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Bucky my dude, Avenger animals was awesome, but what about Sam?? Sure, he's a falcon but I bet you have other ideas...

i guess ill do the newbie avengers too. 

sam would be a dolphin. fast and effective in their environment of choice but pretty useless outside it, dolphins are also very smart (dont tell sam i called him smart) and absolutely lethal to threats to their own. they also care for their own sick and injured and will even help injured or distressed humans sometimes.  and they talk freaking constantly.

pietro would be a ferret. smart, mischievous, high energy, social, and as hard to catch as greased jello. fights dirty. loves to mess around. 

wanda would be a stoat. like a ferret, they too are very clever and mischievous, but are also extremely adaptable, able to use their brain to turn circumstances to their advantage. theyre one of the smallest carnivores around and they have attitude totally disproportionate to their tiny little bodies. dont mess with stoats guys. they feel no fear and they hold grudges. 

scott would be a raccoon. fun loving and social but also total troublemakers, always getting into places they shouldnt be. and stealing your stuff. and making messes. and then looking totally confused about how on earth all this got everywhere, i was just grabbing a snack, i swear. 

peter is a bluejay. like ravens, theyre smart and chatty, and are excellent mimics. despite their small size, theyre surprisingly fierce, but they prefer cunning to force. but dont think that makes them pushovers–bluejays are tiny colorful badasses, despite how fluffy they get when its cold out. 

tchalla is a cat. i tried to reach with this one and find something else, but he totally is, nothing for it. he’s a cat. dignified and graceful, good with people but definitely still a predator underneath. also im pretty sure that if tchalla ever did something embarrassing, hed just straighten himself out and pretend it never happened, exactly like cats do. 

rhodey would be a california condor. theyre pretty much the biggest bird in north american skies, with a wingspan of over nine feet. they have an intimidating reputation and can look pretty scary but underneath they are very loyal to their chosen families. they have very complex social systems and tend to be dedicated but tough-love parents, and are also very curious about the world around them. theyre big, badass, and enduring–one of the oldest species still aloft. nothings got staying power like a condor. or an air force guy flying around in a tank. 

Don’t anger Asian kids. They fight dirty. Part 3 of my #work doodles. Colleagues be like “that guy’s all you ever draw?” Well I’m sorry for being in love at first sight with this man, Bob. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

tfc characters as texts i've sent
  • neil: i should be dead how'd i get away with that
  • andrew: it was all my doing i'm glad i've confused everyone
  • kevin: pls remember vegetables exist and they love you
  • matt: sleep well sweet nugget
  • dan: but you know what. maybe I'M risky.
  • allison: i fight dirty and psychological trauma is the aim
  • renee: two people have asked me for directions in the past hour why is my face so soft and trustable
  • aaron: did u not know i only have one friend
  • nicky: i can even play heads or tails in multiple languages which is irrelevant just a fun fact
  • seth: i love death and dying and being dead

am i the only one who gets nervous watching school rapper??? mark is such a precious child and i hope he wont be treated badly or unfairly just bc he’s an idol rapper!!!! anyway support mark lee!!!

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you could kick my ass without breaking a sweat and I respect that

when i was in college i would kick box with this guy who was literally twice my size - 6′5″ and 280 pounds - and he always said he loved grappling because he could just sit on his opponent and they’d tap out. so i was like okay if you take me to the ground while we box then i’ll grapple with you.

the first (and last) time he took me to the ground, i wiggled my way around and was so damn slippery that it took him a solid 10 minutes to get me to tap out. 

afterward, i was ready for round 2 and he was so out of breath he had to sit down and lament that he never wanted to grapple again in his life.

so like the advantage of being tiny is that i probably can’t beat up everyone i meet, but i can definitely wear you out and then run away without breaking a sweat. 

Starting a pillow fight with your childish boyfriend Finn after you step on one of his lego’s. The night of course ends with both of you apologizing and some make up sex.
I wish when I was younger someone taught me to fight. When I was six years old, I felt the first blow of life. Her punch harder than any mans’, and I was left rocking back and forth, gasping for air between sobs, and ready to puke. I wish someone had taught me how to fight back, or at least teach me how to tense my stomach when she is swinging because right when I stood up with wisdom and a newfound strength, I was knocked back down. Why didn’t anyone tell me that if you tuck your thumb into your fist, when you make a solid hit it will break and you won’t understand what you did wrong. Nobody told me that sometimes, people don’t fight fair, and life never does. Nobody told me to prepare for the worst, and if you have to, fight dirty. Life doesn’t know mercy, and neither should you.
—  Lessons from a fighter

pokemon leader shindan + trainer shindan

+ close up of their teams:

Who Should You Fight: Gothic Horror Edition

Mary Shelley: Are you Harriet Westbrook?  If so, consider fighting Percy instead.  If not, why on Earth would you want to fight Mary Shelley?

Bram Stoker: Go for it; the guy was sickly all his life.  Just try not to catch his latest batch of terminal illnesses.

Edgar Allan Poe: Like Bram Stoker, but really sad.  Don’t fight Poe.

Matthew “Monk” Lewis: You’ll have a fun time fighting Matthew Lewis, whether you win or not.  Watch out, though- he fights dirty.

Oscar Wilde: You think you can take Wilde?  Really?  I mean, I know pop culture thinks of him as silly and frilly, but he was also 6′3″ and Irish.  You cannot take Oscar Wilde.

The Marquis de Sade: Win or lose, there is no possible end to this fight that does not leave you feeling gross.

John Polidori: Absolutely fight Polidori.  If only his little half-assed attempt at a mustache were longer, you could pull on it!

Henry James: First, decide whether you believe he was sympathetic to the plight of women or revelled in depicting their downfall.  Then bypass Henry James entirely in favor of fighting one academic side or the other.

Ambrose Bierce: I cannot emphasize enough how much you cannot beat Ambrose Bierce.  This man ended his life by riding off to join Pancho Villa’s army, and some scholars believe he was murdered for sassing his host.  Unless you are Pancho Villa, don’t fight Ambrose Bierce.

M.R. James: You could beat James up, but then Christopher Lee would beat you up.  Choose wisely.

Charles Dickens:  He’ll be the one to fight you, for calling him a gothic horror writer in the first place.  And while I have no proof of it, I am convinced Dickens has killed men before for such insults.

Sheridan Le Fanu: On the one hand, I feel bad advising anyone to fight a man who campaigned to get the British government to do something about the Irish famine.  On the other hand, those muttonchops were meant for grabbing.

H.P. Lovecraft: You’ll win, but you won’t enjoy it.  There’s no fun in kicking a man who’s already down.

The Enterprise Crew in Bed

not what you’re thinking, you pervs. We’re just talking snuggling, here. ;)

Bones - the ultimate snuggle buddy. Body like a furnace, is always big spoon, likes little forehead kisses. Sexy gravelly morning voice.

Jim - Treats you like the goddamn goddess that you are.

Chekov - The ultimate tickle monster. He’s relentless.

Uhura - Girl’s got a nasty mouth. Don’t start anything with the pillows - she fights dirty.

Sulu - Big softie. Sweet-talker.

Spock - The human ritual of “snuggling” is an illogical and frivolous behavior. Vulcans do not snuggle. *snuggles anyway* Perhaps exceptions could be made. *justifies snuggling at every opportunity*

Scotty - Kind of shy at first, but warms up quick. Nice hands. Fidgets. Makes you laugh until your ribs ache. 

to gain success

i will manipulate my peers: gemini, libra, capricorn

i will cry to get my way: aries, cancer, scorpio

i will fight dirty for the top: leo, sagittarius, aquarius

i will bribe my superiors: taurus, virgo, pisces

*note: by crying i mean using emotions against others*

sex with Calum would include:

• raspy moans from the back of his throat
• “god, yes, just like that”
• lots and lots of hickeys
• scratching down his back really hard
• “h-holy shit”
• boob grabbing
• lazy grinding
• “fuck fuck fuck”
• him burying his face in the crook of your neck while he whimpers your name
• him wearing a cocky smirk while he watches you on your knees
• “those pretty lips are just made for me aren’t they baby,”
• lots of sloppy, rushed kisses
• his hand around your neck while he thrusts into you roughly
• “you like that don’t you? my princess loves getting fucked so hard,”
• the weeknd playing in the background
• him gripping onto your hips so hard that he leaves bruises
• “say my name, say it, fucking scream it, tell everyone who makes you feel so damn good,”
• endless whimpering and soft mumbles
• whispering “i love you, god i love you”
• “s…shit you’re so hot shit shit shit”
• lots of ass grabbing
• lots and lots of riding
• “this is the best view i’ve ever had in my life”
• “okay i know that you’re tired from that but… feel free to give me a blow job”
• “….anytime….”
• grabbing at the sheets because you can’t hold it in
• biting his shoulder to keep yourself from being too loud
• “that’s my girl, come for me,”
• so much dirty talk

ashton luke michael

- Batman is the team dad.Who paid for nearly everything that the Team needs/wants: Food for Wolf (or other strays that Conner brought into the cave), cooking utensil and book for M'gann, a gigantic pool with salt water for Kaldur, gymnastic equipment for Dick, a hand-to-hand combat simulator for Artemis, and even more food for Wally.Batman would spend a lot of money and a huge chunk of his time just to made the Cave as much comfortable as possible for the Team

- Black Canary is the team mom.She literally teaches them everything: anger management, how to fight dirty, chemistry, cooking……etc. And she’s always there for advice.(also parent teacher interview)

- And who can forget Billy?.Once the team moves past the ‘There’s-a-ten-years-old-kid-in-the-league’,Billy is like their little brother. A little brother who can connect with everybody on the team in some way (from shitty childhood to daddy issue, he can always related to you)

Ok get this, KUSHINA and GAI

Did I get your attention lmao

If Kushina ever made a friend outside of Team Minato, dude she would friend so hard with a young Might Gai.

She’s just this fiery will of passion and Might Gai is obsessed with her in a good way. He wants to train with her all the time. He tells her about his missions and his progress. Maybe he tells her about other kids making fun of his green spandex suit or his looks. She’s like “Nah kid, don’t worry about it. Be yourself. You’ll find someone who accepts you.” And tells him about her red hair story with Minato. She’s essentially like “DON’T CHANGE YOURSELF TO FIT IN”

She’s officially the coolest mentor ever. She’s so punk rock to him.

Kushina just loves this kid to pieces. He wants to learn everything she has to teach. And he tries his best to return the punches she throws in training. She fights fucking dirty and keeps Gai on his toes.  

Gai also gushes about how cool Kakashi is and about his eternal rivalry. And she just ??? Makes fun of the cottonball like he’s an absolute nerd? Gai fucking loves her. 

So when she sacrifices herself to save Konoha from the fox, Gai is absolutely devastated. Not only does he know the precarious position Konoha has been thrust into with the threat of enemy nations…

But he’s also lost a great mentor and an irreplaceable friend.