Today Black Futures Month uplifts the right to housing and employment for all. Sandra Khalifa @snkhalifa​ created this striking poster. You can also find her at and

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#Fightfor15 mass strikes and protests take place across country

  • The Fight For 15 movement’s national Day of Disruption started early Tuesday morning. 
  • Low-wage workers across the country are striking in what the movement calls its “largest, most disruptive protest” in its 4-year history. 
  • The strikes are expected to take place in 340 cities and almost 20 of the nation’s busiest airports.
  • Uber drivers are joining Fight For 15’s strikes for the first time. Read more

Minimum wage laws suppress competition and transfer monopoly and monopsony power to large corporations. These laws subsidize large corporations by insulating them from competition from smaller competitors and start-ups that are less able bear the increased costs of labor. If we want to increase the poor’s standard of living we must start fighting for free markets and deregulation instead of unemployment and corporate welfare.


Good News: Target is Raising It’s Minimum Wage, Finally

Dow Jones reported Wednesday that Target will be raising minimum wage to $9 per hour in April. This comes a month after competitor Wal-Mart announced it would increase its minimum wage to $9 an hour in April and $10 an hour for 2016.

This also comes after advocacy organization UltraViolet put pressure on Target to pay workers better wages, stating that Wal-Mart’s better pay should encourage Target to have better pay.

“If Target were to raise its minimum wage, that could mean close to a million people earning poverty wages will see their salaries increase – and we could see wages rise across industries,” UltraViolet wrote. “But that’s only if we keep the momentum going. Walmart is Target’s biggest competitor – but for a long time Target has relied on Walmart’s poor image to paint it in a more favorable light. Now, Target won’t be able to claim it’s a better workplace, and the more of us who sign the petition, the greater the pressure on Target to do the right thing.”


To Respond to this threat, the Left must revive the Fight For the Four Freedoms of the FDR era.

We need to modernize this campaign into the Fight For the Four Justices!

Social Justice,

Racial Justice,

Economic Justice,

And Environmental Justice!