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Already showed this character a while ago, here’s some of the thought process that went into designing her! Leily’s the main character of my fighting game, and plays like a brawler. 

A short bio: Leily was born premature, and would have died with her frail body. Her father preserved her brain and created an artificial body for her. This body is very durable and gives her superhuman strength and immunity to a variety of toxins and diseases. Given that her body is artificial she can be updated and repaired. At a young age Leily was obsessed with super hero comics and martial arts, and mixed and matched her favorite moves to come up with the “coolest” fighting style. Her skin heats up and turns fuschia when she’s enters combat.

i’m feeling very sick and weak and am becoming delirious, irritating sitcom “friends” is on tv and i was just staring blankly at it genuinely thinking how to balance a fighting game featuring the 6 main characters

There needs to be a Yu Yu Hakusho video game that is up to par with current video gaming standards. 

It should have a combat system like recent Batman games, so the main characters can fight off large groups of enemies fluidly, and it could be full of weird spirit detective gadgets that Botan pulls out of her ass and gives to Yusuke to set traps and reach difficult places. The plot should be adventure based, not tournament based. Based off of a series of cases you have to solve. I would want it to be dark. Like, it should have some Silent Hill caliber monsters. I’ve always wished the YYH monsters would give me a visceral fear reaction, so I would want this in a game. And then it should have a team play style like Dragon Age, so you can you can pick who you travel with and give them battle strategies and work on talent trees, etc.

I would play that game so hard.


inspired by this post

  • 1. How did you discover Touhou?
  • 2. Favorite game in the series?
  • 3. Favorite fan-game?
  • 4. Which character was the first you heard about?
  • 5. Which character got you interested in the series?
  • 6. Favorite character?
  • 7 Favorite Character from each game?
  • 8. Favorite soundtrack?
  • 9. Favorite song from each game?
  • 10. What’s the highest difficulty you’ve played and how far did you make it?
  • 11. First game you cleared?
  • 12. First game you 1CC’d?
  • 13. Do you have a favorite ‘fanon’ depiction?
  • 14. Any headcanons?
  • 15. Favorite fan artist/doujin circle?
  • 16. Favorite music group?
  • 17. Favorite fan album?
  • 18. Favorite spell card?
  • 19. Favorite location in Gensokyo?
  • 20. Which stage had the best aesthetics?
  • 21. Most frustrating stage?
  • 22. Most frustrating spell card?
  • 23. Which PC-98 character would you like to see come back?
  • 24. Main characters in the fighting games?
  • 25. Who has the best hat in the cast?

Not sure who I should main, yet. Talbain was the go-to choice back in the day, for me. Now, though, there’s alot to consider, especially since I don’t have the luxury of a fight stick at my disposal.

Lilith, from a design standpoint, reminds me of Sakura in Street Fighter, whom is one of my favourites, and has an easy enough moveset to undertake.

I’ll be playing Darkstalkers 3, because Night Warriors, to me, has a higher learning curve, and is less accessible to the modern fighting fan. I’d also like to atleast try Anakaris for a bit, off and online. He’s the Busuzima, Valdo type in Darkstalkers; completely unorthodox.

  • me: *sat watching anime*
  • 16 year old brother: Hey what's that, it looks cool!
  • me: ... It's... a new anime.
  • brother: What's it about?
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: It's about a dystopian Japan where the rich and the poor live in separate districts and there's also this really cool virtual fighting game that goes on randomly on the streets and the main character gets dragged into it.
  • brother: That sounds really cool, what's it called?
  • me: ... Dramatical Murder.
  • brother: We should watch it sometime!
  • me: ... Yes.
  • me: Yes we should.

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How could the Indivisible funding be failing?

No idea. I think Thems Fightings Herds Indigogo took it’s thunder as a fighting game with the Skullgirls Engine.

Or maybe the the main character isn’t sexualized enough for nerds

Also 1.5 Million Dollars goal