Drabble for Lab Buddies

So there’s this amazing comic, called Lab Buddies, by @fighterarmy. It’s absolutely phenomenal, I can’t reccomend it enough. It has Lal and Nano, Rythian and Lalnable, even [REDACTED]. Basically, it has everything. I wanted to write some things for it, especially about her Rythian. (He’s such a cutie pie in this universe and I love it.) But, basically, this little bit relates to one of the most recent scenes in the comic, when Rythian eats a meal from a not-so-reliable source. It focuses a lot on Kim and Zoey and what they are thinking while Ryth is sick, and I wanted to focus on some of his inner thoughts as well. So, here goes!

His stomach churned the second the meat passed his lips. He felt the power surge inside of him, the Ender inside of him instinctively reacting the human blood he’d ingested. He wasn’t sure what was more disgusting, the fact he had eaten something that had once been human or the fact he may want more.

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We Remain Full Preview

The site bcharts has published a full preview of the new Christina Aguilera single “We Remain” for the Hunger Games movie.

You can hear the preview here:

Thanks to the site who published this article and for fiding the site.

anonymous asked:

Top 5 Xtina songs?


It really depends on my mood….

but i’ll try to make  a top 5 of the songs that are inspiring me now:

  1. The Voice Within
  2. Fighter
  3. Beautiful
  4. I’m Ok
  5. Hurt

The top really change by time…since i love almost all the songs from xtina!

Thank you for asking