fighting urge to open and devour

[fic: Bokuto/Akaashi]

Cupid took his sweet time with you. Or, how Bokuto fell, quite literally, for Akaashi

Also, on ao3.


The first time Bokuto Koutarou sees him, he forgets to jump over a hurdle and falls face first on the track. It’s a humiliating feat his track and field teammates will make sure to remind him of for the rest of his high school days, and beyond. When he lifts himself to his knees, the left side of his face throbs and blood steadily drips from his nose to the ground.

His teammates rush to him and his best friend, Kuroo Tetsurou, who must regret not having his phone on him now, helps him up.

“Are you okay?” Kuroo asks and strengthens his grip on Bokuto’s forearm to prevent him from wobbling.

“Kuroo, I think I’m in love,” Bokuto says, his eyes drifting back to the cause of his fall. All those times he’s made fun of love at first sight have come to bite him in the ass.

“You’re also bleeding. Come, love-struck fool, I’m taking you to the nurse’s.”

His head spins, but Bokuto fights the haze to cast another glance at the outdoor archery practice next to the field, protected by the shade of tall trees. There, a dark-haired boy, along with the rest of the archery club, is looking at the commotion Bokuto’s caused. Their eyes meet and Bokuto looks away.

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