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So today i beat Hyper Light Drifter and I loved this game to bits ! I can’t wait to play it more and try to find everything.

And of course i started to think of some of my (and @shuuzaar‘s) ocs in this universe, so here’s Anank !

(the image is scaled to 150% here !)

thisisnotmybeautiful  asked:

Just started watching The Blacklist and powered through S1 S2 and caught up in S3. Am I missing something? Why is Liz so enamored with Tom? I mean, Tom is a sociopath, right? And why doesn't Ressler have a love interest? He's a cutie even in rehab. I'm SO confused and hoping you can break this down for me? Thanks and much respect for your time and lovely big brain :-)

First off, welcome to this mess of a show & its fandom. Please fasten your seatbelt and return your tray table to its full upright and locked position bc we always seem to be experiencing some turbulence.

“Why is Liz so enamored with Tom?”

Well, the “official” message seems to be that we all really should be enamored here because T/J is a freshly-minted, dashing lover & fighter now and definitely not the task-oriented socio/psychopath from previous seasons. How, when, and why he transformed abruptly from one to the other is still a mystery (not even his creators/writers seem to be able to find a unifying theory to explain that one), but of course Liz cannot let this hero version go. What sane woman could? He’s a real catch. This “image management” is at the root of my biggest issue w/ TBL right now, and judging from your question, you are struggling w/ it too. Good news is, you are most def not alone.

Since the 2nd half of S2 the show’s been trying its best (and worst, lbr) to present Liz as someone who’s still in love with a perfect husband who is real, except his name is not Tom but Jacob. It clumsily yet forcefully has been trying to code that love as a perfectly okay, natural reaction by attempting to cloak T/J in “borrow’d robes” of a selfless white knight. I heard that the official social media sites (on Twitter and Facebook) are full of “T/J the hero” promotion while Liz is being reduced to a trophy that’s waiting for him at the finish line. The (sensible) alternate of Liz being a struggling survivor of systematic, prolonged emotional abuse and conditioning (i.e. someone who keeps “falling off the wagon” and who should be provided w/ sympathy, support, and DISTANCE from her abuser - at least until she gets better and gains some much needed perspective) has yet to be straightforwardly pitched to the viewer as a legitimate explanation of her behavior; in fact, such reading is being actively discouraged by this Tom/Liz love story nonsense. They keep forcing them together - often in pointless scenes (see the diner meeting in “307”) -, suggesting that so much of that fake marriage and T/J’s cover role was real while attempting to ignore/erase the staggering mountain of evidence to the contrary.

I believe Red (and by extension probably James, too, but I cannot be sure) views/treats Liz as a survivor and T/J as a continuous threat to her mental/emotional well-being, but the show as a whole (+ its promo department) still doesn’t and, imo, this dissonance is what (understandably) keeps many viewers from truly connecting w/ Liz’s character and recognizing why she acts the way she does. The scene at the diner in “302” where the abused woman was still clinging to, defending, and worrying about her abuser who got his ass kicked coupled w/ Liz’s insistence on apologizing to T/J for dragging him into trouble & painting herself as a terrible person unworthy of his valiant efforts may be an indication of a perception shift coming, but for now we are still pretty much saddled with the irritating, frustrating, and - imo - deeply insulting “Liz is in love and she just can’t help herself bc this guy is truly amazing and irresistible” spin.

In short, TPTB seem to want us to believe that Liz is into T/J bc T/J is someone Liz should be into. My take on her behavior, however, is that she is still afraid to face the fact that the man she fell in love with doesn’t exist and by hanging onto T/J she is hanging onto her last remaining link to that comforting, self-duping fantasy; it’s an escape from the aggressive chaos that her life is right now (for Red, it’s usually alcohol, drugs, and sex; for Liz, it’s T/J). And T/J is always quick to capitalize on this bc his goal is to suck her back into another self-gratifying, self-serving relationship. He believes that he and he alone is the answer to Liz’s prayers (he keeps contacting her to tell her how he is gonna save her and keeps the ambiguity of “I want to give you a second chance” & “I want you to give me a second chance” going in their convos), but let’s hope Liz will wake up in time to smell the B.S. and the show will finally shed this sugarcoated nonsense and unveils the reality of her situation, namely that her reluctance to let T/J go was never romantic but toxic, and letting go is the only way she can move forward (Red already told her as much in “218”). Even if she cannot do it right away, this message, her framing as a struggling survivor, should be clear. We’ll see.

“Why doesn’t Ressler have a love interest?”

Oh but he has. It’s called the Federal Bureau of Investigation. ;)