fight to exist

Today, a man from the other side of this country called me to ask me what he could do to help make queer Sikhs feel welcomed in Gurdwara.

Let me rephrase that- an amritdhari, cisgender, heterosexual Sikh with a wife and kids opened his arms to me and used his privilege to help Queer Sikhs in his state feel safer. He wanted to create a safe space for queer Sikhs in a gurdwara.

We are making moves out here y'all. Keep fighting, keep resisting, keep existing. We are paving the way for the next generation of queer Sikhs.

I’d like to believe that the reason that the Amazons have the most EXTRA fighting style in existence is because they’re a warrior people with no war to fight so instead of just doing basic training like normal people, Antiope is like, “And now I’m going to teach you how to BACKFLIP off of a MOVING HORSE,” because they have to fill their time somehow. 

All About Writing Fight Scenes

@galaxies-are-my-ink asked,

“Do you have any advice on writing fight scenes? The type of scene I’m writing is mostly hand to hand combat between two experts. I’m definitely not an expert so when I try to write it, the scene ends up sounding repetitive and dull.”

Fore note: This post is coauthored by myself and one of my amazing critique partners, Barik S. Smith, who both writes fantastic fight scenes and teaches mixed martial arts, various artistic martial arts, and weapons classes.

I (Bryn) will tell you a secret: I trained MMA for seven years, and when I write authentic hand to hand fight scenes, they sound dull too. 

The problem with fight scenes in books is that trying to describe each punch and kick and movement (especially if it’s the only thing you’re describing) creates a fight that feels like it’s in slow motion. 

I write…

Lowering her center of gravity, she held her right hand tight to her face and threw a jab towards his chin. He shifted his weight, ducking under her punch. His hair brushed against her fist, and he stepped forward, launching a shovel hook into her exposed side.

But your brain can only read so fast. In real life that series of events would take an instant, but I needed a full eight seconds to read and comprehend it, which gave it an inherent lethargic feel. 

So, we have two primary problems:

  1. How do we describe this fight in a way the reader can understand and keep track of? 
  2. How do we maintain a fast paced, interesting fight once we’ve broken down the fight far enough for readers to understand it? 

(We will get back to these, I promise.) But for now, let’s look at…

Different types of “fight scenes:”

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that fuCkING BEE!!!! managed to stay in scully’s shirt the entire time she was running her little legs through a fucking cornfield, on a plane for hours??? back to d.c. and then through a hearing without bothering her buT only when her and mulder were in each other’s faces did it get the idea to come out and jam its virus infested ass into her neck

i have never been trolled so hard in my life 

I don’t really need “previously on *TV series name*” but I’d be super grateful for sth like that in fanfictions

My favorite Klance fics are the ones when they’re cuddling or something and Lance just goes “Hey babe you know I love you”

Keith, looking up from his spot in Lance’s shoulder “Huh?”

“…but if Hunk was at least a little bit gay, I’d leave you for him”

Keith, dead serious “Bitch, you’d have to fight me for him”

We all know that Enjolras was on the barricade to fight for Liberty

And we know Combeferre was on the barricade to fight for Equality

And we know Courfeyrac was on the barricade to fight for Brotherhood

But Bahorel was on the barricade to fight for the right to exist beyond ‘class’

But Feuilly was on the barricade to fight for children without anything else

But Joly was on the barricade to fight for those choosing between medicine and food

But Jehan was on the barricade to fight for the right to live fully

But Bosset was on the barricade to fight for freedom of the future

And Grantaire was on the barricade to fight for his friends, the goodness in life

Things I didn’t know Desmond could do 1/? - Mah boi pulling some John Wick style right here

You know what I love?

Stabby the Space Roomba. Sure, as a concept and character, Stabby is amazing, but that’s not the part I love the most. At some point, someone made a post about humans bonding with nonhumans, and it kept being escalated, until someone mentioned the possibility of humans deciding a roomba with a knife taped on it is now their commanding officer. And from that day, any time people made a ‘humans are weird’ post, someone incuded stabby. Because we don’t need an actual roomba to care about.

We, as humans, can fall in love with the mere concept of a cleaning robot that stabs people. We have fallen in love with it, and spread the concept, to such a degree that I guarantee you that when interstellar flight is achieved, most ships will have their own stabby, and that when to ships dock together there will be ritual fights. Aliens, if they exist, will ask why in our society these crude AI’s hold such cultural significance. Perhaps it has to do with our friend the cat, which is likewise a carnivore we deified to the point of ludicrousnous in the past?

And we’ll go “No, someone three millenia ago came up with it as a joke and we collectively agreed it was the best joke ever.”

Has anyone else noticed that it’s a trend for the Thanksgiving episode of most tv shows to be a trainwreck? I don’t mean that it’s bad writing; the story itself is intentionally written to be stressful and hectic and an all out catastrophe. Friends had like five Thanksgiving episodes, and each one got progressively more chaotic.

Homophobia was your roadblock to discovering your identity. Homophobia was not invented by asexuality, nor is the ace community its sole arbiters. 

Like if you were afraid of being gay so chose to convince yourself you were ace instead that doesn’t make asexuality a toxic identity. That just means our society is toxically homophobic, which we all already knew.

There may even be (read: absolutely is) a community of closeted gay kids self-repulsed by their own internalized homophobia and using the ace community as both a cover and an outlet to convince themselves they are a more “palatable” kind of different, but, y’all, that doesn’t mean we should put some kind of gatekeeping nonsense on the ace community. It means we should promote honest comprehensive sex-positive sex education, discourage sex shaming, and fight homophobia. Those things existing in the ace community are symptoms of those things existing at large. 

And it’s wild to see all these people being like “well a whole lot of homophobes and repressed Christians co-opted asexuality as an identity to perpetuate homophobia and sex shaming before coming to terms with being gay” and somehow come to the conclusion that asexuality is the problem here, instead of yet another community/identity being terrorized by our shitty culture.