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Soukoku-Shin Soukoku differences

Dont get me wrong I do love shin soukoku these kids needs love especially Akutagawa and as for Atsushi he needs to see the bright side on his life and move on from the past. But you know I dont think they will surpass the original soukoku,shin soukoku is powerful - hands down,but they lack one big thing and that is a genius strategist. Dazai and Chuuya works best because they are opposites ,meaning they work as the brain and the body,Dazai being the brain while Chuuya acts as the body that most of the time does the work as per Dazai’s command. This duo is a perfect combination if I may say while on the other hand,shin soukoku - well they are both combatants and neither of them can be on par to Dazai’s intelligence (Atsushi clings on Dazai’s strategies) so to speak, shin soukoku is more of a destructive weapon that can be use to destroy while the original soukoku works to conquer everything. I dont think they should be compared tbh because there’s a lot of differences to them. Atsu and Aku have almost the same things from being a powerful fighters to failing in realizing how lucky they are while Dazai and Chuuya are so opposite,I cant think of their similarities at all that the only thing they share is the air they breathe.

A family can be a gay elf chef, an impulsive dog-loving fighter, a cheapskate dwarf, a superbig crossbow-wielding orc and her rogue lizard gf and their reincarnated robot teammate, a morally ambiguous woman who gave up 20 years of her life when she had to, a depressed violinist, a very tired shopkeeper, a guy named avi, and a giant alien fish all taking care of an 11 year old kid as best they can

favorite things about the universe of jojo’s bizarre adventure:

  • vampires are the result of experiments done by ancient mesoamerican/middle eastern supermodels
  • jack the ripper was a vampire who could shoot knives out of his body at will
  • the only way to beat vampires is a martial arts technique that’s basically punching the sun into them
  • by the 1930s the major powers of wwii mastered cyborg technology
  • somewhere in space there’s floating a superpowered ancient human who has the power to do anything ANYTHING but the only thing stopping him is that he gave up any effort after being launched into space
  • during the 1980s because of a british vampire waking up, people around the world got ghost fighters
  • anyone can have a ghost fighter including: a dog, a turtle, an orangutan, a colony of plankton, a car, a town
  • an ancient egyptian sword also got a ghost fighter that may also be the god anubis
  • an entire small town in Japan is rife with ghost fighters, this is because of the british vampire somehow
  • a serial killer manages to evade police for decades and only gets discovered because one kid really wants his sandwhich back
  • there’s one alleyway that’s actually a looping portal to the afterlife
  • Italy is important
  • no one can explain King Crimson, mostly because bad translation, but no one can really explain what it does exactly
  • everyone just accepts a teenager has always been in charge of a mafia that’s been running for decades
  • at some point in the 2000s everything in florida starts getting pulled to Cape Canaveral
  • Joseph of Arimethea somehow figured Jesus’ body bits would be in America, but because no one knew where America was, everyone just forgot about it
  • if you hang around in an Arizona desert long enough you get a ghost fighter
  • Milan manages to remain a successful nation state for 1000 years
  • there’s a martial arts where you can do major damage by spinning mundane objects right
  • there’s an official au that’s just as insane
Must Love Dogs - Chapter 5 - goddamn-shitshow (Shitshow) - Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball [Archive of Our Own]
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Kagami is a fire fighter, Nigou is a dog model, and Kuroko is basically Kagami’s ideal man - aside from the whole dog thing, anyways.

Approximately 10k 15k? words of Kuroko taking his dog to inappropriate places in order to fuck with a cute cynophobe.

Chapter 5: Taco-Bout It, available now along with previous chapters on Ao3.

And finally, the sixth and final chapter: Have Your Cake and Bite It Too coming… probably next Monday, 4/3/17. I still need to write it, whoops.