Going on with HBO interview… #Stallone #fightfan #Marines
HBO: How was it working with Selvester Stallone?
JON: It was great, are you kidding? It’s Rocky! Being a fight fan, growing up watching Rocky, not knowing I would one day be an actor and also play his partner - it was great. We got along really well. I work with so many people and i respect them, but there are only a few I have to hide being a fan of, but for me Sylvester Stallone is one of those guys. Rocky was very inspirational for me - it helped me get through some of my hard times.

HBO: Did you meet real-life Marines to prepare for your role in The Pacific?
JON: I did. Actually I didn’t get a chance to do it prior, but during the process, I met Check Tatum who served with Basilone in Iwo Jima and knew him quite well. Just to meet someone who lived through that hell and was very close to Basilone - to get his approval was amazing. Of course I can’t fill his shoes, but to represent the voice of someone who sacrificed so much on our behalf. We got to meet others who served in the Pacific and we did our best to show the good, the bad and the ugly - really just the humanity. Hopefully we accomplished that.