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Leonard Ravenhill said “…believers, this is your hour. Believers, arose. Believers, begin to watch, to weep, to work, to war…”

CHURCH…WE MUST RISE UP IN OUR IDENTITY IN CHRIST & STOP ALL THE COMPROMISE! Will anyone stand for truth? Will every American Christian not have a backbone to stand up for morality and truth? Is there a remnant? Whether you choose to or not, know today there is a remnant that will rise up and be used to bring revival! #IAmRemnant #RiseUp #NoMoreCompromise #FightForTruth #Jesus (at Sodom Had No Bible📖)

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Several images found in this week’s Ingress Report:

There is more to be found, but this was all that I could extract on mobile.

Could this potentially lead to a new comic? Only time will tell.

[UPDATE: A speculative list of who’s who; Thanks +Melissa L.  & +Sonny Lee]
1.   +Stein Lightman 
2.   +Misty Hannah 
3.   Ezekiel Calvin
4.   +Yuri Alaric Nagassa 
5.   ?
6.   +Devra Bogdanovich  
7.   +Hank Johnson 
8.   +enoch dalby 
9.   A Detection Algorithm 
10.   +Klue S. 
11.   +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe 
12.   +Roland Jarvis 
13.   +Carrie Campbell 

#OperationEssex #FightForTruth #SeekTruth

Russell Brand on “the Devastation in the City of Love”

“…The reason I feel frightened by tragedies such as this is because I think there’s nothing I can do, but there is. I can love and tolerate and reach across the fear. In places where secular and religious folk live together we have got to start observing the main message of every scripture; "be nice”.

All the other stuff is speculation; which book is best, which God is the most mighty. None of us know what’s beyond the sensory realm, this tiny slither of material life strewn within the infinite. But we each have the power to create heaven or hell here on Earth, extremists on all sides are clear in their intentions and actions, we, the vast, powerful majority, Christians, Muslims, atheists and undecideds have to be more committed and more determined. We must love life more than they love death. We must love each other more than they hate, in God’s name, in Allah’s name in Charlie’s name, in all our names.“

This May 25, 2015 booking photo provided by the Santa Fe County Jail shows actor and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Sam Shepard, who was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in Santa Fe, N.M.

“The temptation towards resolution, towards wrapping up the package, seems to me a terrible trap. Why not be more honest with the moment? The most authentic endings are the ones which are already revolving towards another beginning.”

Sam Shepard