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Question for autistics: I see much of the community is against a cure; why is that? It seems like a lot have lots of trouble understand social stuff which can cause emotional distress, not to mention hard times with sensory things and meltdowns. With all that hard stuff, why wouldn't you want a cure? Not an attack; a genuine question.

Autism is an intrinsic part of who we are as people. There is no “normal” person beneath the autism. We are autistic through and through. Everything we experience from the time we are born is shaped and filtered through the lens of autism. As such, if we were not autistic, we would be completely different people. 

If you were offered a pill that completely changes everything about you, would you do it? Do you hate yourself enough to want to give up everything about yourself? I’m sure you have difficulties and struggles, are those enough to make you want to be a completely different person?

Probably not. While I’m sure you have struggles, I’m guessing there are also things you like about yourself. The same goes for autism. Yes, there are negative aspects to being autistic, but there are also positives, and many of us like some of our autistic traits. For instance, I like my special interests. I like how passionate I get about things. I like having a different view of the world than most people. I like stimming. Yeah, meltdowns really suck. Social difficulties can be hell to deal with. But, no matter how many difficulties I may face, I don’t want to change everything about me. 

Further, even if I wasn’t autistic, that doesn’t mean my life would be better. People of all abilities can face great difficulties in life. I could get rid of all my disabilities and still struggle. A cure would not necessarily make life any easier. Sure, I might not get meltdowns anymore, but there are plenty of worse things that can happen. 

If I were to be cured, I would be a completely different person. The way I have processed my life is through the lens of autism and all of the experiences that make up me would be processed differently if I weren’t autistic. Sure, I wouldn’t have meltdowns or other “bad” traits of autism, but I also would lose the intensity with which I feel. I would lose my passion. I would lose many of the things that give me meaning in life? Would I still be a feminist if I weren’t autistic? Would I fight for the oppressed if my life had gone differently? Would I be a writer? Would I be a musician? Would I be as compassionate? Would I be as driven to help others? What of me would be left if I weren’t autistic?

Yes, there are negative aspects to being autistic, but there are also positives. There is pain to being autistic, but there is also joy and happiness and love and community. This is why many of us don’t want a cure. 

Further, a cure is not really possible. Autism has been shown to be genetic which means that the only way to “cure” autism is to prevent it through genetic testing and abortion, i.e. eugenics. This is another reason so many of us fight against a cure. The world is telling that our existence is so terrible that they would rather we didn’t exist at all. Never mind all the great thinkers throughout history who were most likely autistic. Never mind all that autistic people have contributed to society. Never mind our humanity and worth as people. The difficulties of being autistic do not give others the right to decide we shouldn’t exist. 

There are autistic people who want a cure, and those people are entitled to that opinion. It is not my, nor anyone else’s place to tell them how to feel about their own disability. However, the majority of autistic people do not want a cure much in the same way that you likely wouldn’t want to be “cured” of being yourself. 


“Cas, it’s bad. She’s—She’s just dying in there and I can’t do anything to help her. We should’ve never let that bastard stay with her to protect her. What was I thinking?” Dean knew he was rambling. He had to air out what has been rattling around in his brain for the past few hours and he sure as hell couldn’t stand there and watch Claire like that. Cas needed to know.

“This guy has never seen a day out of the Queen’s castle and I left Claire in his hands? I don’t trust him; Sam doesn’t trust him, and I know you sure as hell wouldn’t even have let me leave Claire alone like that. And now…” He paused, his voice sharp as he stared out to the bleak night. “Now she might be gone for good and it’ll be my fault. Jody doesn’t even know where she is and I’ll have to tell her another child died because of us.

“She’s family, Cas. She’s part of our family, and she’s fighting like a Winchester to get cured of this. I know you and her aren’t actually related, but man does she remind me of you sometimes,” his tone is a little lighter now, remembering long lost memories of when the world wasn’t as chaotic as it is now. “She would have loved to see you, man. Hell, it’s been days since we’ve seen you, too, and I—“

“We’re sorry, but the voice message box has now been filled. Thank you for calling,” an automated voice cut Dean off, reality once again returning tenfold. It’s been that way for a while now, Dean calling Castiel’s voicemail and leaving a message that is too long. Of all times, now it decides to fill up just when this message was the most important.

Dean’s eyes sting. He knew the message was over, but the phone remained in attached to his ear. “and I need you right now. Claire needs you. Just… just be okay and come back to m—her.”

“Dean,” Sam’s voice came from the room. It didn’t sound good.

Dean placed his phone in his pocket and took a deep breath before returning to the room.

Meanwhile in Heaven, Castiel fights with every last angel to get back to Earth. His family needs him.

It doesn’t matter if it’s only a small scene, some people forget we still have a lot to fight for in the LGBT community. In at least 73 countries being gay still a crime, until 1973 being gay was considered a disorder and a lot of people still fighting for the “gay cure” and I know sometimes we act like we have it all, the world doesn’t have homophobia anymore and we already have the representation we need but this is not true.

Trini it’s the first superhero who is queer in the big screen and this is important, don’t ignore it by saying “It’s only a small scene”, because neither way it’s really important for us. This doesn’t mean we will stop fighting for more, it just means we shouldn’t erase her importance just because she won’t have a big coming out or openly talk about her sexuality the whole movie.

Her Last Goodbye

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Y/N Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jensen and Y/N’s families mentioned.  

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Character death -  aside from that I will list the warnings in the tags since I don’t want to give anything away.      

Word Count: 2300ish

A/N: Hey guys welcome to SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017 - I hope y’all are ready to cry. As one of your hosts I thought it was my duty to do my best to make sure you go to bed with puffy eyes tonight so I am posting 3 brand new one shots in honor of this day. This is number 3.

It is also written for @impalaimagining Angst Challenge - My prompt was Kodaline’s All I Want.

Thanks a billion to my sassy lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing angst for me

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***  

Jensen closed the door after practically having had to shove Jared through it. Being his best friend, he hadn’t wanted to leave. Jared didn’t like Jensen being alone, but damn he needed it. All Jensen could think about while the house was buzzing around him was to be alone. He didn’t feel a damn thing when people walked up to him, offering their condolences. The last time the house was this full stuck on his mind.

Jensen had rolled his eyes at her, offering up one expensive venue after another. He wanted her to have it all, but Y/N had refused. She wanted them to get married at the small church they went to every Sunday when he was at home and she wanted the reception to be at home. Finally Jensen had caved and Y/N had, had the wedding her way. Off course she had been right. It had been perfect, small and intimate. It had fit them better than the extravagant wedding Jensen had wanted to give her.

Jensen didn’t see the darkly dressed people in his living room. Not really anyway. He saw her and the way she spun around the floor dancing and laughing with everyone from his dad, her dad, his brother to Jared and Misha. Jensen loved watching her from afar and he had done so from the longest of times until he finally made his way across the floor, when the music changed to a slower tune, laying a gentle hand on Misha’s arm.

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Cutting Science Funding Today Costs Us More Overall

“How much money will we save by cutting funding to the EPA? To NASA Earth Science? To the National Institutes for Health? Take all those numbers for all those organizations that the proposed federal budget would slash and add them up. Now, do the math on the other side. What’s the cost of environmental pollution? Of unclean, unsafe water? Of air that puts us at risk of health problems like asthma, lung disease and COPD? Of a loss of Earth monitoring for extreme weather, climate change, sea level rise, droughts, and natural disasters? Of the cessation of medical research, working to fight preventable diseases, and working to cure some of society’s greatest afflictions such as cancer, heart disease, alzheimers and more?”

The President of the United States just released his proposed budget for the next fiscal year, and there are some big losers in the scientific world. The EPA, the NIH, NASA Earth Science and many other organizations that exist for the benefit of America and all of humanity are poised to lose a significant amount of federal funding. This doesn’t simply affect the scientists who lose their jobs. If we take as a given that the projects that these organizations invest in are vital at some level, and that they will need to be accomplished at some point, we’re actually making it far more expensive in the long run. The loss of expertise, the cessation of production and the exodus of the team that would provide scientific continuity are all extremely costly, and will make all of these projects cost us more than they would have overall. We saw this lesson firsthand just a few years ago with James Webb. 

Are we really willing to throw away so much money and time now just to shave a tiny bit off the deficit for the short-term?

10 Amazing Latin@s in STEM

Luis Federico Leloir (born 1906. Paris, France)

Argentine biochemist received Nobel Prize in chemistry for his discovery of metabolic pathways in lactose.

Jacinto Convit Garcia (born 1913. Caracas, Venezuela)

A Venezuelan physician, he developed a vaccine to fight leprosy and conducted studies to cure different types of cancer. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1988.

Ellen Ochoa (born 1958. Los Angeles, CA)

Ochoa became the first Hispanic woman in space aboard the space shuttle Discovery in 1993. She is also an inventor and pioneer of spacecraft technology.

Arnaldo Tamayo Mendez (born 1942. Guantanamo, Cuba)

Member of the Soyuz 38 Crew. Became the first Cuban and first Latin American in space in 1980.

Helen Rodriguez Trias (born 1929, NYC)

Puerto Rican-American pediatrician. Became first Latina president of the American Public Health Association. Helped expand the range of public heath services for women and children in minority and low income groups. 

Jose Hernandez (born 1962. French Camp, CA)

Mexican-American engineer and NASA astronaut. Helped develop a digital mammography imaging system. First person to tweet in spanish from space. (also a UCSB graduate, go gauchos!)

Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena (born 1917, Guadalajara)

Mexican electrical engineer and inventor of early color television transmission system. Brought color television to Mexico. A television system similar to his was used by NASA in 1979 aboard Voyager to take pictures of Jupiter.

Nitza Margarita Cintron (born 1950. San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Puerto Rican scientist and chief of space medicine and health care systems at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Served as project scientist for Space Lab 2 mission in the 1980s

Mario J Molina (born 1943. Mexico City)

Currently a professor at UCSD , he received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1995 for his role in the discovery of the threat to the Earth’s ozone from chlorofluorocarbon gasses (CFCs).

Martha E. Bernal (born 1931. San Antonio)

Mexican-American psychologist and first Latina to receive a psychology PhD in the United States. Promoted diversity in the field of psychology.

Inktober 2017 WARFRAME: Saryn Prime

“Margulis, from your winter ashes, there has sprung a field of flowers. Conceived by me, germinated for deadly purpose. You used to dream of old Earth, didn’t you? Bathed in gold and solemn blue. I intend to reclaim it now, from the spores and the ruin. It came to me like a proverb: Fight poison with… poison. Cure this sick horde with the greatest of plagues. I will call her… Saryn.” - Ballas

Week 2 of Inktober.

Art © 2017 by Susan Lee
Saryn Prime, Warframe © Digital Extremes


LoT Fix-it AU where...

-Sara doesn’t spend all of season 2 gunning for Darhk’s blood because suddenly she’s a Captain and holy crap these guys need a parent. How the crap did Rip do this?! I was not prepared to suddenly be the mother of all these people!!!!

-Sara kisses some guys too, because she is bi.

-Mick and Ray’s friendship continues to grow and Mick has an outlet to grieve healthy because Ray is sweet and a good friend.

-Mick and Amaya have a nice slow burn relationship built on trust and understanding.

-Nate slowly grows to be a hero instead of suddenly becoming one and Amaya teaches him to fight.

-Nate’s powers don’t cure his hemophilia and instead just protect him from getting hurt while in metal form.

-Nobody forgets Leonard Snart’s sacrifice and his cold gun is seated in a place of honor where everyone can see it. (Also, they don’t forget to tell Barry he’s dead, because Barry cared about him and deserves to know.)

-Lily is the second half of Firestorm instead of Martian because I like her significantly more thank you very much. Also, she’s not a jerk.

-Jax gets much more screen time.

-Something different happens with Len and the Legion of Doom because none of that made me happy and he was really out of character. I don’t know what, but something

-Mick doesn’t betray the team and instead it’s someone like Amaya or Nate because that would lead to a much better plot.

-Doomworld is a lot worse on the team and actually a sort of living nightmare.

-Len lives maybe?

20 Reasons to love Kol Mikaelson

1- He’s FUN

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2- He doesn’t care

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3- He was the only one to make Klaus shut up

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Which was great (I don’t like Klaus that much)

4- He embraced being a vampire 

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5- You can easily ship him with bonnie ♥ (Kennet was born in 2s)

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6- He’s the only one you can ship with a baseball bat bat

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ This is my OTP, I’ll go down with this ship! I ship it! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

7- And even with a door

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8- He’s handsome, and he knows it

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9- Sassy :) 

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10- This 

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11- That look (I mean come on he’s so adorable)

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12- Did I forget to mention the accent

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13- That smile

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14- The way he walks

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15- He’s a 1000 years old vamp, who listens to music with headphones ;)

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16- Klaroline shipper :p

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17- Out of everyone else he was always right 

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he said silas would kill Jeremy, he did, he said that silas would raise hell on earth, well he was going to drop the veil, he said his family will fight over the cure, and they did …….

18- he’s cute 

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19- Played by Nate Buzolic 

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20- After being on TVD for only 7 episodes, he got a huge fanbase that fought for him to come back ! For almost 3 years now -RESPECT-

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’ Play it cool boy/girl, real cool. ’
’ I’m gonna make nice with him/her! I’m only gonna challenge him/her! ’
’ Why don’t you pack up your gear and clear out of here? ’
’ Well end your suffering little man/girl. ’
’ I already told the gang you’d be there. ’
’ If you don’t show I’ll be marked lousy. ’
’ Maybe what you’ve been waitin’ on will be twitchin at the dance tonight. ’
’ Who knows? Could be… Who knows? ’
’ Boy, am I a victim of disappointment in you. ’
’ What am I, cut glass? ’
’ Four-and-a-half years I live wit’ a buddy an’ his family. ’
’ Why dontcha just pack up ya gear an’ move out? ’
’ Boy, I’m a victim of disappointment in you. ’
’ Buenas noches? So that’s why you made it a fair fight… ’
’ I’m gonna see her tomorrow an’ I can’t wait! ’
’ What have you been taking tonight? ’
’ You heard - it’s gonna be a fair fight! ’
’ And that’s going to cure something? ’
’ From here on in, everythin’s gonna be all right! I got a feelin’! ’
’ A trip to the moon! And I’ll tell ya a secret. ’
’ No. I’m frightened enough for the both of us. ’
’ When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way! ’
’ You want me to be an American, don’t you? ’
’ Well now I can kill, too, because now I have hate! ’
’ I feel pretty, oh so pretty! I feel pretty, and witty, and gay! ’
’ What are we doin’, poopin’ around with dumb broads for? ’
’ Come in, come in! We won’t bite you until we know you better. ’
’ I ain’t never gonna get married. Too noisy. ’
’ You ain’t never gonna get married. Too ugly. ’
’ Down goes a teenage hoodlum. ’
’ Everyone there will give big cheers! ’
’ Everyone there will have moved here! ’
’ The first thing we do is we start showin’ around like we have nothin’ to hide… ’
’ Supposin’ they ask us about the rumble? ’
’ Didn’t you just see me, I was smash, I’m a killer, I wanna fight! ’
’ How else’s she gonna get a guy to touch her? ’
’ You dirty rat! ’
’ My hands are cold. ’
’ Or that we’ve met before? ’
’ You’re not thinking I’m someone else? ’
’ I knew something never before was going to happen, had to happen. ’
’ It’s so much to believe. You’re not making a joke? ’
’ I have not yet learned how to joke that way. I think now I never will. ’
’ Hey… you gotta handkerchief first? ’
’ What’s wrong with your sleeve? ’
’ You came with your mouth open! ’
’ When do you kids stop? You make this world lousy! ’
’ Would you mind translating that into Spanish? ’
’ Boy oh boy! As if this neighborhood wasn’t crummy enough! ’
’ Are there any questions? ’
’ I’ve had all the roughhouse I’m gonna put up with around here!  ’
’ You wanna kill each other, kill each other! ’
’ Yeah, you. Didn’t ya hear me? ’
’ You little wise apple! You want me to run you in? ’
’ Juvenile delinquency is purely a social disease. ’
’ What are you doin’ nothin’ here for? Come on. ’
’ Did you get a look at their faces? ’
’ We gotta show them who’s on top! The Jets! ’
’ What’s the matter; you scared? ’
’ Don’t start up on me, or I’ll punch in your stupid… ’
’ You’ll do what? Huh? ’
’ Well… who’re you callin’ scared? ’
’ Fighting over a little piece of street is so important? ’
’ Who’re you callin’ a hoodlum? ’
’ You was never my age, none of ya!  ’
’ I’ll dig you an early grave, that’s what I’ll dig. ’
’ Someone gets in our way, someone don’t feel so well. ’
’ So what if you do turn this whole town into a stinkin’ pig sty? ’
’ What I mean is… Clear out, you! I said, clear out! ’
’ What do you got? Things are tough all over. Beat it. ’
’ Wake up! Is this the only way to get to you? Fight like all you kids do? ’
’ Hey, I’ve got a social disease! ’
’ Why do you kids live like there’s a war on? ’
’ Could a real zip gun make you do like that? ’
’ You don’t know what a zip gun would do? Man, you better wear diapers. ’
’ Listen jailbait, I licked you twice and I can do it again! ’

psicoterapiabarata requested: Sam keeping one of the photos of him and Dean together in Soul Survivor.

and asked: did he took it just as a way to feel closer to Dean, like not everything was lost ? or like something to help him keep fighting to bring Dean back, to cure him?

The photo Sam kept was from the day he got his soul back. it’s not an accident that he chose to keep this particular photo. It reminded him how Dean fought for (soulless) him even though he didn’t want him to. Sam was so grateful to have his soul back, and it gave him strength to face demon!Dean , who didn’t want to be cured, it gave Sam hope and faith that this is what Dean really wants. 

Supergirl Season Finale Speculation

Okay so, I know everyone has been speculating that Mon-El will get lead poisoning and will get sent to Phantom Zone in the finale, and that’s what the Karamel goodbye scene will be about, but based on recent news and promos I don’t think that will happen. So, I created an outline of how I think the episode will go, and here it is. I’ll go scene by scene:

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I don’t write fanfics anymore, but I do love to write so if I had to choose what D&D should write for the “after sex” moment for Daenerys and Jon, I wrote this as a suggestion. Feel free to give feedback!

“I wonder how many ladies in Winterfell swoon over the “overly brave” Jon Snew.“ Daenerys teased, softly laughing.

"Not many.” He chuckled.

After sex, Daenerys rested Jon’s chest. Eyeing the scars from the night he was butchered by The Nights Watch, she trailed her fingers against them.

“Mm. Your wife was a lucky woman.”

“I was never married.”

“Never?” Daenerys said in a surprised tone.


Though he was in love with the most beautiful woman in Westeros, Jon never forgot about Ygritte.

“I loved another.” Jon said, stroking Dany’s hair as his arm rested around her. “A wilding named Ygritte. She had red hair. Kissed by fire, she always said. She could shoot a white walker from miles away if you gave her a bow and arrow. She loved blood. A little too obsessed with it, but that was her.”

Daenerys softly laughed, tickled by the description of what she perceived as a “rough” woman.

“We split due to my duties I had to fufill as a member of The Nightswatch.” Jon described.

“Where is she now?”

“She shot my back full of arrows once I left, only to die the same way. One right through her back. Murdered by a young boy who was trying to protect me.”

“And what did you reward the young boy with?” Daenerys asked.

Thinking of Olly jamming a knife into his chest, the final deed of the young boys demise didn’t take away from how much Jon cared for him. He hated hanging him. Even after Olly’s execution, he thought about raising the boy as a little brother. As one of his own. Changing the subject to avoid his resurrection, Jon wondered about Dany’s husband.

“You mentioned that a witch murdered your husband, aye?” Jon asked, looking down at her.

Dany’s cheerful demeanor due to curiosity of Jon’s life quickly withered away.


“How’d you meet him?”

Inhaling, Daenerys thought about Viserys.

“My brother sold me to him so that he could become king.” She answered. “His name was Khal Drogo. He was a part of the Dothraki.”

“I’m sorry about that.” Jon said, rubbing her back. “Only good I can see is that you were sold to a man that cared for you.”

“He took me to a cliff right by beautiful waters. I can remember the beautiful sunset. I expected for him to get to know me. To understand me. To caress me. Instead, he took off my clothes, pushed me forward, and forced himself inside me.” Daenerys described, tears boiling in her eyes. “A day after that, he did the same thing. A woman who was once a friend of mine taught me how to make this experience more pleasurable by seducing him to get him under my mercy. With my eyes. I loved him. Khal killed for me. He gave me my first horse. An army. A child. Wounded in a fight, a witch was supposed to cure him. She feared the Dothraki and what they were capable of. Instead of helping him, she cursed him and killed my unborn son. Our unborn son.”

Jon was speechless. For the first time, he got a glimpse of the hell that Daenerys went through to get to where she was. The image that Jon had of her during their first meeting was dismantled. Using his thumb to wipe her tear away, she too, changed the subject.

“So what Ser Davos said, you never clarified.” She said, gazing at his healed stab wounds. “Why’d you take a knife to the heart for your people?”

Even after opening up in the furthest way possible, Jon couldn’t bring himself to tell Dany about his murder. The memory, though years old, was all too fresh. The pain, fresh. The nightmares, fresh. Though betrayed, he felt as if he let his people down if they had to resort to murder in order to establish an understanding. The darkness was too deep to go into detail.

“I hope you brought proper clothing to Winterfell.” He smiled, arm still around her. “The climate is way colder than it is in Dragonstone.”

“Goodness, I don’t see how you endure such cold weather.” Daenerys responded. “I’m still shivering from the ride to the White Walkers.”

“You’ll enjoy the beauty of the snow.”

It would be a while until they reached Winterfell. 30 days to be exact. Daenerys grew more and more nervous as the days shortened. She was a southerner, heading North.

“I don’t think your people are going to like a foreign invader.” Dany expressed. “I wonder how your sisters will feel…”

“Arya will love your dragons. Sansa on the other hand, may be a little more difficult to warm up to.” Jon said softly, barely comforting her. “They’ll warm up to you.”

Giving each other a long kiss, both endured in the calm moment before the upcoming storm.

“Are you ready to face what we saw beyond the wall again?” Jon asked.

Dany smiled, teasing him with a line of his own.

“I wish us good fortune in the wars to come, your grace.”