fighteramy art


I’m in love. With both this Lalnable and this art program.

@fighteramy I always fall for the villains. And I was messing around in a new program so perfect excuse to draw some LabBuddies Lalnable, right? I was thinking of posting these seperately because I am really proud of the first one, but I dont want to spam the fanart in multiple posts so here ya go~

Finally ! I worked so long on this Fan art for @fighteramy awesome lab buddy comic.

You really have to check it out.

I hope this Fan art helps her to break out, maybe the mysteriuos voice of the dephts and ScottJackmanwisltonberryMansonburgUnstine the third could help her ?

man, that was an awesome stream, sad that I had to go to work so early.

To the Fanart, drawing Nano was lot of fun, but what wasn’t fun was the background, in the end I copy pasted it out of the comic and altered it.