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Warnings: language i think

You didn’t want to look down. Never. But you knew that you had to, you knew that you couldn’t ignore it forever. You were sitting on the toilet in your and Jared’s apartment. You weren’t wearing anything but your panties and one of Jared’s shirts. You hadn’t planned this, you didn’t even know if he really loved you.

You had only been seeing him for a year and living with him for about five months. But you knew that he always wanted to have you around, even backstage at interviews sometimes. You smiled to yourself as you thought about the night you met him.

It was raining and you were running down a street in your high heels, trying to make it to a meeting in time. You opened the door to the hotel where the your meeting would be held and ran to the elevator. A Man in a white shirt and black pants stepped out as you stepped into the elevator, making you tumble over, making one of your heels break.

“Shit, I’m so sorry” the man stopped the doors from closing and stepped inside the elevator to help you catch your balance as a big smile formed on his lips.

“Jared Leto”  He said and gave you his hand. You just mumbled your name back what made him laugh at you. You looked up to see the most beautiful eyes you had ever see. He smiled as you tried to break the minute long eye contact.

“I’ll buy you new ones, don’t worry” You smiled and thanked him as you said:

“I’m really sorry but I’m late to a meeting” He smiled and pushed the button for the floor with a conference room in.

“Let me take you out for a drink Y/N, and we can talk about your shoes” He said as the elevator moved.

“I would like that” You said as the door opened.

“meet me at the bar downstairs in an hour maybe?” He said as you walked towards the room you were heading.

“Sounds good” you said as the doors closed behind you.

Your smile faded as you heard a little beep. You opened your eyes and looked at the stick in your hand. It was positive. You took a deep breath. Tears. Were they happy or sad tears? Would abortion be an option? no maybe not. You didn’t even know what he would say.

“Honey, are you okay?” Jared’s voice made you drop the test on the floor. Fuck. He wasn’t supposed to be awake yet.

“Yeah” you said and wiped your tears.

“Come back to bed” he wined. You stayed quiet. It was now or never and you knew it. You just had to take a few deep breaths. You threw away the test in the bathroom trash before unlocking the door. He was standing outside of the bathroom door when you came out and gripped your arms softly. He was shirtless, only wearing his boxers.

“Look at me” he said as he carefully placed his hand against your cheek as he made you face him. You took a deep breath.

“I have to sit down?” You said, hands shaking.

“What’s wrong?” He followed you to you bedroom where the both of you sat down on the bed. He put on his robe before took your hands in his. A tear slipped down your cheek as you looked him in the eyes. He looked frightened. He squeezed your hand as you kept repeating

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” He looked at you and suddenly he was gone. His hands flew up to his head. You were a little taken aback by his sudden behaviour. You looked at him as he started to walk through the room with his hands to his head. You were about to say something when he started mumbling something and then suddenly, making you jump yellig:
“Who?” He looked like he were about to cry. “I’m sorry but I can’t…I love you” He said, calming down.

“What?” You breathed out. He didn’t look at you. Suddenly it all came to you. You stood up and looked at your boyfriend.

“Jared, That’s not what happened. I didn’t cheat on you…I’m- I’m pregnant.” You finally said feeling how scared you got. You couldn’t face him. You sat down on your bed, looking at your hands again. You could feel his eyes on you. A few tears made their way down your cold cheek.

“We don’t need to keep it” You sobbed. You could feel him sit down next to you. His warm hand to your cheek once again as he dried your tears with his thumb. Before you knew it, he kissed you. You needed his warm dry lips right now. 

You kissed him like he was the only thing that could keep you alive and if you broke the kiss you felt like you would die. He broke it and pulled you close to him. You sobbed against his toned chest as he stroke your hair, trying to calm you down. He broke the silence by whispering “I love you” in your ear. He let go of you and looked you in the eyes with a big smile on his lips.

“Y/N,We’re having a baby…You could never make me more happy. I love you like I have never loved anyone and I want this baby more than anything. He or she is a creation by us” He said as he took your hands, his whole face shining of happiness. You cleared your throat.

“You really want this baby?”

“Of course, I’ve wanted to start a family with you since the day i met you. Maybe it’s a little early but we’ll make it. Together” You didn’t know what to say so you stayed silent. You laid down under the covers together as he hugged you.

“How long have you known?” He whispered.

“Well i started to get worried when my boobs grew and it got difficult to fit in my jeans.” The both of you laughed a little.  He lifted your shirt a bit and kissed your belly.

“Do you believe this?” You whispered as he let his hand brush over your stomach.

“Well everything is possible I guess” He said and kissed you.