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At last! A new drawing is complete! This one took forever and I’m not entirely sure what compelled me to make it, as I started it on a whim.

This is a follow up to the Megaman Smash idea I posted a long while ago, basically, a fan-game where you fight the third party characters (Roll taking the place of megaman to represent his own series as a stage) and Mario (because flagship Nintendo franchise, can’t forgo that) in place of the Robot Masters.

Coupled to that, my brain started to wonder about how it would be like if such a game had a “Powered Up” equivalent, and here we are, mock screens of such a thing.

I would really like to make this game a reality someday, I just need a capable team (specifically, a programmer and a composer, as I fulfill the role of the spriter) to do so, sadly.

Also, I guess these counts for that one request that asked for a drawing of sonic and megaman? I’m not sure, but hey, I hope you guys find this cute, now to see how long it takes me to complete another set of drawings, HO BOY.

Mitsukechi is the only well-behaved chibi in the frame. Yukkin and Masa are pillow-fighting. Nobubu won’t go to bed without his konpeito. Ieyasu is drinking his sorrow, secretly wishing someone would pillow-fight him. And Kojuro just likes being in high places…

What am I doing. It’s 3 am and I gotta work tomorrow in 6 hours ~_~

Love Yourself - V

“If I had made a different choice, would you have not left?” 

Group & Member: BTS’ Taehyung 

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1.5k

a/n: this is day 2, part 2 of love yourself week in which everyday i’ll be posting a new fic based on the love yourself teaser posters!

Your hands were shaking as you gripped your knees tightly. The pelting rain was beating on the windshield of his car faster than the wipers could handle. As he pulled into your apartments and parked, a chill skirted through you.

His jaw was locked in frustration, the adrenaline still pumping through him from the fight you had at his place. You wanted to get home on your own but he refused. No matter how mad he was, he wouldn’t want you to walk home in weather like this.

You still hadn’t said anything, or gotten out of the car, so he took this as a chance to speak.

“Can you at least look at me? I get on a flight in 4 hours, I’d like to see your face before I can’t for a few weeks”

You bit the inside of your cheek as you contemplated for the last time the weight of your decision.

“I can’t, Taehyung” you whispered

He turned so that he was facing you now “What? You can’t look at me? Don’t be like that, Y/N” He quipped and you finally looked at him.

“No. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t stay with you”

He jolted back, your sudden confession delivering such a blow to him he felt like he was just punched.

“Why…are you breaking up with me?!”

You nodded slowly “I just can’t stand how little time you spend with me. I know you work. I know you’re tired….in the beginning you made such an effort. You showed me that everything was worth it. But lately….lately it’s like you don’t even care that you’re hurting me”  you explained, although you knew that he wasn’t going to hear it.

“It’s not like I can just quit my job, Y/N. I thought you were alright with that. I thought you got it. I thought you were going to be there for me” He spat out, his words laced with such a bitterness that they stung you.

You huffed at him.

“I thought that you were going to commit to me. But it’s like I don’t even exist anymore. I love you, so much. But love isn’t enough anymore, Taehyung” You mumbled out, the onslaught of tears creeping up.

“Tell me what I can do to get you to stay….to get you to not make this choice” He asked, his voice wavering as he looked at you seriously.

“I want you to call me all the time like you always used to do while you were gone. I want to wake up to paragraph long texts of you rambling your feelings to me like how I used to. I want you to miss me so badly that you facetime me crying from your hotel room. You don’t do any of that anymore. That’s what I want. You used to love me despite being busy…but now….”

He interrupted you then, his voice full of despair “I’ll try, Y/N just please don’t leave me”

His words pierced you harder than anything ever had and it was in that second that you sadly realize you made the right decision. You didn’t just need half of an effort…you needed full commitment. You had spent months full of grief, months alone and even though you knew you needed to be understanding, there was a limit. 

Point blank, Taehyung had lost sight of his relationship and you were tired of waiting around for him to see you again.

You blinked hard, the precipice of tears landing on your lap in tiny pools.

“Trying isn’t good enough…not anymore” You croak out.

Before he could get any other words out you opened the door, instantly feeling the rain on your warm skin.

You turned around to take one last look at him and he blinked, stunned that this was happening. His hand on the gear shift, he tore his gaze away. As he sped off you knew that although you just broke your own heart, and his, that it was the right thing to do.


6 months later

You were beginning to think that the rain would never end. As you gripped onto the knotted plastic trash bag, you grumbled at the thought of getting your hair wet.

As you stepped outside you darted your eyes up to the sky. The dark sky was hazy, the low hanging clouds giving way to the rain that pelted the ground, the miniscule drops hitting the pavement with such force that they bounced back slightly.

From a distance, he watched, unable to move for a moment as he saw you appear in your doorway.

Your figure looked small as he squinted past the rain. His fingers tensed around the black umbrella he was holding as he watched you scurry out onto the slick sidewalk.

You swiftly deposited the trash in its bin, turning quickly to head back inside before you got completely drenched.

But as you were turning the black umbrella caught your eye. At first you thought it was a neighbor. But as the person didn’t move, you realized that it was a stranger.

But another glance revealed to you that this was not a stranger.

As he lifted the umbrella up, his sullen face appeared and suddenly getting wet by the rain wasn’t the biggest worry of the day.

You crossed the street as if you were pulled by some foreign force, not even looking to see if there were any cars on the nearly deserted block.

You blinked at him through rain blurred vision and when you came within a foot of him, he held the umbrella out so that you were covered, too.

The words couldn’t find you, you were just too surprised to actually have him here, in front of you. Instead all that found you were the tears.

“Hi” He whispered, as a sad, small smile appeared on his cheeks.

You gulped hard “hey”

He tore his eyes away from you to glance at your hair and your shoulders, soaked with rain.

“Can we go inside? You’ll get sick if you stay out here longer” he asked, raising his eyebrows up in question.

You felt yourself nod and as a shiver skirted through your body, you turned and began to walk. He matched your pace, careful to hold the umbrella over you while not getting too close.

He didn’t want to push his luck.

The warmth began to spread through you again as you were back inside. But as he stood there, awkwardly in your kitchen, you decided to start asking questions.

“What are you doing here, Taehyung?”

He let out a sigh as he set the umbrella down

“We just got back….I came straight here” He explained simply, his eyes darting down as if he were ashamed to be in your presence. And in some sense, he was.

You crossed your arms against your chest “Why did you come here? We’re not together anymore” You say, the words leaving your mouth bitterly. You had never said those words out loud and they stung more than they ever did despite you being broken up for half a year already.

“I just….I missed you. I wanted to see you. I saw so many faces on tour…but yours was the one I wanted to see the most” He relented, his voice near a whisper.

You felt your insides turn and for a moment all you could hear was the sound of the dribbles of water falling from your clothes and landing on the floor.


He held his hand up to stop you, moving closer as he did.

“I know what you’re going to say. I chose work over you. I didn’t appreciate you like I should have. I know why you broke up with me, I understand now…I didn’t then, but now…I do” He said, his gaze pleading and his voice desperate.

You looked at him, your cheeks burning red and your tears singing your skin. Here he was before you, after so long. After so much heartbreak. You felt as if you were going to collapse with the weight of your emotions and suddenly it was all too much.

“I can’t do this, Taehyung” you said with a shaky voice

At that he moved closer again, his palms gripped your face lightly as he looked down, his deep brown eyes serious and his lips pursed.

“If I had made a different choice, would you have not left? If I had fought for you…if I had learned to balance work and you….would you still be with me?” He asked, his deep voice shaking slightly

You blinked hard, feeling the tears leak and for a moment you thought that you’d open your eyes and he’d be gone…that this was just another dream. But when your eyelashes fluttered open, he was still there, his gaze boring into you.

He raised his eyebrows, as if he were prompting you to answer and you didn’t have to think to respond to him.

“Yes…if you had…we would still be together”

He nodded, confirming to himself something that he had suspected all along.

He brought his lips down to kiss your forehead before he leveled his face with yours, his gaze pleading as he spoke

“Give me a chance then. Let me make the choice I should have made in the first place”

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anonymous asked:

ME: gosh i guess i hate jon now. SOMEONE ELSE: yeah the wight hunt failure was his fault and he's the reason viserion died. ME: it was tyrion's plan and the only reason they had to do it in the first place was because dany refused to fight unless cersei did too so how about you stop insulting my son he's done nothing wrong in his life ever. ALSO ME: but i mean i don't care he's dead to me

LITERALLY ME. I’m like “I’m disavowing myself of Jon” but also will fight anyone who blames him for the mess team dragonstone came up with.


It’s nice to see that my trust has been well placed



Pre-op, tomorrow afternoon–

Surgery, Tuesday morning! 


The surgeon thinks that it might be something more than my gallbladder, however, especially since I’ve been dealing with it for so long. I spent the last few hours giving blood and other various bodily fluids for labs for them to run and after my surgery they say I’ll find out pretty quickly whether or not that was it. It’ll either get better or pretty terrible all at once. Either way, I’m so excited that I didn’t have to fight for this step to take place. 

I walked in all ready to be like “yes, hi, please cut me open.

anonymous asked:

I love when you come on reblog a bunch of stuff and then fight dumbass terfs. It's one of the reasons we all love you.

I love you my pal and I will fight terfs all day they have no place on my blog or on my dash

daily-kittys  asked:

the cat yawns and lays across aku's head "all the akus are fighting and im gonna fight all of them"

Aku took the cat from off his head and placed her in his lap instead. 

“So long as they are not pulling my beard, I do not get involved. Otherwise I would be grateful that my other self has found a new self to argue with.”

scyide  asked:

Could you tell me about Kakyoin going to an arcade with his competitive racing game loving s/o?

I hope these are okay!

  • Kakyoin’s already a common sight around every nearby arcade; he has a habit of bouncing from one to the next because his winning streaks tend to irritate certain people that can never beat him, and he doesn’t want to start fights in his favorite places over trivial things. Most of the staff at each place recognizes him, so when he finally comes in on what looks like a date, they’re both teasing him and trying their best to keep things going smooth.
  • Since dates are kind of a new concept to him, he doesn’t want to upset his s/o-to-be by immediately dragging them to his favorite games and then proceeding to absolutely crush them- he’ll wander around for awhile, playing some of the easier things. He’s memorized quite a few Pac-Man patterns, so he’ll probably just kill time on that. He’s also good at most of the fighting games, so if his date wants to play those-
  • He’s vaguely excited when his s/o drags him over to the racing games; they can’t get upset at him, since they’re the one that brought him this way in the first place- he’s super relaxed about it all. Up until the game starts and his date near-instantly takes the lead. When he glances over at them, they’re sneering- okay, so he’d planned on going easy on them for the first round or so, but he’s changed his mind.
  • He’s not above spending hours and quite a few quarters on the same games over and over, trying his best to break the unfortunate tied record between the two of them; if his s/o’s got a stand too, it might devolve into the two of them using their abilities to distract each other, or yank the wheel away. The two of them will most likely be there until the arcade closes- and from there, they’ll go to another one.
  • Historians: OmG AlExAnDeR UsEd A cOmMa WhEn He WrOtE tO anGeLiCa ThEy WeRe In LoVe
  • Alexander: cold in my professions, warm in my friendships, I wish my dear Laurens, it might be in my power, by actions rather than words, to convince you that I love you
  • Historians: John and Alexander were such good friends :)

anonymous asked:

Come at me. Stop hiding behind this tumblr and fight me. You think I’m scared of you just because you hate yandere dev and his creative ideas and game? I can probably beat you in a fight and make you regret ridiculing yandere dev on the first place, bitch.

this was sent to me the first time, does it really need to be sent to me again?

Come at me. Stop hiding behind this tumblr and fight me. You think I’m scared of you just because you hate yandere dev and his creative ideas and game? I can probably beat you in a fight and make you regret ridiculing yandere dev on the first place, bitch.

huhuhh this was originally for a request for jasper leading a battle and then it sorta just ended up being jailbreak-y lol


15/30 dailies

The Aftermath

Prompt- I’m totally in love with your erasermight <3 (with your art in general btw!!) can I maybe suggest a prompt: Aizawa calming down upset Toshinori? 

Thank you so much!!! This is…way more intense than I intended, painting it was really hard XD, I polished it a lot more than usual, because I felt like I had to do the ugly crying justice :P.

 Still totally accepting bnha prompts- only up to the anime preferably, (I’m almost caught up but its less fun when not everyone can see it.) Any ships, fluff or no! Reply or send me an ask, specifics make it more interesting for me to paint, and as always, I can’t do all of them </3

I’m actually running a day late, I was planning on drawing the teachers in some weird clothes tomorrow, so if you got any ideas, throw them my way (ask, chat, comment, whatever, I know linking to photos is awkward with tumblr). I would draw them in my outfits, like I see a lot of artists doing, but I live in jumpers and jeans ¬-¬.