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hey, are there any fics out there that are either rewrites of the show where bellarke are together, or something like a fic called innocence where they knew eachother or had a relationship on the ark. thank you!

Take a look at these: 

@stads02​ said: ‘Do you know any fics in which Bellamy was also captured by Mount Weather at the end of season one? Thanks!’

@mysnowday1 said: ‘Do you know the bellarke fic where its cold and they’re in a cave and they have to cuddle naked to stay warm’

There are a few fics like that…maybe it’s one of these? 


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Morgana not taking Uther’s shit, aka don’t try to convince me she was the villain!



i was playing a cleric at this time and we were fighting a dragon that had been beating us pretty badly and had already killed two of our players and i had the resurrection spell going while our other three players ( a dragon born fighter, an elf ranger, and a drow witch *the DM let him use a homebrew*) the fight had been long and hard but they managed to defeat the dragon before i had resurrect completed. 

elf ranger- whew now that thats over go ahead (cleric) and resurrect our friends

me- i cast resurrect on the dragon

at this point everyone but the DM goes nuts because i have been working on this in secret with my DM for awhile that my cleric was actually lying about their alignment and god and was waiting for the right moment to betray the party and it would go into a long quest to destroy me for revenge. 

DM- the dragon is revived

i let out an evil chuckle as i strut out of the dragon’s castle. “may the god’s give their blessings unto you” i say as the dragon attacks the party.

the dragon kills the entire party and then the DM brings in an npc to save them and revive them and initiates the revenge quest. but that is a story for another day.