylo in the throne room 

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BOTH of them 

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Rey in the TFA


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JUST SAYING. Rey’s fighting/frustration looks *a lot* like a certain someone she shares a Force Bond with. 

Basically every Millennial owes it to every underage Gen Z to get out there and vote. In the absence of voting power, we are seeing these incredible Gen Z activists advocating for their own safety. They shouldn’t have to. These are children being forced to fight for their lives, and we owe them so much better. 

Millennials have a huge amount of legislative power. Millennials make up more than 30% of those eligible for vote. 

Millennials own 30+% of national voting power.

We outnumber the boomers. 

Millennials outnumber boomers.

But traditionally we vote at lower rates. That statistic is changing, and it needs to change faster. 

At this point I think we can all agree, millennials are morally obligated to use their voting power to protect a younger generation that has, like us, been failed and abused by the boomers. Get out there, register, vote, speak. Do not fail Gen Z the way our elders failed us. 

OK but if there won’t be a dragon ball z style boss fight at the end of Forces then what’s the point

@celepom and I were both thinking about hypotetical cutscenes and she encouraged me to post this ffhgfmg <3

Rey and Ben were right about their visions (kinda)

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I’m writing this again, because the first two times my tab crashed right in the middle of my writing (aksjnflaksgalkjf) so here we go. Round 2. Round 3.

LISTEN GUYS, our children may have misinterpreted their visions in their excitement, but I think they were both kind of right.

Let’s start with Rey. She says:

  • “Ben, when we touched hands, I saw your future. Just the shape of it, but solid and clear. You will not bow to Snoke. You’ll turn. I’ll help you.”

Now, some of our friends have already pointed out that Rey was right about Ben not bowing to Snoke. We know this to be true, so I won’t discuss that too much. No, what I want to talk about is the “you’ll turn” part of this vision. When she says these lines in the elevator, we’re lead to believe that Ben will turn wholly to the Light. Rey believes that Ben will completely leave behind his life as Kylo Ren in the Dark and come back to the Light. But I think this is where her misinterpretation comes in.

You see, Ben Solo did turn. But only for the fight.

Let me elaborate. When Snoke is torturing Rey, we can see that Ben is having a hard time watching and doing nothing. You can see the conflict and pain on his face. He knows he can’t do anything, not yet anyway. He’s planning to kill Snoke, but he has to wait for the right moment. Why does he want to kill Snoke? Well aside from years of torture and abuse, Dark Robe-Wearing Lord is torturing the only person in the entire galaxy (and probably in Ben’s entire life) that truly understands him. Rey is the catalyst for Kylo’s total take over of the First Order. If she hadn’t been there, I firmly believe that Ben would still be waiting for the perfect moment to kill Snoke.

Once the fighting starts, his only focus is Rey. He may seriously kick some Praetorian ass, but it’s obvious that he cares about what’s happening to Rey. I don’t know about y’all, but watching that fight, I did not get the vibe that he was trying to save his own skin. He wasn’t fighting to get out of there alive for himself, he was fighting to make sure he would be alive for Rey. He’s fighting for his vision of them together. He knows that she has no combat training,he’s worried about her.

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I think the Light called to him during this fight. It fed him feelings about his possible life with Rey, about leaving everything behind and making a new path for themselves. One where they wouldn’t have to worry about the First Order, or the Resistance, the Jedi, the Sith. They could be happy.

But like I said, I think this call to the Light only lasted until the end of the fight.

At the end, in the moments of silence before Rey calls out to him, we see Ben slowly approaching the throne where Snoke’s severed corpse lay on the floor. He seems to be in a sort of trance, looking at the throne. The THRONE. Not Snoke. He’s not reflecting solely on the fact that he’s actually killed Snoke. I think in these moments, the Dark comes back to Ben and Kylo Ren returns. The Dark side of the Force twists the Light’s version of his vision. Yes, he imagines a new life with Rey. But this is a life where he is Supreme Leader, he has overcome his past and stamped out the last of the Resistance, he has overcome the call to the Light within him, and Rey rules at his side. She is his companion, his confidant, his equal.

When Rey calls out to him, he’s brought back to the present, but he is changed. Now when he looks at her, all he can see is the Dark side of the vision. When he offers her to join him, this is the vision he’s imagined.

On the other hand, Ben’s vision of Rey is a whole ‘nother can of beans, but their the same type of beans (this probably doesn’t make sense, but just LiStEN)

Of his vision, Ben says:

  • “I saw something, too. Because of what I saw, I know you’ll be the one to turn. You’ll stand with me.”

Now I know what you’re thinking, our Rey would never turn to the Dark side, she’s much too good. Well friends, I would politely disagree with you. Here’s why: Rey and Ben are EQUALS in the Force. That means Ben has just as much possibility to turn to the Light as Rey has to turn to the Dark.

So, just as Ben is influenced by the Light, I think Rey is influenced by the Dark during the fight. They both struggle with pulls in different directions of the Force than the ones they’re pursuing (Ben with the Light and Rey with the Dark). This is mentioned several times throughout TLJ alone (Snoke basically ripping Ben a new one for being too much like his dad and Rey when she’s actively searching through the Force for the first time). But I think we catch a glimpse of her darkness way before the events of TLJ. During her fight with Kylo Ren on Starkiller base, she literally circles him after she’s torn open his face with her light saber.

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And then on Ahch-To, when she learns that Luke almost killed Ben, she immediately results to violence. She whips out the light saber an puts LUKE MCFREAKING SKYWALKER ON HIS ASS for even considering hurting Ben. Now imagine, if you will, the kind of rage/anger that lies underneath when she thinks about the torture and abuse that Ben had to endure during his years under Snoke. Just let that simmer for a second…

I think we can conclude that Rey is fiercely protective of Ben. She knows what it feels like to be unprotected, to not have anyone to watch out for you. Her years alone on Jakku taught her that. She knows his “intense loneliness” because she’s felt the same thing her entire life. And though their lives seem different on the surface, they share the same fundamental emotional turmoil. I believe the Dark side of the Force uses her feelings for Ben, as well as her vision, and twists them for this fight.

During the fight, it’s almost like Rey is overcome with an anger/rage that is almost reminiscent of Kylo’s merciless attack during their fight on Starkiller base. She doesn’t hold back on the Guard at all. No, she releases all of her rage on them. She doesn’t even seem to be bothered by the fact that she’s taking lives. At first, I thought that this was just her desperate will to survive. And while I certainly believe that Rey has an intense desire to survive, she was also fighting to “avenge” Ben.

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The Dark side manipulated Rey’s existing compassion for Ben. She feels he was robbed of choice at such a young age, with no say in his future. To her, there was no way he could have escaped his fate because Luke and Snoke had already decided what was going to happen to him. Just as Rey’s parents irrevocably changed her life by leaving her on Jakku to grow up an orphaned scavenger. The Dark whispered to Rey during this fight. Avenge Ben. Kill them for what they did to him. They deserve it. Fight for the future with Ben they want to keep from you.

But when the fight ends and she’s pulled back to the present by the absence of violence, she’s pulled back to the Light. Again, she’s reminded of her vision. Ben didn’t bow to Snoke. He fought beside her. It was true. But then she sees him staring at the throne. She calls to him, and then her world is shattered when he offers her the galaxy. The dramatic irony here, I think, is that they both saw the same vision (at least I think they did). But each of them are so preoccupied with the black and white, light and dark, good and bad that they can’t see the middle path for them. They can’t see the balance. And that, for me, is the most tragic thing about this whole story.

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