fighter fish

Context: There was a five day (game time) boat ride from port city to port city, and the party decided to go fishing.

The hobgoblin fighter fashions a fishing pole and hook out of sticks and hemp rope.

The orcish paladin uses said pole to fish.

Tiefling Paladin (me): Yeah, I’m going to try my hand at fishing.

DM: Do you have anything to fish with?

TP: I have a trident?

DM (under breath): You have a trident.

I’d like to say I got inspiration for that, but I didn’t.


Artist: crow god

Title: Fighting In The River

“It should be my last fan art of Dota2. I painted it in 2015, I thought that I will make it more completely someday, but the fact is I have been not playing this game for two years, maybe their appearance has changed in the game already lol. So it’s here now, as a memento.”

What an epic battle, what an epic combat… and that fish over there is in serious problems xD


Oh this is the one that really gets people mad. “If you don’t have the money, why did you buy the animal?” Right? Well, there’s another marketing reason behind it that you need to understand. You may feel that people are buying these fish because they are considered “easy” pets. And you’re right. However, what you need to understand is that you’re asking a lot for one small creature. I understand how you feel, but other people don’t. Let’s put it this way: a starter kit at Walmart is around 30$ to 40$ depending on the size of the aquarium. Good news is that it comes with everything you could ever need! The bad news is that the fish you put in it could be expensive depending on breed. And if the filter doesn’t run on low, you need a new one. And you need to buy proper cleaning care. And decorations such as plants and hiding holes. By the time you get all this, you can expect to spend around 100$. For that same price you could go to your local animal shelter and save the life of a cat or dog and some shelters even include spay/neutering costs plus (as our local shelter does) they give you coverage on veterinary care for certain vets and for a certain period of time after you adopt.

            Now think of how much upkeep a fish tank needs. And I mean the PROPER upkeep. Now think about how taking care of a cat or dog would be. Buy their food, water, maybe a toy or two and they’re pretty much set to go. Their upkeep is low key. Keep in mind, not everyone is a fish enthusiast like you or I. So we have to think in terms of your average everyday person. And in their minds, they would probably rather pay the extra few dollars to have a more easy going pet. Don’t reblog this and tell me fish aren’t! If there’s even a slight change in their ecosystem, they can die! You as a fish owner know this well enough. It’s a sad fact, but even the simplest of things can kill your fish!  

            Now what is supposed to be an easy pet to keep has suddenly become a very expensive affair! I would know! Remember, I have two with proper care! I like using my local fish store as a great example. And NO, it is not a major branch. These people have been running one of the best fish stores for since I was a little kid (over 20 years). They have a really funny saying, “If you can keep goldfish, you can keep a salt water tank.” I was getting advise for my goldfish tank from one of their experts and he gave me an insider on the fresh water fish these days.

            He told me that most fresh water fish these days come in with some sort of problem. Most of them are either really sick, or they were bred improperly. He also told me that they get most of their fish from Hong Kong, so they don’t really know what they’re getting until it arrives. Let’s face it, even markets outside the fish realm has this issue. This leads back to the funny phrase. The reason he said that was because fish tanks in total can be a real hassle and can be really expensive.

            One thing that really bothers me is people with vet costs. Honestly, these days vet prices can go through the roof. Medication is also a serious issue. Recently, I purchased a Calico Fancy Goldfish. She’s pale in color so a few days after she was brought home, I noticed something on her back fin (it was white and I hadn’t noticed due to her pale complexion). It was a white ball that looked something like a zit. I looked it up before taking a clear photo to my local store, and most said they had no idea what it could be. It was white, but too large to be Ich. Most said it was a form of a tumor. Very rare, but possible. When I showed my expert, he told me that he’d seen it a few times and most fish died from it. He said no one had really looked into what it was (and even other studies online didn’t know). He showed me the medication he would use to treat it though. And it was 20$. I had only recently purchased the fish and she was 5$. And the real kicker? The medication could worsen her condition if it wasn’t a certain illness. I was so dejected. I felt horrible because I didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t hurting from it, or so it seemed. But I couldn’t just waste 20$ on medication that may kill her anyways. I’m a college student, and money is tight. So I waited. The thing’s off her now, after a few weeks, but I was lucky! From what I read, most people lost their fish due to the same issue. I’d seen pictures and it looked exactly the same!

            So what does this have to do with bettas? Well, it’s the same moral. You can’t say someone is abusive for not being able to pay a medical bill. I could have been prepared for Ich, but fish tumors? People have to euthanize their dogs and cats all the time due to bills they simply can’t pay. I feel that illness should be one of those things no one can really bring into debate because no one ever really expects it.

            Now whenever I go to my local fish store, I drool over the salt water tanks. I remember when we used to have one when I was a little kid and I deeply miss it. If ever I had the time, money, and space I would jump at it! I look at all the fish, but I get upset. Know why? I rarely see them get adopted. It makes me sad that no one wants such pretty fish! But the reality is that salt water tanks are expensive and no one has the time so no one buys them. I saw a gorgeous fish die at the bottom of his tank and it made me sad that he didn’t have an owner who loved him prior to. If we think of it in the same manner as dogs or cats, wouldn’t you feel sad for that same exact reason? But bettas can have this issue too. People won’t want to buy them if they’re so expensive. And that’s where a huge issue then lies: those bettas wont ever see a home outside of their small dirty cup! Would you really want that for the fish?

            And remember how I talked about misinformation? Well that’s the same thing here. People didn’t understand that these fish were so high maintenance and now they can’t afford them! What are their options? They could return the fish to the store, but it would probably die there anyways. You could advise them to give it to someone who can care for it properly, but as I’ve stated before, that doesn’t really help the issue if no one can care for it properly. So what does help?