Reskins fall in a weird place for me, they’re not unique enough where I feel I can post them as new minis in their own right, but they do offer a practical diversity that I enjoy and could see being useful to people.

I’ve been considering offering “packs” of reskins like these as rewards for Patreon Supporters. Any interest out there for something like this a few times a month in addition to the normal unique sets I do?

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Here is the full Wonder Woman illustration I debuted at WonderCon 2015 this past weekend. I’ve been wanting to illustrate her for a while now, and while part of me wanted to do it in a more elegant and ‘pinup’ friendly pose because I knew that would probably be more popular, I just had to go with my gut and paint her the way I wanted. As a fighter who can take her licks but who you know is going to get back up and return them tenfold. I hope you like “My Turn.”

Yoshi ikuzo! Otosan, Miteite Kure!
  • Yoshi ikuzo! Otosan, Miteite Kure!
  • Akira Kamiya
  • Kinnikuman

Yoshi, ikuzo! Otosan, Miteite Kure!
“Here goes! Daddy, watch me now!”

- Kinnikuman with his Hyuuma Hoshi of “Star of The Giants” impression, often before round 2; Kinnikuman: Muscle Fight [fangame] (Matayan)

ps: let me know if i screwed up on the transcription or translations whenever I post non-English content. thanx.