fighting theme


shiro being there for his team when they need him

  • lance: keith, i need to talk to you about something...
  • keith: yea? what's up?
  • lance: ok so i was thinking... what if for the rest of september, all of october, and maybe the rest of our lives as the paladins of voltron, we make it so that the lions blast the ghostbuster theme song whenever we form voltron and stuff???
  • keith:
  • lance:
  • keith:
  • lance:
  • keith:
  • lance: i know its a pretty silly idea, i just thought i'd ask anyway since ur the leader now but i mean its ok if you say no,, like, its no big deal or whatev- oh my god keith what are you doing
  • keith, on one knee: fucking marry me

a playlist for june: listen

i. northern wind - liza anne / ii. goshintai - radwimps / iii. strangers - halsey ft. lauren jauregui / iv. poltergeist - banks / v. right now - haim / vi. half light - banners / vii. opus 28 - dustin o’halloran / viii. bellamy and clarke - tree adams / ix. i’ll wait - milo greene / x. sweet creature - harry styles / xi. perfect places - lorde / xii. somebody you found - the japanese house / xiii. amsterdam - daughter / xiv. through the eyes of a child - aurora


Art for double-sided badges! I wanted a “FIGHT ME!!” theme for BLFC. You can line up the diagonal with a friend and have the characters clash. Like this:


Bete Noire

After some weeks, it’s finally done! Bete Noire, Betty’s Fight Theme. I hope you like DnB!!

To add some specifics to this post, Sanji’s intense determination to survive has been clear since the beginning. When the Cook Pirates attacked the Orbit, Sanji’s reaction is fear, but despite that…

Look at him, he’s sweating and obviously terrified, yet he deliberately leaves the kitchen to go out on deck and attack the pirates. It’s a foolish move, sure, especially to us as readers, since we know Zeff and his crew had no plans to kill anyone on the Orbit, but Sanji’s a kid, and it doesn’t look like he’s ever dealt with a pirate attack before. I’ve seen people speculate about some traumatic event in his past involving pirates, but I never thought his reaction was because of anything like that. More likely, his only knowledge of pirates until this point came from stories and hearsay, maybe the news if he kept up with it – and we all know how accurate that is (not very). Sanji assumed these pirates would slaughter everyone on board, so rather than become a victim, he meets them head-on. 

He says it right there. It’s not like I want to die. I find it hard to believe that Sanji believes he has a chance to come out on top here, so here’s how I interpret the above frame: Sanji would rather die fighting than running or hiding. In his mind, this is a choice between the certain death of simply waiting for the pirates to find and kill him, OR the probably death with a slight chance of life via fighting the pirates. In this case, he’s fighting for himself (his life, future, dreams), but I think the mentality translates over to how he behaves as a young adult. The only difference that, rather than fighting just for himself, he’s fighting (and prepared to die) for someone he loves.

Of course, the pirates see a little kid, and don’t take him very seriously (they could also be giving him a chance to back off, since again, they weren’t planning on killing anyone in the first place).

Side note: I think it’s also worth noting that he’s fighting with kitchen knives. Clearly he has yet to develop the respect/sense of sacredness with regards to his tools as a chef that we’ve already seen in the fight with Krieg and his crew.

(Later in the series he also makes it clear that he is against using kitchen knives as a weapon, which is part of the reason I mention this.)

Anyway, Sanji is quickly disarmed and blasted across the deck by one of Zeff’s kicks, and yet…

He’s literally biting Zeff. He’s lost his weapons, he can obviously barely even move, and he’s still fighting with everything he’s got left. On top of that, he’s talking about his dream, which even his fellow cooks on the cruise ship laughed at earlier. Zeff’s crew laughs at him, too, but Zeff himself doesn’t, only kicks him across the deck again. At that point, Sanji really can’t seem to move at all, but he reiterates: There’s no way that I’m gonna be killed by stupid pirates like you in a place like this!

Even when he’s totally helpless, his will to live is immense. And I don’t think that should be ignored.


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