4 Prime Examples On How To Exploit Predictability

Another awesome technique piece from MTG:

  • Lifting their leg too high to check a kick – “Thai Sweep” by lifting your knee like a kick then taking a skip step in to kick out their rear leg sending them to the ground.
  • Reaching down to grab a kick – “Superman Punch” by bringing your knee up (to look like a kick) then shoot forward with a Cross.
  • Using a “Shield” (base of thumb on ear to create a frame that can take a hard hook) too often – “Liver Shot” by looking at your opponent in the eyes, winding up and ripping their body (left hook) when their shield goes up.
  • Dropping their right hand while throwing a lead hook – “Hook a Hooker” by covering their hook and throwing one right back immediately. (ie. Carlos Condit vs. Dan Hardy or Rampage Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva 3)

Written by Coach Adams Jones, the head instructor of Rumble Martial Arts in Keswick, Ontario - read the full article here.


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Attention Real Anime Trainees!

Due to the very positive response regarding pre-designed Character Training Programs, I am currently building the Goku Training Program.  It will be available for a reasonable price, since it isn’t personalized.  If this program sells well, I’ll be making Baki’s Training Program next!  

To see some examples of what the program is going to look like, check out the Summer 2012 Training Program and The Hajime no Ippo Training Program (there are several posts for it) posted at www.realanimetraining.com.


Countering The Overhand Right

The overhand right is the bane of my existence. With the increased prevalence of MMA training and people from primarily MMA gyms fighting in Muay Thai and Kickboxing, most of you will have to deal with people whose primary weapon is the overhand right.

I’ve also never fought anyone taller than me since I’m pretty far up there for my weight class, and the majority of my sparring partners are also shorter than me. Since the overhand right is the perfect counter for a taller opponent, here’s three great options from Sean themuaythaiguy to counter the counter.