If you have only gotten to know me in the last 8 years, let me make something clear to you. I have never been quiet about my political, economic, and religious views. My stance as a humanist, atheist, progressive, democratic socialist is not a secret. I am not afraid to discuss these topics, as I deeply believe that open, frequent, fact centered debate is the highest hallmark of our democracy, and one of the most reliable forces of peaceful change available to us. My dedication to human rights, social justice, and economic equality should be no surprise to you.

But if you have only known me in the last 8 years, you have only known me during a democratic presidential term, and that means my opinions and dialogue has been tempered by the successes of progressive leadership. Youve never seen me while a republican was in charge.

In short, yall aint seen nothing yet.

Apparently, "Fight Like A Girl" is trademarked.

… and some group is going around sending DMCA notices to those who use the phrase on their artwork.

Is this a troll? I truly don’t understand. These jerks have absolutely no relation to my artwork other than a VERY POPULAR phrase.

I am truly upset.

Here is my artwork:

… after contacting Redbubble as to why my artwork was removed… I received this response:

I searched up TSDC, LLC and found this company’s Facebook page:

My artwork says “Fight Like A Girl”. Not “Fight Like A Girl Club” or “Fight Like A Girl Foundation”.

How is it that they can have power over such a universal phrase?
I’m feeling absolutely gutted that such a powerful message is being trademarked… I get it’s for cancer. I truly do. However, to take away such a universal and empowering message to dedicate to one single cause is just … unfair, to say the least.

I don’t know what to do ;_;

UPDATE: they HAVE actually trademarked the phrase “Fight Like A Girl”. End this. Now.

So E3 hit me hard yesterday and it was nice seeing demos today. I am now kneeling at the feet if Nintendo. So Zelda looks amazing in Hyrule Warriors. SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND BADASS I CANT WAIT TILL I CAN PLAY AS HER! Quickish color blob sketch jspwnebfnksuaywprbbsaq