fighting and killing scorpions

queenmorganlafay  asked:

Hi, I was wondering, if you have time, could you maybe talk a little about Natasha Romanoff and Matt Murdock's relationship and friendship through the ages? I've always been fascinated and curious by it.


   Matt and Natasha have a wonderful friendship, built by years of emotionally-charged and complicated history together.

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Not Any Ol’ Tournament


People were screaming as Jack looked at himself, shaking hard. It had to be his fault, who else would cause the end of Earthrealm, he was to save them, yet he was failing, the screams of Mark coming to an end as the fearsome Reptile began eating the remaining flesh, Felix a frozen statue with a spear through him as he stood, Sub Zero and Scorpion fighting over who’s kill he actually was.

He moved to run, maybe running away in shame could help, but Goro lifted him up, a sharp pain in his chest as he felt his ribs begin to break, screaming out.

Jack sat up quickly, scared he was going to die. The tournament to save Earthrealm had begun, Jack being one of the few worthy enough to be in it. He looked among the others, Mark sparring with Wade, Ken and Felix rough housing and other friends talking happily. Yet as he looked at who he would be against, he realized how hard this could possibly get. Baraka seemed to be a big brute with oversized teeth, Scorpion a ninja, but Jack knew not to underestimate as the show was simply getting ready to begin.