fight to exist

Have two dumb exorcists sleeping leaning on each other (probably waking up will be awkward)

An anon asked for Yullen months ago, so I finally drew it, although it isn’t really romantic, since I’m not high on Yullen nowadays like I used to be years ago lol


Tw for nazis

So last semester right after trump won the electoral college, a local bunch of neo nazi ass hats went around my college campus and put up flyers. I had an earlier class so i saw a bunch of them on my way to class. I wasn’t really expecting white nationalists to plaster my school in the night.

They were taken down pretty much immediately before a lot of other students saw them, which is good, but they havent really 110% come off the walls. Some parts of the glue and paper are still stuck there.

I hate having a reminder every time I turn my head on campus, and I’ve gotten tired of looking at them. Im an artist so i took my chalks and rode my bike around campus. I drew pro lgbt, pro civil rights, and pro love stuff on top of all the bits paper still on the wall. I didn’t get photos of all of them because it started getting dark, but i went through a lot of chalk. There was a lot more than i remembered. I also may have encouraged punching your local nazi.

Happy presidents day.

me: Man-Ew is abusive because he fits more than half of this university’s women’s center’s signs of abuse. He gets possessively jealous, his behavior is unpredictable, he belittles and humiliates the woman he claims to love in public where her co-workers can both see and hear, he refuses to respect Kara’s decisions in a situation where she has more experience making decisions than he does, he refuses to listen to Kara and actively chooses to break promises he makes to her, then when things go wrong because he does what he wants anyway and Kara has to get very firm and harsh with him to get him to hear her she ends up being the one portrayed as the bad guy and has to apologize to him instead. Also he calls her his “kryptonite” and pushed her to make a decision about her job that could get her fired when he had no right to make that decision for her and proceeds to not look or sound sorry at all when she does inevitably lose her job. No little girl watching this, or older girls and women for that matter, should have to watch this and be told through the narrative that it’s what romance looks like.


me: Replacing James Olsen, a Black love interest, with Man-Ew, a white male slave-owning love interest, is racist. It’s part of a larger pattern of interracial couples in film and television getting sidelined because fans and creators didn’t “see chemistry” between the characters. Usually it’s the Black character who gets written/killed off and the white character gets paired off with another white character of the opposite gender. And if the writers did just genuinely feel that James and Kara had no chemistry and wanted to introduce a new love interest, they could have made that character also a character of color so as to avoid the critique that the decision was actually based on race. At the very least, they could have let Kara have a female love interest, even if she was white, so that the relationship was still breaking boundaries and not just replacing an interracial relationship with your standard, generic, white hetero relationship that is actually abusive.


me: nvm, y’all voted for Lord Dampnut anyway, so there’s no point to this

yknow, i get why it’s appealing to think that ableism only has to do with people with specific medicalized conditions? but that’s… just not how things work?

for one thing, this specific medical model of “this is what Defines a mental illness, this is specifically what this particular mental illness Is, regardless of our individual philosophical backgrounds” is new. very new. like DSM-I and ICD-6 new (1952 and 1949, for reference). hell, i’ve seen it argued that current ideas about “mental illnesses are bounded, specific things that share the same causes among its patients” is better traced to the DSM-III (1980), tho that’s not a view i particularly agree with.

but in any case, I’m pretty sure anti-mental illness ableism existed more than 150 years ago. to say less about all sorts of illnesses that were only identified and focused on very recently, and whose boundaries are still fuzzy as hell and being renegotiated constantly

hell, from my view, defining disability only in terms of the medical is a big ole step backwards that disability rights activists have been actively fighting against for a while now (*waves arms* social model of disability!! society’s ideas about multiplicity disable us even if we don’t fall into the classical category of DID uugh) 

especially with something like multiplicity, which is practically the exemplar of “bad insane crazy”. to someone who thinks that we’re all axe-murderers waiting to happen or fakey roleplaying liars, saying “no, this isn’t a disorder for us” isn’t gonna change anything. endogenic systems still get diagnosed with DID or OSDD-1 or, I think more often actually, schizophrenia or borderline or anything to try to get at this idea that “you shouldn’t be multiple, you shouldn’t be like this, so we’re gonna figure out something to apply to you”.

- Ace

Mon ew has had enough screen time right?

He got majority of the screen time in 2x09 and 2x10..

So therefore, he’s filled up his quota right?

No more mon ew for the rest of the season huh supergirl writers?


Repost of Collin Rees’ Twitter updates [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] 03/10/17

Beautiful resistance rises in DC – thousands out on miserable day to stand w/ those fighting for clean water & existence! Powerful – native youth from Standing Rock forming the front [line] of massive march! Sleet is coming down harder & temp is dropping, but crowd keeps growing! Too important to stay home. Filling the streets & overflowing! DC looks wayyyy better today than it does on a normal day. [An] iconic moment as #NativeNationsRise march heads to Trump Hotel & erects tipi on front plaza. “We come from Chaco Canyon, where we also fight extraction. If we stand together, we can win.” Amazing native youth! Rally filling park in front of White House! We’ll be here to #resist for as long as we need to be.

the greatest lie ever sold in dragon age is that it is about mages versus templars.

it’s mages vs an oppressive organization that jails and abuses mages, leashes templars with lyrium and conditions them to abuse their charges, and find ways to screw over any race that isn’t human and rain exalted marches against people that follow religions that threaten to overtake them, all in the name of the maker and the ‘greater good’.

*Will smith pose* My Sonic Nex gen character! 

Her name is Endrina Rose, Rina by some. She’s known as the Block Thorn, and runs a small team made up of her closes friends, fighting against the still existing threat, Dr. Eggman.

Parents - Shadow and Amy 
Gender - Female
Breed - Hedgehog

Rina is strong-minded and is very opinionated. She is usually soft-spoken,  doesn’t speak much, but she always knows exactly what to say in combat. Much like her dad, she is often smug and stubborn, and usually acts rather cynical and sarcastic towards her enemy’s or rivals. But has a kinder more playful side when around friends, and is very considerate and sympathetic towards others when it is needed, and is known to be pretty wise beyond her years. 

'Dope' backing vocals/instrumental
'Dope' backing vocals/instrumental

BTS - ‘쩔어’ with the main vocals removed


Here’s what Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia taught us about female action heroes.

Carrie Fisher will forever be inextricable from Princess Leia, and Princess Leia, the heroine at the heart of the Star Wars films, will forever be bonded to the actress who played her. Fisher will continue to be known best for her portrayal of Princess Leia, the character she created based on her feminist vision of how women could lead, fight and exist, both here on Earth and in a galaxy far, far away. Here is the impact her role has had.
My Dear Friends

I know things are not looking great, there is far more intolerance, racism, sexism then we all had hoped. It might be a tough time for LGBT people for a while.

Please stay strong, not matter what happens we must fight for our right to exist and to be treated as equals.

I will protest on the streets if they try to touch our rights to Marry who we love. I would face the water hoses and the attack dogs for that right. We must stay determined.