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In which the frigid lack of mentions from both sides during inquisition crushed my heart.

Highschool AU Roadhog+Junkrat facts and info!

  • jamie tends to fight a lot, with lots of people
  • mako gets used to cure him whenever he gets in a fight
  • most of the time he fights with people who have been mean to mako
  • jamie is scared of being alone since his family doesn’t care too much about him
  • mako lives alone so jamie tends to visit him almost everyday
  • jamie likes to make homemade bombs and that’s the way he loses his arm
  • mako is asthmatic, hates to use his inhaler in front of other people because he doesn’t want to “look weak”
  • jamie keeps his inhaler he is the one who convinces mako to use it when it’s necessary
  • Both of them are friends with widow and reaper
  • mako and Jamie had a crush on each other for two years
  • In their first date-thing Jamie wanted to win a giant pig plush for Mako but he just could get a really little one. they named it “Mr.Bacon”, mako keeps it with his keys
  • jamie smokes, mako doesn’t like it so jamie smokes only with gabriel and amélie
  • mako is vegan and likes to make jamie eat vegan food
  • jamie loves when mako cooks for him so he eats everything even if it’s not that good
  • jamie made the first move and gave mako a kiss
  • kissing always makes mako get nervous, he blush a lot

Since many people been asking me about more details about them in the highschool au i decided to make this post ♥ 

Okay, but--the Warden and Zevran

–Killing the archdemon TOGETHER, as a fucking team, not a hero and a sidekick.

–The Warden getting pissed every time they come across a monument that only mentions the Warden.

–Incognito Warden starting a barfight because the minstrel left out the sexy tattooed elf, and Zevran laughing and staying out of it.

–The Warden insisting on examining Zevran head to toe like an overprotective parent every time they fight darkspawn because they have a horror of him getting the Taint–and Zevran just tolerantly standing with his arms out waiting for them to be done.

–The Warden stepping back to be Zevran’s shady enforcer while Zevran deals with the Crows.

–Zevran and the Warden spoiling each other at every opportunity–presents, surprises, whatever they can manage–because they never know how long they have.

–Zevran claiming the Warden’s body with tattoos that they design together and he inks.

–Zevran supporting them both by doing exhibition fights and taking training positions while the Warden hunts for a cure.

–Zevran and the Warden, partners, for as long as fate will give them.

Dead Men Walking

The world had ended. Or rather most of the human race had ended. Scientists struggled to find cures while the virus spread and became an epidemic, killing all in it’s path. And when they couldn’t find a cure, they gave up. After the fight it left nothing but mindless, living dead creatures. Anyone that was alive was looking for loved ones with nearly dead hope.

Nicholai looked to the sky, squinting his eyes because of the light of the sun as it began turning into an overwhelmingly bright orange. He was alone, only the sound of rocks gritting against the old concrete as his shoes met it to keep him company. But, since losing his sister, he liked it this way. He had no one to worry about but himself and he could easily escape any jam he found himself in.

It was easier to travel now, especially when he had to find a safe place to stay at night. Quietly he slipped inside a building, clutching a shiv tightly in his fist, ready to strike at any mindless creature he came across.

Presence of the Amphibian Chytrid Fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Native Amphibians Exported from Madagascar

That’s it. The worst news imaginable.

A new study published in PLoS One last week has found chytrid - a fungal disease considered to be responsible for the extinction and decline of hundreds upon hundreds of frog species across the world - in frogs exported from Madagascar. Until now, Madagascar has been the last remaining hotspot of amphibian diversity to lack the disease. Mass declines and extinctions have not yet happened, but are expected. Urgent action will be required now to prevent the disappearance of Madagascar’s frogs.

This is a truncated abstract of the paper:

The emerging infectious disease chytridiomycosis is driven by the spread of amphibian chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidisBd), a highly virulent pathogen threatening global amphibian biodiversity. Although pandemic in distribution, previous intensive field surveys have failed to detect Bd in Madagascar, a biodiversity hotspot home to hundreds of endemic amphibian species…Bd was detected in three animals via quantitative PCR: a single Heterixalus alboguttatusHeterixalus betsileo, and Scaphiophryne spinosa. This is the first time Bd has been confirmed in amphibians from Madagascar and presents an urgent call to action. Our early identification of pathogen presence prior to widespread infection provides the necessary tools and encouragement to catalyze a swift, targeted response to isolate and eradicate Bd from Madagascar. If implemented before establishment occurs, an otherwise likely catastrophic decline in amphibian biodiversity may be prevented.

This is not in fact the first record of Bd in Madagascar, though it is the first published record of it. In fact, we have known for some time now that chytrid is present on the island, almost certainly introduced by tourists. It has thus far been confirmed from four localities according to Dr. Franco Andreone, one of the leading frog specialists working in Madagascar. We are still awaiting more data, and are nervously watching for the first sign of declines.

Read the full open access paper here.

Please help. I don’t know what you can do. But at the very least, you can donate to the Amphibian Specialist Group, Save The Frogs, or AmphibianArk. We need to stop this disease before it gets out of hand. Because if we don’t, we will lose everything.


psicoterapiabarata requested: Sam keeping one of the photos of him and Dean together in Soul Survivor.

and asked: did he took it just as a way to feel closer to Dean, like not everything was lost ? or like something to help him keep fighting to bring Dean back, to cure him?

The photo Sam kept was from the day he got his soul back. it’s not an accident that he chose to keep this particular photo. It reminded him how Dean fought for (soulless) him even though he didn’t want him to. Sam was so grateful to have his soul back, and it gave him strength to face demon!Dean , who didn’t want to be cured, it gave Sam hope and faith that this is what Dean really wants. 


I was wondering why the Demon!Dean/Cas scene at the end of 10x03 “Soul Survivor” seemed so familiar (and romantic to me), then I remembered that on Smallville, Lois turns into a zombie in episode 9x03 “Rabid”. At the end of the episode, Zombie!Lois goes after Clark, who grabs her from behind and holds onto her as she fights and lashes out against him, growling like an animal as the cure, falling down in the form of rain, transforms her back to her human state..

(This is also the season that Smallville’s Lois and Clark finally became explicitly canon).

Chiari Malformation is a rare brain disease that causes headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness, and in some severe cases even paralysis. Only 1 in every 1,000 births has this disease. Currently there is no cure and those who do have Chiari go through surgeries and intense pain. In honor of rare disease day we need to raise awareness of this illness and the people who suffer from it. So that people like my friend Melissa can live a normal life without fear of the blinding pain, another surgery, or special medication.

It’s completely heart breaking and tragic for anyone, young or old, to be put in the position of fighting an invisible monster like cancer. When it’s a friend, a family member, or a contemporary, it really stings and makes us all feel helpless. But in @tfail’s case, we CAN help. Please take a moment to read about a big way you can help someone who I am proud to have shown art alongside of and will be even prouder the next time after she BEATS THIS THING!! 🙏 Hang in there @tfail and @hauntedeuth
#Repost @hauntedeuth
Http:// Alright, so here’s the deal - T.S. Claire, my best friend, the woman I love and hands down the raddest person I have ever known was diagnosed with Cancer on December 25th, 2015.
Like the trooper she is she’s fighting this disease with no worries or hesitation, remaining positive and continuing to create and work without looking back once, but her medical bills are stacking up and she has a long road ahead of her.
For this reason I have started a Gofundme campaign for her which is linked below. Please take a moment to look and if you can, donate. Everything helps here, including SHARING this link to help to raise awareness of her fight.
Thank you. #fuckcancer #art #laart #illustration #cancer #cancerawareness #cure #gofundme #gbm #fightingcancer #fight #warrior

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