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Makoto again. I love to main her in Blazblue, because she has such a fun fighting style. That coat though. I honesty wish we had the option to wear that. It really looks cool. .-. It’s such a huge contrast to what she normally wears XD
Makoto Nanaya © Arc System WorksDrawing © HowSplendid

Misc. Pidge headcanons

Mostly interests and bonding stuff. Oh, and I couldn’t quite find a way to word it in a bullet point, but I hc Pidge as a lesbian trans girl. :)

  • Pidge and Matt played video games together growing up. Matt got automatic player 1 rights due to being older, leaving Pidge eternally bitter over being stuck with Tails whenever they played Sonic 2 (& Knuckles).
    • They’re pretty evenly matched in fighting games. Pidge mostly mains charge characters.
    • Pidge is absolutely a backseat player, especially for horror games.
      • “You should’ve saved your ammo.” “I couldn’t help it, I panicked!” “Well, panicking gets you eaten by zombies.”
    • Loves Animal Crossing but refuses to admit just how deeply obsessed she used to be.
  • Pidge has been a big fan of Clamp manga since she was seven and her first crush was on Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura.
  • She also really likes mecha anime which inevitably leads to geeking out with Hunk over their shared interest.
    • Unfortunately this lead to a three hour long debate over which Gundam series was the best. (It ended in a reluctant draw. They still glare at each other whenever what is now referred to as The Incident is brought up.)
  • She likes the idea of makeup but she has so much trouble with it that it just doesn’t seem worth the effort most of the time.
    • Her mom has tried to help but sometimes no amount of advice can fix uneven foundation or wobbly eyeliner.
    • After joining Voltron and revealing herself as a girl though, Lance offers to do her makeup for her every chance they get. She’s nervous at first and flinches a lot (especially at the eyelash curler) but she grows to enjoy it a lot.
  • She does eventually tell everyone her real name is Katie. They still call her Pidge most of the time (with her permission), now as an affectionate nickname.
  • Lance calls her a bunch of new nicknames, especially when he’s proud of her (Kate-erpiller, Kit-Kat, Katydid, etc.)
    • “Lance, why are most of your nicknames for me bugs” “’Cause you’re itty bitty and green, that’s why”
  • (Can you tell I really like Lance and Pidge having a sibling-like relationship? ‘Cause I do)
  • She needs a moment to deal with the shock once she realizes she’s gained four big brothers. That’s way more than she’s convinced she can deal with.
    • “If any of you dweebs give a girl the shovel talk for me I’m tossing you out the airlock.”

Not sure who I should main, yet. Talbain was the go-to choice back in the day, for me. Now, though, there’s alot to consider, especially since I don’t have the luxury of a fight stick at my disposal.

Lilith, from a design standpoint, reminds me of Sakura in Street Fighter, whom is one of my favourites, and has an easy enough moveset to undertake.

I’ll be playing Darkstalkers 3, because Night Warriors, to me, has a higher learning curve, and is less accessible to the modern fighting fan. I’d also like to atleast try Anakaris for a bit, off and online. He’s the Busuzima, Valdo type in Darkstalkers; completely unorthodox.

i’m feeling very sick and weak and am becoming delirious, irritating sitcom “friends” is on tv and i was just staring blankly at it genuinely thinking how to balance a fighting game featuring the 6 main characters