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The White Bang Gang should have a club house, well, maybe an apartment would be more affordable for a bunch of reckless young adults who fight crime

a bunch of…reckless young adults….living under one roof…. whoever came up with this idea will regret it soon

Apparently, "Fight Like A Girl" is trademarked.

… and some group is going around sending DMCA notices to those who use the phrase on their artwork.

Is this a troll? I truly don’t understand. These jerks have absolutely no relation to my artwork other than a VERY POPULAR phrase.

I am truly upset.

Here is my artwork:

… after contacting Redbubble as to why my artwork was removed… I received this response:

I searched up TSDC, LLC and found this company’s Facebook page:

My artwork says “Fight Like A Girl”. Not “Fight Like A Girl Club” or “Fight Like A Girl Foundation”.

How is it that they can have power over such a universal phrase?
I’m feeling absolutely gutted that such a powerful message is being trademarked… I get it’s for cancer. I truly do. However, to take away such a universal and empowering message to dedicate to one single cause is just … unfair, to say the least.

I don’t know what to do ;_;

UPDATE: they HAVE actually trademarked the phrase “Fight Like A Girl”. End this. Now.

So E3 hit me hard yesterday and it was nice seeing demos today. I am now kneeling at the feet if Nintendo. So Zelda looks amazing in Hyrule Warriors. SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND BADASS I CANT WAIT TILL I CAN PLAY AS HER! Quickish color blob sketch jspwnebfnksuaywprbbsaq