fighting evolution

Mega Primeape

Things that would normally make it angry will have an opposite effect, leaving it jumping for joy. Doing nice things for it offends it, however.

Despite its jolly and friendly disposition, it is still an expert fighter. Its favored technique is to patiently evade all of its enemy’s moves until they tire.

Type: Fighting
Ability: Contrary
HP 65
ATK 165 (+60)
DEF 60
SPA 70 (+10)
SPD 70
SPE 125 (+30)
BST 555

It has a long fuse.

Mega Granbull

Its newfound courage makes it formidable in battle. Its simultaneous biting and punching attacks can break through almost any defense.

Mega Evolution makes its fangs grow at an alarming rate. If it remains Mega Evolved for too long, it might end up unable to lift its own head.

Type: Fairy/Fighting
Ability: Tough Claws
HP 90
ATK 130 (+10)
DEF 95 (+20)
SPA 70 (+10)
SPD 90 (+30)
SPE 75 (+30)
BST 550

I can’t believe I forgot to repost Mr. Granbull. Here he is… with pokedex entries.

who would win in a fistfight: juno steel or sam vimes

  • both of em are short as fuck. i probably see juno as a lot heavier/stockier and vimes as a scrawny little wiry bastard
  • G!G! vimes is about juno’s age but by the end of the series he’s a good decade and change older and a smoker. however, juno has shit lungs
  • both p good at hand to hand combat, street kids from bad neighborhoods, police/former police, used to dirty fighting. their combat styles are probably similar
  • juno’s major combat strength is his sharpshooting, which doesn’t apply (and would incidentally be a terrible idea on the disc)
  • vimes’ major combat strength is the ability to kill a werewolf with his bare fucking hands.
  • vimes is a team player, whereas juno violently pushes away anyone who gets close to him and might be more prepared for a one-on-one
  • both are loser trash talking one liner champions. a draw in this area
  • Discworld Noir suggests that the personal narrative causality of a P.I. is sufficiently noir to cosmically force Vimes into the OOC stereotypical role of a police chief in a noir story: typically “harsh and useless.”
  • vimes has successfully completed a character arc in which he comes to terms with himself; juno is still a self-loathing mess, significantly affecting his morale
  • juno likes getting punched
  • conclusion: vimes is gonna kick this sad, sad lady’s ass