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Rivalry Reanimated Final Thoughts

Hey folks, thank you for following my last series, focusing on some of the more famous rivalries that stopped being played in the 1980′s and 90′s.

I’ll be giving a quick recap of each series and put together some things I found interesting about the project.

Miami-Notre Dame

Series Record at time of cancellation (1990): Notre Dame led 15-7-1
Series Record of Reanimated Rivalry (1991-2016): Notre Dame leads 14-12
Combined All-Time Record: Notre Dame leads 29-19-1
Longest Miami win streak: 6 (1999-2005)
Longest Notre Dame win streak: 7 (2010-2016)

Notre Dame started out with such a big lead because they played Miami for a decade before the Hurricanes actually got good in the 80′s. Since The U’s first national title, the series has been very even. Miami actually leads since 1983, but just by a few games. In the Reanimated series, both schools enjoyed periods of alternating success. Currently ND is dominating the rivalry, having won the last seven games against their the Canes.

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2017 IIHF World Championships U.S.A. Roster


#10 Anders Bjork (Notre Dame Fighting Irish/Mequon, Wisconsin)

#12 Jordan Greenway (Boston University Terriers/Canton, New York)

#13 Johnny Gaudreau (Calgary Flames/Dubuque, Iowa)

#18 Christian Dvorak (Arizona Coyotes/Palos, Illinois)

#27 Anders Lee (New York Islanders/Edina, Minnesota)


#7 J.T. Compher (Colorado Avalanche/Northbrook, Illinois)

#9 Andrew Copp (Winnipeg Jets/Ann Arbor, Michigan)

#14 Nick Bjugstad (Florida Panthers/Blaine, Minnesota)

#15 Jack Eichel (Buffalo Sabres/North Chelmsford, Massachusetts)

#19 Clayton Keller (Arizona Coyotes/Swansea, Illinois)

#21 Dylan Larkin (Detroit Red Wings/Waterford, Michigan)

#29 Brock Nelson (New York Islanders/Warroad, Minnesota)


#5 Connor Murphy (Arizona Coyotes/Dublin, Ohio)

#6 Daniel Brickley (Minnesota State University Mavericks/Sandy, Utah)

#8 Jacob Trouba (Winnipeg Jets/Ann Arbor, Michigan)

#55 Noah Hanifin (Carolina Hurricanes/Norwood, Massachusetts)

#65 Danny DeKeyser (Detroit Red Wings/Detroit, Michigan)


#35 Jimmy Howard (Detroit Red Wings/Syracuse, New York)

#37 Connor Hellebucyk (Winnipeg Jets/Commerce Township, Michigan)

#40 Cal Petersen (Notre Dame Fighting Irish/Waterloo, Iowa)

I’m supposed to be memorizing a monologue right now, so here have some more Irish Stolls headcanons. 

inspired by this ask to @blackjacktheboss and you can find my original contribution right here

  • So since they’re from Belfast, which is Northern Ireland, they have a very distinct accent that kinda sounds like a mix of scottish and irish. (use this video to hear it)
  • They are eleven months apart (so yes, they are Irish twins)
  • Travis’ birthday is April 1 
  • Connor’s is March 17 (yes St. Patrick’s day. So everyone in camp pokes fun at it and he just rolls his eyes and grumbles. It’s funny I actually know 2 people who are Irish who have birthdays on this day. My dad and my old nanny from Ireland) 
  • They burn so easily. Like if it’s just a little bit windy outside, they’ll walk into the cabin faces red from windburn 
  • Even though they haven’t the slightest clue how American football works, they’re big Notre Dame fans (because they’re the Fighting Irish) 
  • Amazing Irish step dancers. Their mom made them do it when they were younger and it’s a hidden talent of theirs 
  • Their middle names are a secret, but if/when someone finds out, they can’t seem to be able to pronounce it 
  • The names are Eoin and Eamon (pronounced “owen” and “aim-mon”) 
  • Even though they aren’t catholic or anything (because they’re demigods obviously), whenever they get exasperated or something they just say “Oh jesusmaryandjoesph” all in one word 
  • Their slang is weird, because Irish slang has very different meanings in America than Ireland. 
  • Arseways is a complete mess, deadly means cool or great. That gets confusing sometimes 
  • All bars are called pubs or boozers no exceptions. 

The Story of Joey Schmidt.

 Joey was told he was too slow, too small, not athletic enough to even play for Notre Dame. So the handsome blond put in some hard work that led him a nobody walk on to the starting MLB and captain of the team. Compared to the massive 6′8 300lb OLinemen Joey has to take on in every game his 5′11 230 does seem small. Still through intelligence, hard work and determination this sexy version of Notre Dame’s “Rudy” went form walk on to the team’s defensive MVP. Not bad for a cute little hunk from SoCal. To bad a few “bad apple” Irish fans take out their frustrations on Joey. Calling him, “umpa lumpa” “hobbit”. They think Joey is just not athletic enough to handle the huge monsters that play college ball. To them he is just the pretty white boy who can’t paly but gets all the girls on campus.Like or loathe him the guy earned everything that he has achieved. And like it or not Joey Schmidt is one studly work of manly hottness. Yes, maybe Joey is no Shawn Oakman (the monster in the last photo). Oakman stands 6′9 340lbs and Joey 5′11 230lbs. I for one would love to see Joey Schmidt vs Shawn Oakman. I believe Joey would truck Oakman and take him down, That is before the massive Oakman beats the “Schmidt” out of Joey.

Lets here some feedback.

So how do you think would win in a Joe Schmidt vs Shawn Oakman matchup?

What do think about Joey?


September 6 2014             Battle of The Blonds

Michigan Wolverines vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

   Forget the tradition. Forget that it is the last time they will play each other. Forget the 2 ugly quarterbacks. Just focus on the each team’s leading linebackers and blondest badasses. Michigan once again will be led by big Jake Ryan the 6'1 232lbs blond hunk from the state of Ohio. Jake is fast becoming one of college football’s hottest players on and off the field/!

  And Notre Dame will defender her honor and her side of the field with the 6'0 230lb, Joe Schmidt. Notre Dame’s Schmidt is the blond, choir boy looking stud from Southern California. When Schmidt gets on the field he is beast. I guess you can say when it comes to Notre Dame football “Joe is the Schmidt”!

 Don’t forget to check out the other hot players on the field. Check out Michigan’s # 97 Brennen Beyer or #36 Joe Kerridge

 And check out Notre Dame’s Cam McDaniel and Austin Collinsworth.

Michigan at Notre Dame  Saturday Sep 6 2014 on NBC