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I’m shocked, SHOCKED, I SAY, that people have doxxed the fascist, Richard Spencer. Not only have they released his email address:
Richard Spencer:
which is bad enough - but they’ve ALSO revealed that his HOME ADDRESS is
98 Elk Highlands Drive
Whitefish, MT 59937
I mean GOSH, people could do really IRRESPONSIBLE things with information like that!
Please, I BEG you, remember that when they go low, we go high! And certainly don’t do anything to the apartment in Alexandria, VA that Spencer is renting as a “headquarters” for his racist chums. You know, the one at
1001 King St
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone number: 571-239-2797
I mean GOSH that would be just terrible.
Please warn others not to irresponsibly act on this information by copying and pasting, rather than sharing!

i just read that vogue article with a.sp and like ….what?

i do agree people tend to idolize and idealize rory to large extent, and they shouldn’t, and even at 32 it’s hard to find jobs and it’s easy to just kind of flail, but the thing is, the rory from the original show would work her ass off. she wouldn’t just expect to get the job because she’s Rory Gilmore, she’d know how hard it is in the journalism world now and up her fucking game. 

and tbh it’s not about about being too hard on her, it’s about not wanting to see her regress to this pod of a person where she’s in a cheating cycle with l.ogan when we’ve seen them grow up and develop together so much in the later seasons of the original show. 

to me, it was more about wanting to see her flail and kind of be stagnant cause that’s true to life, but to also see her work her ass off to get those pieces at GQ and go into that interview with that online magazine with ideas to bounce off of 

to me, it was about seeing her fight for what she wants; that’s what made her stand out as a character to me because while some of the smarts came as natural talent - don’t get me wrong - she fought tooth and nail to get into most of the positions she ended up in, esp with academics and business. 

cause that’s what rory does.

concept: a female character wearing flowery shirts and blouses and soft cardigans, armed with a gun or a sword or a bow, kicking ass and taking names and not letting anyone tell her what to do or who to be.

This is a thing that can and does happen. I don’t know why the stereotype of soft and flowery = feminine = weak is still a thing.

Star Wars came out in 1977 and featured a female character who wore a flowing white dress and was physically tiny and spent the entire movie defying the bad guy and ordering the good guys around. That was 40 years ago. Come on. Get with the times.


“When you said you were going to Tokyo,” Haruka finally broke the silence, and Makoto was happy to find he had been wrong about the power of the human voice. “I was confused… I just thought we’d stay together after graduation. No other alternative was a possibility. Then in Australia, I realized why the thought of you leaving terrified me.” Makoto closed his eyes and pulled in closer to Haruka. “And where did all that stuff about smothering come from? You never smothered me. Sometimes, I stayed in the bath too long… because I knew you’d come and pull me out.” [x]

Can I just say: I love that we have all collectively decided that “I’m the one who punched Richard Spencer” is a meme. I love that it’s laughable. I love that it’s hilarious.

I want this to be a cultural touchstone. I want this to be a given. I want this to be something so deeply ingrained in our collective sense of self that of course this would be the joke, of course this would be the meme, of course we’d all be laughing about it: “Oh, they wanna know who punched Spencer? Yeah, it was me, I did it, no, it was me, no me, no…”

We have to protect our own. Protect each other. We have to protect our identities and our lives. We have to protect our communities, and we have to use the fact, the solid, irrefutable fact that we will protect each other as a source of comfort. We will not give up their identity. They can’t have them.

Who punched Richard Spencer? I did. We all did. All of us: the resistance. We will protect the individual and we will protect ourselves and we will protect our communities. How dare they ask us to snitch? How dare they expect us to betray them? How dare they underestimate us? 

“Whats it like to stan B.A.P”

lots of crying, screaming, laughing, LOTS of pain, supportive asf fandom, everyone is lovely and neat and sweet, constant worry about the boys, falling in love with a new member every day, falling in love all over again with your bias every era,
Rap->Funk->pop->ballads->love songs->Rap
 you can’t trust any member in a title song, Everyone gets shot. 
“Why is Jongup like this tho”
“remember when Zelo was a baby….”
not one god damn visual hole in the entire group, they’re all beautiful have fun trying to be loyal to your bias. 
*Personally wants to fight TS over everything
“not to be dramatic but Yongguk invented Tigger” 
Tattos, shirtless thrusting, himchans sweat, awkward aeygo, MC Yoo Youngjae with Talks-too-much Daehyun, Shy Zelo, done-with-your-shit Jongup

in response to Robb Stark hate I’ve seen floating about:

he’s a kid. literally. he’s thirteen at the start of the series, sixteen when he dies. he’s a teenaged boy who has a fuckton of responsibility placed suddenly on him, who’s ill-equipped to deal with them bc he’s never been taught about how to be a king, just how to be a lord of Winterfell - and Winterfell is pretty tiny, when compared to, you know, having to be lord over the North, which is said to be bigger than all the other kingdoms put together.

did he fuck up? well, yes. he’s a kid, fuck-ups are going to be had, because he’s a goddamn teenager in a position of power. he can’t trade the Kingslayer for his sisters because, as he sees it, his bannermen - you know, the people who MADE him king - would not be too pleased that he traded a very valuable hostage in turn for two girls. (he also later admits to his mother that he should’ve traded the Kingslayer for his sisters, anyway - he cares, deeply, for his siblings, he’s the sort of person who would befriend his dad’s bastard and his dad’s ward, both of whom are frowned upon as friends by his mom, and keep them as friends for years. the thing is, when you’re in a position of leadership? you HAVE to put ties of friendship and family aside, for the good of the kingdom, and that’s what Robb finds himself doing re: keeping Jaime Lannister as a hostage.)

was bedding Jeyne Westerling smart? heavens, no. but you have to remember, at this point, he’s just come out of a fever, he’s just learned his best friend took his home and killed his brothers, he’s been bottling up his own grief about his father’s death for a while, and he’s been fighting a war. not only that, but nobody would’ve blamed him, I suppose, if he’d just not married Jeyne W. but he did, because he remembers how his mother would treat Jon Snow, and he doesn’t want Jeyne’s kid to grow up a bastard, because he’s seen what a life that would be. (and Jon was one of those who was privileged enough to be acknowledged and folded into the family.) also he is a goddamn teenager under a lot of stress.

plus: he’s a great strategist, you think he didn’t at least weigh the pros and cons of this? he did, he definitely did, but he went through with it anyway because he didn’t want Jeyne’s honor to be tarnished. JEYNE’S honor. Robb considers other people in his decisions too, especially those who might be most affected. I’m still not saying it was a smart decision - a lot of the time I just look at Robb in the books and sigh deeply in his direction like “I am so embarrassed for you” - but to him, it was the right one to make.

and also: for all that he fucked up, he did surprisingly well as a king. look at the other boy kings in this setting: Joffrey Baratheon? complete and utter prick, fires crossbow bolts into crowds just for the hell of it, also abusive towards Sansa. Tommen Baratheon? he is a fucking kid, he’s nine years old (I think?) and while he is a great deal nicer he can also be easily manipulated by the adults around him into making decisions that do not bode well for the people of Westeros. Robb manages to win all his battles, in contrast, and the respect of his bannermen as well, and to top it off, he’s a decent person at heart. yes, he does fuck up, but this is Westeros - who hasn’t, at one point or another, Fucked Up?

so, tl;dr: Robb Stark is a kid, goddammit, do not shit on him. he already has enough shit to deal with.

Apparently some people are calling Misha a bad father because of the whole lice thing, which really cracks me up because holy fuck those people obviously don’t know what a bad father is like.

Have you seen how he treats both Maison and West with respect and really pays attention to what they say? He doesn’t brush them off or give a yea/no/uh-huh answer just to get them off his back. He engages with them, teaches them about things.

He spends so much time talking and thinking about them (and Vicki!) and when he looks at them you can see the love in his eyes.

So kindly fuck off with calling him a bad father.

Cause I would kill to have a father like that.


“From the beginning you and the dragon had been one. You are becoming, and the dragon is your higher self.”

The way this show is currently paralleling Will Graham and Francis Dolarhyde is absolutely brilliant. The above conversation is even more significant when you consider Bedelia telling Will that he is capable of righteous violence because he is compassionate, and that extreme acts of cruelty require high levels of empathy, certainly something Will is in no short supply of.

Dolarhyde is not killing his victims because he wants to inflict pain upon them. In his madness he believes he is helping them. He believes he is elevating them to their higher selves by giving them to the darkness within himself that he calls the dragon. This is righteous violence. This is his compassion. But Hannibal knows that this darkness is something that has been inside him all along, and this harkens back to Will at the end of season 2. As he attempted to trick and trap Hannibal, Will unlocked a part of his nature that has always been present, and is just as natural to him as being sweet and good and kind, which he undoubtedly is. But as he said earlier this season, he never knew himself more than he did when he was with Hannibal.

And speaking of which, as soon as Dolarhyde said this:

I was immediately reminded of this:

Molly is to Will as Reba is to Dolarhyde. Through her he has found an escape from the darker side of himself. He consumed the Blake painting because he wanted to desperately to be someone else for her. He wants to step away from the darkness and into the light, but to do so would be to deny half of his true self, and Hannibal is dependent on him embracing that darkness at this point.

Hannibal’s ethics and motivations are fascinating. He is undeniably capable of experiencing love, but the nature of that love and the nature of who he is twists it and turns it into a truly destructive force. He likes testing people, he likes placing them in situations where they have a choice to do right or wrong to see which they will choose, and he is no stranger to a good old game of cat and mouse. But his motivations with Dolarhyde go a bit deeper than that… I believe he thinks if he can help Dolarhyde become his higher self, if he can help him become the dragon, then he can help Will come around again too. He can pull him away from his family (the family that he believes is a poor replacement for the family they were creating together) and back into his orbit. 

A striking difference between the canon of the books and what took place on the show is that Hannibal did not send Dolarhyde after Will AND his family… he only sent him after Molly and Walter. Hannibal doesn’t want Dolarhyde to kill Will in this universe, but he is unbelievably jealous and wants Will’s new family out of the picture as soon as possible. This isn’t simply about playing a game out of boredom for him. In the end it all comes down to his deep and twisted love for Will Graham.

Will and Molly love one another, there is no doubt about that, but we are being shown through visual subtext and absolutely blatant and heavy handed dialogue that Will and Hannibal belong together. They are two sides of the same coin, but Will’s true destiny to be with Hannibal cannot be realized until he learns to, once again, give in to his own becoming.

Will wanted to run away with Hannibal not only because they were friends, or because they truly do love one another on a deep and profound level, but because through Hannibal, Will found his freedom. His transformation at the end of season 2 also felt very deliberate, it began as a premeditated plan to capture Hannibal after all, but it resulted in Will discovering the true nature of the beast residing in his own belly. A part of him will always want to be with Hannibal, will always wish they had run away together all those years ago, and I guess only time (aka the final two episodes) will tell if that part of himself will be victorious in the end.

Honestly their relationship is nothing like Alicia and Peter’s, and I don’t think the Kings are writing them at all that way. Just because she didn’t want to rush into moving back in with him or fully reconcile with him doesn’t mean it was sex just for fun. It’s complicated and difficult for Diane, and she needs to concentrate on fixing the rest of her life first. Clearly, they still have a strong connection and affection for each other that goes a lot deeper than “just sex.” And they can never be anything like Alicia and Peter in that, in the end, all A/P had was a mutual benefit professionally (and their children and occasionally some fondness for the past). There is nothing like that that ties Diane and Kurt together. They don’t even make sense in each other’s worlds. If they are still together at all, it is only and always because, simply, they still love each other.

In the long run it’s best if they take their time. If they reconcile, it should be about them and on their own timeline, not as an easy solution to her financial troubles. She needs to know she can trust him fully again before she lets him back in. He’s offering to be there for her now and that’s wonderful, but let’s be honest, he doesn’t get to be there now just because he offers to. He needs to earn that place in her life back.

I want them back strong as ever, and I think that will happen. But it will take time. And if in the meantime they have these moments of tenderness and happiness and intimacy? That’s a lovely and encouraging thing. Trust me, it’s never just “sex for fun” with those two.



*confirms mad queen cersie*

*winter has finally come*

*starks in winterfell*

*arya is in westeros*

*frey pies confirmed*

*tyrion named hand of the queen*

*R+L=J confirmed*

*daenerys on her way to conquer all of westeros with the unsullied, dothraki, dorne, ironborn, tyrells, and dragons*


So if the big event is during the musical episode…we better be getting a Captain Swan duet…right???

anonymous asked:

I have a theory. It wouldn't be a 10-episode series if she made name partner AND resolved everything with Kurt in episode 5. I think we'll see him again.

I totally agree with you, Anon! To be honest, I’m surprised she’s even made name partner so soon (but at the same time, of course she did, of course she made that happen; she’s diane fucking lockhart!) but certainly she needs the whole season to completely rebuild her life. And I also think she needed to feel like herself again from a professional/financial standpoint before she could start to work on her personal life – certainly she did not want to mix up the two (as moving in with Kurt would have done), and possibly she feels she can’t even do them at the same time. So once she feels like she’s on solid ground, she’ll call him again, and not hang up this time. I definitely didn’t feel like the end of that scene was her closing the door again, only putting it back on the shelf. I completely expect to see Kurt again this season, too – but I’ll feel much more at ease when I see Gary on the cast list! :)