fighting power 1 million

150804 EXO-L Chat Event with KAI

•'I’m wearing white shirt and jeans.’
•'My roommates are Chanyeol and D.O. hyung.’
•'My ideal type is EXOL.’
•He chose himself as strawberry, EXOLs are grapes.
•'I’m a chef, EXOLs are eggs.’
•'I don’t drink alcohol.’
•'I don’t use perfume. There’s body lotion and shampoo at the dorm, I just use any of it.’
•'I created Instagram because the managers begged me to create it to use it for promotion.’
•'I’m afraid of being too hot. I’m afraid of being too cold too.’
•'I have bad eyesight. I’m wearing lenses.’
•'I thought manicure was lip balm, so I applied it in my lips then I cried.’
•'During high school, I was placed number one for doing the most push ups.’
•'My phone breaks frequently. Don’t worry about it. The case too.’
•'My shoes size is 4000. My height is 50000. My fighting power is 1 million.’
•'I bought a toy car for Rahee but she’s too scared to ride it.. I want to cry.’
•'Harry Potter is interesting(fun). Let’s join the goblet of fire competition.. I will win.’
•'Lastly, it was hot these days, take care of your health, ignore the desire to loss weight and don’t destroy your body. Always loving you, mine. I’ll teleport to see if you’re doing well. ㅋㅋㅋ since it’s a surprise, be ready. Okay you cuties, I’ll be going. Smooch smooch 💋

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