So this very nice lady who is a donor to the organization where I work sent us a ‘non-attending’ contribution in support of our upcoming event and since she’s in her 70s and she’s been attending this event for the last 30 years I called her to check in, and she can’t come this year because she participated in an anti-Trump Thriller flash mob where all the zombies were carrying protest signs and she tripped over her sign and broke her pelvis. I am so proud and so inspired and also will heed this cautionary tale and try to gird my pelvis when i’m 76 and sticking it to the man.

You can only fight evil as the person you really are

When you’re fighting evil, it’s important to be aware of your limitations. You can only fight evil as the person you really are. Trying to ignore your limitations will not make you a better activist — it just crushes you.

Fighting evil is a lot of hard work. It’s not just about being a good person, or caring, or having the right values. Mostly, it’s work. And no one has infinite capacity to do that kind of work.

In fact, no one has infinite capacity to do *any* kind of work. As human beings, we’re limited. We have bodies, and needs, and we can’t do everything. Trying to work flat out all the time doesn’t end well, no matter how important the work is.  

One of the things we need is love. Part of that is being aware that not everything is evil. Some things are good. Some things are amazing. Some things are important in other ways. And, no matter what, people matter, and our world is worth fighting for.

Fighting evil is incredibility emotionally draining. In order to fight evil, it’s generally necessary to come into close contact with it. And to face the fact that not everyone is on your side, and not everyone means well. Many people act with active malice or callous indifference. It can be very hard to keep going when you lose an important battle and feel the weight of the consequences. It can be very hard to avoid slipping into despair. Love is one of the most powerful defenses against despair.

It is not only ok but *necessary* to find things that you can value and enjoy. Valuing your own life and the things you enjoy is an important act of resistance. Keep in mind that one of the lives you’re fighting for is your own. You are worth fighting for.

You may have to do hard, draining things that no one should ever have to do. You may have to make sacrifices. You may need to learn how to do things you never thought you’d need to do. But you don’t have to do more than you’re capable of doing — and trying to ignore all of your feelings and limitations will not help.

Understanding your limitations actually makes you more effective (at activism and at anything else you might want to do.) Working with your brain and body works better than trying to become a superhero through sheer force of will. You can only fight evil as the person you actually are.

More crossover AU becuz I can ( ◞・౪・)

I got some ask, “If Dipper from Fight Falls and Bill from my Zero Gravity got into a fight, who win?”

Well I must say, none of them win~ Maybe Bill is a bit stronger cuz he’s the older kid but Dipper sure is stubborn and won’t back off especially with Bill.

Fight Falls belongs to the adorable @buryooooo

How to be a good KPOP fan

Step 1: learn how to RESPECT other fandoms and groups


Step 3: REMEMBER they are humans too

namjoon is the cutest make sure to tell your friends


Boring me is dangerous.

i’m sorry for the retard, i had some test at school in those days ;w; 
BUT MOCHI NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU ahahah *sigh* ANYWAY after the mafia art most of you ask me about Kill so, after obtaining permission to draw him from buryooooo, HERE HE ISSSS ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ
I hope you like it! 

As i say Kill is a creation of @buryooooo​ , check her blog because it’s wonderful and she is such a great artisttttttt (✿ ♥‿♥)

  • Leo: So, Mikey, how was school today?
  • Mikey: This guy pushed me down.
  • Leo: Did you push him back?
  • Mikey: No, he’s bigger than me.
  • Leo: Uh huh. Raph?
  • Raph: I’m on it.

- Women are not weak.

- Women are not all the same.

- Women are not emotional and irrational creatures.

- Women are not each others competition.

- Women are not sexual objects.

- Women are not incubators with the sole purpose of bearing children.

- Women are not less than men.