sex with Calum would include:

• raspy moans from the back of his throat
• “god, yes, just like that”
• lots and lots of hickeys
• scratching down his back really hard
• “h-holy shit”
• boob grabbing
• lazy grinding
• “fuck fuck fuck”
• him burying his face in the crook of your neck while he whimpers your name
• him wearing a cocky smirk while he watches you on your knees
• “those pretty lips are just made for me aren’t they baby,”
• lots of sloppy, rushed kisses
• his hand around your neck while he thrusts into you roughly
• “you like that don’t you? my princess loves getting fucked so hard,”
• the weeknd playing in the background
• him gripping onto your hips so hard that he leaves bruises
• “say my name, say it, fucking scream it, tell everyone who makes you feel so damn good,”
• endless whimpering and soft mumbles
• whispering “i love you, god i love you”
• “s…shit you’re so hot shit shit shit”
• lots of ass grabbing
• lots and lots of riding
• “this is the best view i’ve ever had in my life”
• “okay i know that you’re tired from that but… feel free to give me a blow job”
• “….anytime….”
• grabbing at the sheets because you can’t hold it in
• biting his shoulder to keep yourself from being too loud
• “that’s my girl, come for me,”
• so much dirty talk

ashton luke michael

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: The family jewels is the most under appreciated album by Marina and the diamonds. Every single track on the album was quirky and original. Marina didn’t write any love songs on the album and wrote about feeling disconnected from her friends and family. She showed off her vocal ability and range, AND all of the songs were relatable and deep. Also everyone says that “girls” was an anti feministic song, however it was clearly satirical and pro feminist (examples: “never look a day past thirty” “girls are not meant to fight dirty” “not gonna bend over and curtsy”) Everyone in the Marina fandom blogs about EH and froot but like what about TFJ????

who to fight from the history of science

James Watson: You should definitely fight Watson. If anyone deserves a swift punch in the teeth is Jim Watson. you will win and be doing a service to society

Francis Crick: You should fight Crick. you will probably win if you’re just fighting Crick, but if he double teams with Watson, your odds decrease, but you should fight him anyways

Rosalind Franklin: Fighting Franklin will make Watson and Crick feel vindicated so you should definitely not fight her also you will lose

Lise Meitner: Why would you want to fight her? Fight Otto Hahn instead

Isaac Newton: You will lose, because while Newton looks like a classic nerd he fights dirty and will probably hit you with a telescope

Albert Einstein: depends on which version of einstein you fight. if it’s special relativity working in the patent office einstein you will definitely lose. if it’s late career einstein you can win by distracting him with quantum mechanics

Paul Dirac: Dirac will destroy you and probably come up with some new and interesting quantum theory while doing it

Erwin Schrödinger: you have an equal probability of wining and losing a fight with schrödinger until you actually fight him. be warned that he is wily and might try to distract you with his cat

Gilbert Lewis: you will definitely lose a fight with lewis. he will take out all his frustrations about never winning the nobel on you

Antoine Lavoisier: you will beat him if you’re just fighting him but he will likely send his wife to fight you instead and she will kick your ass

Marie Curie: do you really want to fight a polish woman covered in radium? do you?

Charles Darwin: will throw a turtle at you and run away to his birds. do not fight

Werner Heisenberg: You can only know the speed or the location of a heisenberg left hook, but if you always pick the location you will win


T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Persephone

She smells of flowers, like the first day of spring. Her lips are pink from the pomegranate juice that she sucks from a carton, sat barefoot on the grass outside as she skips class. Head held high, new students make the mistake of thinking she is harmless. They learn their lesson. Sharp objects lurk beneath folds of material, the red of her nail polish there to hide that of a similar colour. She fights, hard and dirty, argues, cries in a bathroom stall, breaks hearts and forgets she has one of her own.


                           Will you defeat them,
                Your demons / Give a cheer for all the broken
                       Listen here, because it’s who we are

                                            rest in peace grant douglas ward

FRONTWOMEN // a mix by panicfever

In a scene dominated by men, women in alternative music deserve all the recognition they can get. 


01. st. patrick // pvris 02. machine // love, robot 03. lonely girl // tonight alive 04. playing god // paramore 05. cold blooded // courage my love 06. gravity // against the current 07. talking dreams // echosmith 08. heaven knows // the pretty reckless 09. the best thing (that never happened) // we are the in crowd 10. summer // darling parade 11. captivate you // marmozets 12. freak like me // halestorm 13. make a move // icon for hire 14. fight // the dirty youth 15. save yourself // adora 

Things the Author of Dirty Laundry Does Well #28

Respect and Mindfulness.

¿¿Like did you guys even read their last PSA??

As someone who’s hispanic I took no offense to anything that’s been written in Dirty Laundry. Like honestly, I was reading through the replies and no one else seemed to be offended, but maybe whoever was didn’t want to say anything.
Nevertheless, the author stays ever so gracious by requesting insight for how to properly write Lance’s family (It was fine before tbh).


That’s a legit assumption