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Raymond Kingfisher, closed with a prayer and marched with the water protectors out of Oceti Sakowin today. To say what is happening at Standing Rock is wrong isn’t enough. What is happening at Standing Rock is inhumane. What is happening at Standing Rock defies justice. What is happening at Standing Rock forsakes all standard protocols and legal processes. With heavy hurts, the water protectors continue this fight. For us all, they have sacrificed their lives and will continue to risk whatever it takes for precious freedom so long denied to them. They have showed the world what it means to rise up for human rights. They have showed us all what it means to dedicate your life to the service of others, to the protection of this planet. made many sacrifices, risked their lives for all of us. Wopila tanka, Standing Rock, Wopila tanka to the water protectors here and all around the world who has taken action.

allura: “alteans believe in peace first”

allura right after she met lance:

"You know why Darth Vader didn't join the fight on Scarif? The fucking planet is a beach, and it has sand."



The Beatles + Planets: Paul/The Sun

Apollo, the god of the sun represents the ego, our conscious minds, our life purpose, and self-realization. The Sun is likely to be purposeful, creative, proud, confident, content, friendly, and positive, but they can sometimes be haughty, overly willful, selfish, and judgmental. 

 “ I don’t work at being ordinary.” - Paul McCartney 

[John] [George] [Ringo]

so anyway i have been thinking about the force and how it is leveraged as a kind of political thing in the rebellion versus the empire conflict - where the formal aspects of the empire (beyond palps and vader) are like THE FORCE IS FAKE while the formal parts of the rebellion go around saying ‘may the force be with you’ in a way that is obviously meant to be deeply political - and because i binge read through grievous’ legends wookieepedia page for reasons yesterday, i’m now wondering about how the separatists who merged into the rebellion would think about this

because like, the force as expounded upon and performed by the jedi was effectively a state sanctioned religion under the old republic which means that any belief in the force would have been especially inextricably bound up in the problem of the state and its apparatus of power. the jedi occupy the weird space of being obviously spiritual and yet obviously deeply involved in the politics and the diplomatic fabric of the galaxy. they’re also involved militarily, even if as a last resort kind of thing so i imagine there’s a fair bit of resentment against them (this is the interesting strain of thought i picked up from grievous’ page) floating around, especially amongst the separatist camp. obviously the rebellion is a coalition formed on the basis of political expediency, but there’s obviously one particular strain of thought that’s gained primacy in there - one that dictates ‘may the force be with you’ as a political saying which marks difference from the bureaucratic indifference of the empire, which is simultaneously also a very jedi saying as compared to the kind of saying from any other conceptualizations and belief systems wrt the force.

and like, this is a charged saying! there’s a history to it! some of it politically violent, some of it being bound up in one group of people being more successful at lobbying the jedi into action than another group of people - and ofc the dynamics of power here are crucial to examine wrt who was able to lobby the jedi more successfully into action and who had the resources in the first place, to be able to push the jedi into action - some of it bound up in a history of jedi and republic interventionism that has its own fraught political complications. and especially wrt rebels who came from separatist planets: its likely that they saw a great deal of republic sanctioned violence and specifically, state sanctioned violence enacted by the jedi, on their planets and their homes before the republic transformed into the empire. and now, of course, the jedi are framed politically as martyred heroes because the empire has rendered them taboo and calls them traitors, which automatically makes the political expediencies of the rebellion expand to include the extinct jedi in their fold.

there had to have been some kind of resentment among the rank and file of rebels wrt blithely accepting the jedi conceptualization of the force as the conceptualization of the force (i mean, we’re also more or less given a nod towards there being multiple understandings of the force outside of the light/dark and jedi/sith binaries in the rogue one novel so i am taking it to its obvious furthest conclusion) and moreover, to accepting what was once the republic sanctioned conceptualization of the force which was practiced by their spiritual military enforcers. like, if you’ve lived your life in a conflict where your planet was ruined, your home destroyed and your people killed by the republic and the very visible jedi, i can’t imagine you’d take ‘may the force be with you’ with anything except deeply bitter resentment. or a kind of grudging acceptance, at best, because you recognize that this is part of political positioning on the part of the rebel leadership (again, who is the leadership and who amongst the leadership gets to elect this as the appropriate thing to say to each other while going into battle, while coming out of battle, while dying, while living - that is also a deeply deeply political choice: both mon mothma and bail organa are from planets that were loyal to the republic during the clone wars and the mon calamari were all on the side of the jedi & republic during the conflict on mon cala so their approach to the conflict and the role of the jedi in the conflict is going to be immensely different from someone who grew up on a separatist world and learned separatist politics and then watched the republic tumble it.). 

tl;dr i wonder if the separatist-turned-rebel factions of the rebellion actually grit their teeth and say ‘may the force be with you’ out loud or if the rebellion is democratic enough to allow them to use and voice their own conceptualizations of their beliefs in the force - and even if it is, i do wonder if there isn’t a deep-seated resentment that remains even through the tenuous coalition and what that means in the long run for the rebellion and for the new republic when it’s finally reinstated.

I have a headcanon that one of the reasons Qui-Gon left Obi-Wan on the ship on Tatooine (besides having him try to repair it which is a perfectly valid reason too, given that Obi-Wan was skilled at mechanics) is that he’s a trouble magnet and he worried that bringing him along would result in either:

1. Obi-Wan accidentally inciting a slave rebellion and them having to fight their way off-planet (somehow, with a ship that doesn’t work), or

2. Obi-Wan somehow ending up a slave.

Or, I mean, given Obi-Wan’s penchant for trouble, it’d really probably be a combination of both.

So, TPM AU where instead of staying on the ship, Obi-Wan goes with Qui-Gon and Padme. Here’s a couple of possible scenarios of the outcome, under the cut because it’s long (as usual).

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Helena Bonham Carter

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Kirby Inktober Day 28 – Most intense boss fight

galacta knight always manages to provide a pretty intense experience, i think! :0

i actually had some trouble thinking of a good composition for this drawing, but i think what i ended up going with looks pretty good!

(also, kirby’s meant to be flying, btw. go, kirby, go!!!)