A Compilation of Metal Smashing Combat Robot Fights From The First Episode of ‘BattleBots’

i have two awesome questions from negotiationofmeaning and guinness-jedi, thank you, you two are great! here is my (very long) answer:

I am probably younger than most Obi/qui fans (I’m 24). The thing was, I’ve always been a nerd kid, I was huge into Harry Potter and Nitendo and I loved to read. When I was 11 my mom worked as a nanny for a family. The dad of the family was a HUGE star wars fan. My sister and I would go with mom when she went to work sometimes. One time we were there and my sister found a book about star wars: a new hope, and she was like “hey theres this old guy who fights this evil robot and than he just disappears in the battle!” and I was like “uh ok…” but she got really excited about it and went to the library to get books out about star wars (we didn’t have the internet so that’s how we researched). She ended up bringing home the novel version of the phantom menace, and the first Jedi Apprentice book. Because I loved to read and she kept talking about how cool it was, I inevitably read the books. I remember thinking that Qui-gon sounded awesome in TPM, but I really didn’t care for Anakin, (even as a kid I have never been a kid-person) then I read the first Jedi apprentice book and I was hooked by Obi-wan’s personality, because he was so dynamic and stubborn and incredible. But, sometimes things in the Jedi apprentice books didn’t work out the way I wanted, so my sister and I started being like ‘what if…?” or “wouldn’t it be cool if…?” and than we started talking or writing our ideas down. Granted I knew nothing about fanfiction at the time, but I just fell into it because I really wanted to write Jedi Obi-wan and Qui-gon. Of course I was a star wars fan too, and the prequels were BIG at that time and when episode two came out, I saw it but I felt disappointed by the really bad chemistry between Padme and Anakin (I also had a crush on Padme as a kid and felt she deserved better). And Anakin still got on my nerves, so I pretty much watched the rest of the prequals out of obligation to Obi-wan. by the time I was thirteen I really felt like Obi-wan and Qui-gon’s relationship in TPM was different than in the jedi apprentice books. Much closer, more trusting, and definitely an equal partnership. Around this time I found out what ‘gay’ meant. Yeah, I was really sheltered growing up, I didn’t know anything about gay people, I didn’t even know I was gay for years! (Basically I knew Obi-wan and Qui-gon had a thing for each other WAY before I accepted the fact that I had a thing for girls). The moment I found out even a little about the gay community I automatically was like ‘yep, Obi-wan is gay.” I don’t know how I came to that conclusion so fast, but I guess even in the Jedi apprentice books he has a really strong platonic friendship with Bant and a couple other girls, while he was shyer around guys and kept wondering if they liked him. Also, there was that whole heart-wrenching deathscene in TPM. I right away felt like Obi-wan had feelings for Qui-gon, and than pretty soon my sister pointed out that there was a lot of times in TPM or the later Jedi apprentice books where Qui-gon shows a deep affection for Obi-wan, that we just don’t see in other Jedi teams. And before I knew it I was shipping! I didn’t actually discover online fanfiction until I was 15, and I didn’t start writing actually decent fanfiction until I was 17, but I’ve always considered Obi-wan and Qui-gon as my otp. I think a large part of why they mean so much to me is that growing up I never felt like I fit in anywhere. I was awkward around other people my age, I was teased for wearing star wars shirts, growing my hair super long, being tall, and listening to classic rock. Basically anything that really defines me now made me kind of stand out before, and not in a good way. Through it all I had my sister, and we grew really close over this imaginary galaxy where Obi-wan and Qui-gon were a kickass Jedi team that were secretly in love. I also grew up in a big loving family, but we were poor, so a lot of stuff other kids had, I didn’t, so I used my imagination a lot. I ended up kind of losing my extreme star wars nerd behavior after a few years, but I’ve never let go of Qui-gon and Obi-wan (and to be honest, I’m still a big star wars fan). A large part of me thinks of how it really wasn’t that long ago where I was struggling with all these feelings I didn’t know anything about, desperately wanting to know anyone who was part of the LGBT community to talk to, and only having Obi-wan and Qui-gon. Now that I am in my twenties I’ve become interested in sci-fi literature and my Obi-wan and Qui-gon stories often reflect that, but most of the time I still turn to my sister and say ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…?” and bam! Another O/Q story is in the works. I think I’ll always ship Obi/Qui, but I have never felt any reason or need to ship Anakin/Obi, mostly because I find Anakin whiny and ungrateful to the Jedi and Obi-wan, and I feel like Obi-wan and him fight most of the time. Plus Anakin has Padme, which is hard enough for me to let go (still upset that George reduced her screen time to her crying the entire episode 3, instead of being a awesome badass like in episode 1). So that is the incredibly long story of why I ship Obi/Qui and why they matter so much to me. I literally spent my entire teen years writing and drawing about them. it helped me realize that the world wasn’t going to hate me for being gay, and it brought my sister and I closer so now we’re the best of friends. The thing is I have just recently made this tumblr, and met other Obi/Qui fans and you guys are all so important to me. I want to share with you all my Obi/Qui stories, to meet and talk to all of you. I’m so happy that I’ve gained another batch of friends all through this ship I will never stop shipping. So thank you. you guys are the best tumblr Jedi ever!


It’s amazing what little extras you find when you rewatch things.
Like, I’ve been rewatching Squaresville, which I originally saw when it was released. At the time, when I heard Zelda’s remark about Apollo & Starbuck I had no idea what she was talking about. I even googled it, and couldn’t find anything.
Anyway, since then I’ve started watching BSG (i’m up to late season 2), and even though I knew the comment was coming, it didn’t twig that “Apollo and Starbuck” was THAT Apollo and Starbuck until I heard her say it again.


Wayne of Mutilation/ Wave of Mutilation

David Ryan Speer will blow you away in our second Squaresville MonoLo7ue.

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