DINNER yesterday!
But after lunch, as afternoon snack, I had a green apple🍏 Then went swimming 🏊 for 30 minutes, 1km (about 0,6 miles). When I came home I had this👆
Salmon (cooked in rapeseed oil)🐟, a half avocado, a half slice of wholegrain bread🍞, one carrot, broccoli and peas.
Ate another big carrot and some nuts (cashew, almonds and peanuts) later.

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Afternoon snack, green smoothie 💚🍏

The food I’m posting is for you to be INSPIRED by - is there something you think I do “wrong”, change that ingredient or amount of it when you make your food.

•100-200 grams natural/plain yoghurt, taste how much you like, so blend that in last! Mine had 0,5% fat and no added sugar.

•1/2 banana

•1/2 green apple

•1 kiwi

•1 raw egg. Add a white or remove the yolk if you want.

•Pistachios, I only had 4 left. Would probably add more otherwise.

•3-4 slices cucumber


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IG @saracareface story

Hi ☺ I have an illness called ME/CFS, that makes me tired all the time and gives me very litle energy. Been sick for 7 years, and had to quit School, my Job and everything. I jused to be this girl, loving to work out, run, play footbal, you name it. Then boom, the bed became my best friend and I gained 25 lbs last summer. In january I started my new lifestyle, eating healthy and trying to work out the days I feel good. Lost 15 lbs so far, and going to loose 15 more. It takes time for me, because I cant push my body like everyone Else, then I have to be in bed for days. But I will Get there 👍💕 hope to share my story, long way to go still, but finally fits into my shorts again :-)

anonymous asked:

Hii my name is Alexis. I follow your tumblr. I have a question. I'm not trying to lose weight bc I'm skinny enough but I want to get a butt and a toned stomach. What excercies should I do to get my two goals? Thanks so much! Xx

Hey babe! My fav butt exercises are squats, lunges and ham raise (search on google if you don’t know what they are). Also running with an incline on your tredmill (or uphill if you run outside) will tone your legs. For abs I like all kinds of sit ups and ofc the classic plank which is good for almost your entire body.

There’s tons of great videos on youtube for helping with excercies. Just search around and you’ll find accounts that you like, I promise. Now I don’t know if you have equipment so in the videos I’ve linked you don’t need anything. You can do them at home. Here’s one for butt, and another one and here’s a video with ab workouts but no crunches at all and here’s another one for the abs that I really loved! Good luck, XO

Lunch 🍳🍅🍃

•Omelett made of one egg + one extra yolk (because I had the white in my breakfast-oatmeal), fetacheese and salt.

•Two slices ham

•Salad of arugula, a half avocado, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, champignons and cottage cheese.

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IT’S FINALLY FEBRUARY AND FIRST DAY OF #noaddedsugar #naschallenge! I hope you’re doing it aswell 🚫🍰🍭🍩
For breakfast I made a smoothie of 1/3 banana🍌, frozen mango, one raw egg🍳, cinnamon, some water💧 and natural yoghurt (0,5% fat). Also had black coffee☕ and some cashews and almonds🌰
Ps. I’m not always eating it the same time as I upload it! This was like 9h ago 😊

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Many questions lately about calories and how much to eat, so thought I could post this ☺

After you’ve calculated your need of calories like the picture above describes ⬆, multiply that number with following:

•1,2 if you’re sedentary (no or tiny exercise/week)

•1,375 if you’re lightly active (sports 1-3 days/week)

•1,55 if you’re moderately active (sports 3-5 days/week)

•1,725 if you’re very active (sports 6-7 days/week)

•1,9 if you’re extra active (sports + physical job) .

❇ To loose weight, eat 500 less

❇ To remain weight, eat recommended

✳ To gain weight, eat 500 more .

🚫 THIS IS A ROUGH CALCULATION OF THE DAILY NEED OF CALORIES and it’s not exact numbers! Counting calories should not become an obsession!

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