fighter bombers

since “poe dameron has slept with every member of the resistance” is a nasty headcanon that people can’t seem to let go, here are some better poe dameron headcanons instead:

  • he has a unique secret handshake with every member of his squadron
  • went through a hat phase as a child
  • despite being the most incredible pilot while flying, he can be a total clutz on the ground sometimes
  • when he drinks, turns into the type of intense drunk who goes up to everyone in the nearby vicinity, puts his hands on both sides of their face while bringing his face super close to theirs, and looks deep into their eyes as he says how much he values and cherishes them
  • is a constant snacker. He has secret stashes of indulgent high-calorie treats in his bunk, and his cockpit is constantly littered with snack wrappers
  • makes a point to learn the name of every single worker on the resistance base, down to the janitors and line cooks, and addresses them by their first name and a friendly hello every time. 
  • is just a terrible liar. Especially when it comes to General Organa
  • resident Meme King of the resistance base
  • despite learning military habits from a young age, has never been able to hold a regular sleep schedule. He rarely gets enough sleep, but when he does, he is NOT a morning person. After completing missions, will crash into a deep sleep in his bunk and once slept for a full uninterrupted 48 hours
  • is the only person who can make leia laugh when she’s in a bad mood
  • has inherited the age-old strike fighter bias against bomber ships (probably from his mother tbh) and can rant for hours about how u-wings are clunky and inferior to x-wings
  • has memorized the name, call sign, planet of origin, and a brief bio for every x-wing pilot who flew in the rebellion against the empire

Six Soviet Su-7B fighter bombers are ready for take-off on an unidentified airfield strip.

The Sukhoi Su-7 (NATO designation name: Fitter-A) was a swept wing, supersonic fighter aircraft developed by the Soviet Union in 1955.

Originally, it was designed as tactical, low-level dogfighter, but was not successful in this role. On the other hand, soon-introduced Su-7B series became the main Soviet fighter-bomber and ground-attack aircraft of the 1960s.

The Su-7 was rugged in its simplicity but its shortcomings included short range and low weapon load.

Unknown photographer and date.

Newcomers Pt 9

Pt 9

Communication with the Gal was strictly forbidden by the Alliance High command, when Humanity had inquired as to why they simply said that the Gal’s communicated by a telepathic link that could kill instantly. The Humans though, ever the curious ones and suspicious ones did not quite believe the Elong who seemed to hold the majority of the power in the Alliance. So in secret they captured a number of Gal in an attempt to study and communicate. Some of what the Elong said was true although exaggerated, the Gal’s telepathic nature when directed at a Human caused intense headaches and mild hallucinations. Painful and frightening but hardly fatal. Many put this down to Humanity odd resilience to various things the other races in the Alliance were not. Somewhat it was true but no other race really every tried to speak to the Gal and it would seem that not even the Humans could connect their minds with them. But, unlike the other races, Humanity had many forms of communication, speech alone was a very small part of how they communicated, there was tone, emphasis on various words, what context they were used in, who was speaking, who was present, gestures, facial expression, stance and countless more. But also, sign language. The Gal’s body was mainly a collection of tentacles and they could easily mimic the shape of a Human hand. They picked up on it quickly and soon were having whole conversations, what they told the Humans was worrying.

The Gal were genetically engineered and created by the Elong centuries ago to be their army, they serve faithfully but mainly because the Elong had the Nerve, which is what bound them all together. Without it they would be lost and mindless, in a sense the Gal had no individuals, they shared memories and experiences, they were all the Nerve and the Nerve was all of them. After so long of the Gal being used as slave warriors the Nerve executed it’s own escape and fled into the void. The Alliance having lost their army found a new race, the Benemar to be their army and they hunted them down. But that was not all, Humanity had been told that the Alliance forbid the ownership of other sentient creatures as property. The wording was the key, the Alliance could simply classify a race non sentient and conquer their world and enslave the population.

The Gal, being very empathetic sought their freedom and launched raids into Alliance territory, mainly to keep their attention away from the many other sentient races that surrounded the Alliance’s boarders. But Humanity’s appearance had been a game changer, the Gal could overwhelm the Benemar with their great numbers unless they were heavily dug in. The Humans though could not only best a Gal but a great many before they were slain.

This revelation of the Gal’s true nature came shortly before the liberation of Remer with the Humans and Gal had been in negotiations for some time as the Humans wished to verify the Gal’s accusations. It was not to hard to find, Chamo troops who wore heavily advanced armour that could make them almost invisible infiltrated the Alliances core worlds, worlds Humanity had so far been not allowed to visit. What they found appalled them the Alliance was no grand state that protected it’s members, it enslaved them. Worse yet, documents were found that betrayed their future plans. They were trying to start a war between the Benemar and the Humans so that the Humans could take their place as enslaved soldiers of the Allaince. This was the final straw, slavery was something Humanity cannot and will not tolerate on any level. Their leaders flew into a rage at this revelation, by this time the Benemar were about to besiege Terra and with a simple yes the alliance between the Gal and the Humans was formed. The Elong and their own “Alliance” would feel retribution.

“Gal?!” captain Clerk exclaimed “Really?” he was speaking to the Admiral over the com, a Gal was also present on the screen.

“We are ready to bring the Elong to justice and to fight alongside Humanity” the Gal signed, all Humans knew sign language as it was taught to them all growing up.

“And you are sure this information on the Elong is correct” Clerk asked.

“I too have my reservations” Captain Kiev added his own voice.

“It has all been verified by our special forces, we have been lied to” Admiral Winston said.

“Then what about the rest of our fleets” he asked “And I assume this is not all of your ships?” he said addressing the Gal.

“Our fleets are joining more Human fleets and gathering on the boarder” he signed.

“If the Admiral if happy with this arrangement then I shall protest no further”

“Well then” Clerk said satisfied himself, shall we burn Bento Prime”

“Race you to the surface” the Gal joked and signed the motion for laughter which made Clerk smile, he suddenly felt very guilty over the battle on Remer where he and his soldiers had killed a great many of them. Oddly though the Gal felt no anger towards the Humans about this or about any of the battles they had against each other. Humans and Gal may not be able to link minds but the Gal were very empathic and could sense the feelings of others often better than they themselves could. They knew that the Humans were truly guilty over what they had done and angry at being manipulated. The Gal knew exactly how they felt.

The fleets began their approach to Bento Prime and the trio of High chiefs all quite literally shit themselves.

The first waves were of bombers and fighter craft they probed the Benemar defences testing their reaction times and trying to find weaknesses. The Gal and their organic based ships would fire seeds which carried their warrior caste Gal. The Humans had been quickly briefed on the nature of the Gal and their different sub species. There were artillery Gal, that were full of combustible chemicals that they could fire over great distances from a cannon like muscle on their backs, These were some of the largest of their kind. Next were the guard Gal, they were not as big as the artillery but their armour was far greater they had huge shields about their heads that could absorb incoming fire as was their role in battle. They were quite effective but once the Gal encountered the Humans found themselves rather useless, the Humans rifles could not penetrate their armour but Humans were just as or even more deadly than Gal at close quarters where their main advantage lies. Next were the grunt Gal, these were the common foot soldier and numbered in the millions, they had little to no ranged capabilities but with their many tentacles, even more so than the others they could overcome most opponents if not by themselves then with force of numbers.

The Gal sent forth their seeds alongside the Human fighters and bombers and the Benemar defences opened up, they had done their preparations well and in the opening volley hundreds of Human craft were shot down and many more Gal seed pods each containing dozens or more Gal.

The fleet came in closer to bring more of their guns to bare and to give their craft more cover fire, now the platforms were torn between engaging the fleet or the incoming craft and pods. This paid off as the Gal seeds impacted the platforms and stations and began slaughtering their crews.  Human soldiers did not like boarding actions and was often considered a major weakness and that they were timid in fleet battles. The main reason was really a simple one, they did not like entering enclosed hostile spaces, this did not mean they wouldn’t but they would only do so really if they had at least some knowledge of the ships interior. Since that information was not present to them the Gal took the lead on boarding actions.

“All forward gun concentrate fire on the central station” Admiral Winston ordered his ships. The central station was the largest one in the formation and it’s destruction would open a sizeable hole in their defences. The ships then began to converge and direct their fire towards it, it had a spectacular array or heavy guns for fighting battleships but against the smaller fighter and bombers it was found wanting and the Humans bombers reaped a bloody toll on it’s systems.

But it was still a vastly powerful station and it opened up it’s weaponry onto the approaching fleet. It main cannons struck a number of the Gal’s central ships that helped the Gal keep contact with on another through the Nerve. They became disoriented and the Humans moved to help protect these ships.

The stations third weapons array fell first, destroyed by a bomber that got through the stations fighter defence. It had now lost a quarter of it’s fire power, without the array the guns could not aim and would fire blind and hit lord knows what. But they fired anyway and some lucky hits were scored. By the time the fleet was within optimal fire range the Human fleet had lost 6 ships and Gal had lost 11. One of the Human losses came when a shell from the station hit it’s engine and it flew helplessly into another ship.

Finally it was struck by boarding seeds and the Gal began flooding the station, the Humans halted fire so as not to kill their new allies but the Gal told them it was okay, they do not see death as a problem as their minds would be reborn into another body by the Nerve.

The Gal flooded the corridors and rooms of the station, the Benemar fought back as hard as they could but the Gal’s biology meant they were perfectly fitted for this enclosed combat. This along with the fleet continuing to fire meant the station was about to fall.

The Benemar defence fleet tried to intervene but were kept away by Kiev’s fleet which was although smaller was blocking the approached with expertly aimed and timed volleys. Clerk was performing a flanking manoeuvre on the other end of the defences, somehow he had manged to get his ships behind them and thus out of range. The defence platforms were large and heavy things, even in the void moving them was difficult and sometimes clumsy so Clerk was managing to pick them off with minimal losses.

The High Chiefs could do nothing but watch as their defences that had been built up for over a century were picked apart one by one. As a whole the defence grid would be considered unbreakable to a single attacker but the combination of the Gal and Humans and how their forces oddly seemed to compliment each other meant that the defence platforms could not as effectively repel them. Across Bento Prime the Benemar began to prepare, this time they would not let the Humans swarm across the planet like last time. This time they would slaughter them as they touched Benemar soil.

The dug their ditches to hinder the Gal and build gun points inside cliffs and on open fields to destroy the approaching Humans, a lot of it was guess work as these two armies had never worked together. How will they attack? Separately letting one army go forth first then one from the other? Or combine their armies which was unlikely as their forms of fighting were different.

The salves were all locked in their pens but some remarked how oddly calm but they quickly dismissed it as below their concerns what their slaves think.

On the horizon the Benemar froze as they saw balls of flame hitting the ground, some thought it was meteors or falling debris. But those who were wiser saw them for what they were. Gal seeds and Human pods.

The invasion had begun.


Photo series #11

Today, we have a stealth post but you should be able to see because this photo series is about the Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk.

The development of this plane has been shrouded with secrecy and even today after it’s retirement, lots of information about it is still classified.

Born out of the Have Blue technology demonstrator, the Nighthawk is an attack jet with stealth capabitilies although having a “F” designation and often being called a “stealth fighter”, the F-117 don’t have any air-to-air potential.

It’s design is made from 2-D flat surfaces as a result of the 1970s computer limitations because of this, some may say the aircraft’s frame was obsolete even before going into service. The Nighthawk was designed to have a very low Radar Cross-Section (RCS), this was made due to the project being developed by radar engineering rather than by aerospace engineering. One of the main problems of keeping a low RCS is that the plane was aerodynamically unstable and that was a big issue in the 1960s because the computer technology could not provide the necessary flight computers which would later allow aircraft such as the F-117 and B-2 Spirit to stay airborne.

The Nighthawk was sent to multiple combat operations, the first one was during the United States invasion of Panama in 1989, where 2 F-117A dropped bombs on the Rio Hato airfield. During the Gulf War in 1991, the Nighthawks were used to drop laser-guided bombs on targets in areas where optically aimed AAA and infrared SAMs were present as this was the biggest threat to Coalition aircraft, most operations were done at night to fully conceal the aircraft.

Only one F-117 was lost in combat and that was during Operation Allied Force in 27 March 1999, the Yugoslav troops spotted the Nighthawk on the radar when it’s bomb bays were open, the increase in radar signature allowed the SA-3 “Goa” SAM to lock and fire the missiles, the pilot ejected but the plane crashed at a slow speed and in an inverted position, the damage done to the airframe was low, after six hours, the pilot was rescued by an USAF pararescue team. The Serbs invited Russian personnel to inspect the remains of the aircraft, some say that the russian stealth technology had a significant advance after this incident.

Today, the F-117A Nighthawk is out of service but is still being maintained to keep it in condition to be recalled to service, some Nighthawks were spotted flying in the Nellis Bombing Range in 2015 and some of them are flown periodically.

Well, that’s it for this photo series, i guess we might see some Nighthawks in action again if some big conflict fires up and the needs for a precision bomber arises.

As always, if you have any suggestions or want to contribute for the next photo series, send them to me, i’ll be more than happy to upload them.

Have a good day, folks!

Newcomers Pt 17

Creten gathered what was left of his belongings from his home that had been burned down during the battle for his small town. There was not much left but he was happy to find a few of his books were still in good order or were salvageable. The Humans had offered his father a temporary robotic arm that he refused probably still bitter about being defeated. In fact Creten was sad to be leaving at all, for the last few days he had been welcomed by them and they had answered his mountain of questions and seemed pleased to meet someone who was interested in their culture. He and the rest of the now refugees as the Humans called them were being sent to Geeda with the others, they were told that it was being used as a holding area for those caught up in this war.

Ruffling through the burned wreckage he found what he was sent to find, a picture of his mother, he snatched it and ran out to the street.

“Father I found it!”

“Ah good” he said taking and looking at it with a smile on his face, he ran his finger over her features as if he was scared he might forget them. He knew that she had gone west towards the capital and that was likely where the Humans were going next. He hoped like they had done here they would not kill anyone they did not have to.

“You guys ready?” asked one of the Humans that was helping them into the trucks.

“Yes, let us go”

Creten helped his father to his feet and the Human picked up the bags and followed them to one of the rear trucks. Just as his father got on Creten turned to the Human.

“Can I really not stay here? I want to stay and see everything”

Hopkins looked down at him smiling and handed him one of the bags.

“You are brave little one and you have a good head on your shoulders, but the front is no place for you. Your strength lies inside your mind and your people will need you once this war is over”

“Can I at least…” Creten looked at Hopkins pocket smiling and he pulled out a few sweets.

“There those are my last ones”

“Thank you”

Hopkins lifted him into the truck and he sat by his father.

“Take care all of you, there are clean beds and hot meals waiting for you in Geeda.

“What about those who defended it?” asked Creten’s father and Hopkins turned to him.

“I can’t say for anyone specific but there are many survivors” Hopkins banged the side of the truck and it began to pull away with Creten waving goodbye to the Humans they passed.

They rode for hours with the tracks of the truck kicking up dust and dirt behind them making the small town they had called home fade from view as if being erased.

Going past them heading the opposite way were Gal and Human infantry running on foot and vehicles carrying other supplies and to Creten’s joy a Bastion. Behind him a flap that separated the drivers from the occupants opened and a Human handed them some protein bars saying the journey will be longer than expected.

The reason was traffic, there were a lot of vehicles trying to get in Greeda through only a small number of gates, and not all were Human vehicles.

In the weeks since Greeda fell it became the place for refugees to go and be housed by the Humans who felt it their duty to help those caught up in the war. One thing they did not stop and even in fact they encouraged was the travelling of Benemar merchants. They would come and trade their goods with the refugees and Humans alike who paid them well. Soon other merchants were making their way into Human controlled territory to trade their goods.

It was nearly midnight when they arrived at one of Geeda’s recently repaired gates and they were stopped once more by Human guards that came and inspected the truck. Many feared this was the moment the Human would show their true colours and kill them but all the guards did was ask them their names and hand them ID bracelets.

They passed through the gate and into the city which was rather quiet as it was close to the middle of the night now and everyone had retired to bed, the truck suddenly stopped and they were asked to disembark.

There was a waiting waiting of them and once they had all exited the truck it left them in the middle of the street with this guard holding a clipboard watching them.

“Hello everyone my name is Lieutenant Rosev and I am the one in charge of this section of the city. This building behind me is your new home” he indicated the large housing block that could hold hundreds of families, small townsmen like them could only dream of living in one of these.

“They have all been checked and stocked with beds and basic living needs, the water is a bit dodgy but we are working on fixing it. Tomorrow food will be distributed from a centre down the road. So yeah, find a bed and fall in I guess, goodnight” he saluted then and walked off.

They all looked around a bit dumbfounded, these were supposed to be luxury apartments for only the highly rich or privileged Benemar and they were being given to them freely and without questions.

“I don’t know about you lot but I have no intention of freezing out here on the street” Creten’s father Malthos said heading inside. He had become the town elder since the last was killed during the battle and the town survivors looked to him for guidance. They slowly followed him inside.

The next morning Creten ran to the window having been woken by the sound of low flying aircraft, there were hundreds of fighters and bombers heading west and flying low. He watched excited and memorizing their strange shape and holding his ears at the loud booming sound they made when they passed overhead. His father was none to happy at being woken so abruptly and simply shouted at his son to go to this distribution centre the Humans had told them about to get food.

Creten did not need telling twice as he already had his boots on when his father called for him.

The streets were packed, you would have been forgiven for believing that the city never came under attack nor was under Human occupation. The streets were filled with Benemar, both survivors of the when the city fell and refugees from other such towns like his. Children played in the streets, merchants had set up stalls and adults chatted. He headed in the direction the Human had told them the centre was and on the way he passed a building that was once a gathering hall but had been turned into a walk in hospital by the Humans. He looked inside and saw Human doctors treating sick Benemar offering such services freely. Such services on Bento were hard to come by sometimes and even if one could find a healer the price of such treatment was extortionate. But the Humans asked for nothing and gave without question. They were not unobserved though, looking up he saw Gal, not a large number maybe half a dozen looking down and moving along the buildings slowly, there were a few Humans sitting on perches but they seemed more interested in chatting with each other than keeping an eye on them. He went on his way and found the food centre, naturally there was a long line as it was the morning and people were waiting for their morning meals. He hated waiting, he wanted to explore and talk to the Human soldiers who he saw every so often wandering around unarmed but completely at ease.

“Creten?” he heard someone call his name and looked around but could not see where it was coming from. “Creten!” he heard again louder and closer and he was suddenly seized from behind and spun to face this newcomer.

“Selan!” he shouted leaping into the arms of his big sister “You’re alive!”

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Um..our town fell, the Humans sent us here”

Selan’s face fell “Why didn’t you leave and go to the capital?”

“Mother did, father and me along with a number of others stayed and fought”

“You fought the Humans?” Selan said shocked at the thought of her baby brother even lifting a rifle let alone firing it.

“We lost as you can see but they did not mistreat us, most of the those who stayed survived”

“Father?” Selan said quickly.

“He is at home, or the home we have been given”

Selan let out a breathe of relief.

“Where is Jeqan and Kop?” Creten asked.

Selan’s face dropped and she shook her head “They died fighting to the last and with honour”

Creten grew angry, he hated that word honour for in his mind it was worthless and so many died for it. “They shouldn’t have died at all and we shouldn’t be fighting either”

Selan glared at him “They are the enemy” she hissed.

“Are they? They have been nothing but kind to me and father once they saw we were not warriors, like now I am in line to get food which they say they do not charge for”

Selan said nothing.

“How many long hours did we spend in the salt fields scratching at the dirt in the hopes we might eat something or find enough to sell?”

Selan was a bit taken back by this, Creten was usually so submissive and easily spoken down to but now he stood tall. He had a new confidence that she had not seen before.

Finally he arrived at the desk where a Human female greeted him.

“Bracelet please” she asked holding out her hand and Creten put his arm up with his ID bracelet on and it was scanned.

“I see you have your father is in the city with you” she said reading a screen “Do you want to collect for him as well?”

“Yes please”

“One meal or the entire day?”

“Um…the whole day please”

She disappeared behind a curtain for a few minutes and Creten turned back to his sister who had said nothing.

“Have you tried their food?” he asked.

She looked at him out the corner of her eye as if refusing to face him “It’s not bad” she finally said and the Human reappeared with three large bags.

“This is your morning meal, your afternoon meal and your evening meal. There are few sweets in there as well”

“Chocolate?” he asked excited and the Human smiled and nodded. “Yay”

“Yay?” Selan asked not familiar with this word.

“It’s a Human word it’s used as a small celebration for when something happens that they like”

“Oh” she said “Let’s go see father then”

Creten turned and led the way and Selan watched him go a few paces “Traitor” she whispered to herself before following.


One more legend going through your screen, the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II, the Vietnam War-era fighter-bomber is a two-seater, twin engine, long range, all weather supersonic jet.

First introduced in 1960, the Phantom was retired from the USAF in 2016 but it still remains in service with a number of air forces around the globe.

If you have any suggestion or contribution for the next photo series, send them to me and i’ll upload them!

Time To Rec It Tuesday - 6/13/2017

So, here’s this week’s list. I compiled it over the past few weeks, putting in the ones that touched a place in my heart, and all of them are completed. Admittedly it is severely lacking in Dramione again, mainly because my head has been so buried in Merthur that I simply haven’t had time for anything else. I plan to remedy that soon. Anyways, hope someone enjoys!


1. The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes by stakeaclaim 

In which Arthur is out of sorts. His manservant leaves a lot to be desired, Morgana is scary, Merlin’s ‘luck’ is becoming too noticeable, his knights need to learn some lessons, and they’re beginning to act very strangely. Arthur blames Merlin. COMPLETE

2. For the good of the kingdom by magog_83

Merlin returns from his sojourn with the druids in the company of a man who is criminally handsome. Arthur reacts in the mature and reasonable fashion you would expect.

3.  a pendragon’s heart (is forever) [the five flashbacks remix] by eyesofapanda

A decade after Arthur hires Merlin as his personal assistant, a trip to the hospital forces Uther to look back thirty-five years, to when his son was born and his wife lost forever, in order to understand that the way his son feels is the same as his very own.

4. Knights of the Air by riventhorn

It is the summer of 1940, and the Battle of Britain rages in the skies. As the Luftwaffe sends hundreds of bombers and fighters to prepare the way for an invasion, it is up to the pilots of the RAF to stop them.

5. Missing by JessicaMDawn

When Arthur is fatally wounded, Merlin makes a deal with a powerful sorceress: Arthur’s life in exchange for everyone’s memories of Merlin.

6. Spartacus and the Open Taxi Door by fuzzytomato

Merlin works in a coffee shop, is a literature student, lives with Will, flirts with Gwaine, is friends with Gwen and has a stunningly normal life. Until Arthur walks in and changes everything. written for Sabriel75 for the Merlin Holidays fest.

7. Rainbow Cake by kathkin

In which Arthur comes out the closet, eats a lot of rainbow-coloured food, and really wants to kiss Merlin.

8. The Course of True Love by Shinybug

Breaking the love spell didn’t go quite according to plan. (Alternate version of 2x10 Sweet Dreams.)

9. Destiny Deferred by scatterglory

And Merlin can’t deal with this yet, knows he should summon up the ability to rage at Arthur, to tell him that he should have said that all those years ago, that it’s Arthur’s fault that they’re broken because he turned out just like his father …

But he can’t, because it’s not, because he didn’t. Because Merlin made a choice, and Arthur made a choice, and they’ve both carried the consequences with them for far too long.

Spoilers through Episode 4.04. Character death, some canon and some not (but not the boys).

10. Undeserved Affections

An AU ending to 4x11 where Arthur marries Mithian.

11. Something Yellow This Time by giselleslash

Merlin owns a flower shop. Arthur is a frequent customer with a tragic love life.

12. Sunset-kisses and Flower Meadows by Emjayelle

After what he is sure is the worst work day of his life, Arthur is only made to feel better by the really gorgeous guy sitting in front of him on the train. But then he doesn’t ask for his number because he’s an idiot. And then he has the bad idea of getting drunk with Morgana. And then she, of course, has to put the whole thing in the missed connections section on craigslist. And really, how well is that suppose to go?

13. Caught Out by vix_spes

Merlin thought that he’d been so careful and then Leon shattered his illusion…

14. Suspension by firetalks

Merlin is a semi-successful writer of gay romance novels. Arthur is his long suffering flat mate. Merlin asks him for a little help, when he’s not sure whether the sex scene he just finished is actually, physically possible.

15. It’s in the Stars! by dawnstruck

In which Merlin spills coffee, saves Arthur’s life and reads his daily horoscope.


1. An Unexpected Engagement by DragonsAndOtters

Their friends have to convince them to even speak after the War, but once Harry and Draco get into the same room, sparks will fly.


1. Rebuilding by @colubrina

Hermione Granger returns to Hogwarts to help rebuild the shattered castle the summer after the war. She and the other summer resident - and eventually their friends - have to come to terms with how the war broke more than just the walls of the building. Follows multiple Hogwarts students through '8th year’ and one additional year of early adulthood. COMPLETE.