fighting horses

When two ladies come to your door to talk to you about god and you cheerfully tell them thanks but no thanks, you’re an atheist, and they LITERALLY gasp.  

eight-orange-flowers  asked:

For your mermaid!au I like to imagine that Victor and Yuuri become good friends and that Victor tells the corniest fish/mermaid jokes and there are times when Yuuri just takes his giant tail to either splash Victor with water/smack him into the water because Victor stop why are you so embrassing. And that leads to epic water/splash fights and general horsing around. :)

Aaahhh omg that’s so cute :D I could totally imagine that 
Makes me want to finish the next parts but i can’t ahhhhhhhh

  • Interviewer: Would you rather fight a horse sized duck, or 6 duck sized horses?
  • HAO: I’d have to answer neither because a horse-sized duck is too terrifying to even contemplate.
  • HAO: And duck-sized horses? How could you fight them? They’re too adorable! I mean seriously, picture them all trying to eat one apple. Oh my goodness, that’s too cute.