fight the lil cups





Our lil smart clumsy leader real question is can he keep his sword in one piece

  • Part two here
  • Came off intimidating to you at first bc he was so tall and broad and his sword was huge but then he smiled at you and it was just a mess of dimples 
  • Also accidentally drops his sword on your foot the first time you meet and he gets so flustered and apologizes a million times and you just laugh bc you were actually scared of this kid two seconds ago
  • Let’s be real though, he’d have so much respect for you
  • He tells you one day he looks up to you and you’re just so ???
  • He launches into this story about the stresses of running a kingdom and how you’re so brave for doing it and he also throws in a “but I know you’ll do amazing because you’re you”
  • He rambles a lot to you but you never mind because you find his thoughts and stories fascinating
  • He always tells you about his home and his family and he speaks so fondly of them
  • He has a little picture of his family next to his bed, along with a picture of him and the other guards
  • He doesn’t know but whenever he mentions them, his eyes get this soft look in them and it’s so endearing bc he’s actually just a big softie
  • Speaking of his eyes, he winks at you a lot
  • Not even in a flirty way but in a more of “hey I’m still here” or “you got this” way
  • Like when you’re having an important meeting and the people are putting so much pressure on you to make the right decision, you just look at him for support and he just sends you a lil wink as a silent reminder that you’re a badass who doesn’t need his help
  • He gives amazing advice though like he has a way of explaining your options in a way that helps you clear your mind and make the right choice
  • He’s honestly half advisor and half guard, you have people that are there purely to help you with decisions but you trust Namjoon the most and go to him before anyone else
  • He does flirt with you most of the time
  • He always does it in a joking manner bc the last thing he’d want is make you uncomfortable
  • Forever has his hand on your waist
  • Also has a habit of holding your hand when you walk down stairs, it’s honestly instinctual and you’ve grown used to it
  • Likes to walk with you through the gardens always picks you a flower and says “it’s not as beautiful as you are but it’ll have to do”
  • You honestly end up keeping the flower but you still roll your eyes every time
  • Teaches you different languages 
  • He’s actually s o patient with you
  • There’s never a single moment where he makes you feel dumb for not knowing something or gets angry when you don’t remember a word
  • He teases you about it but it’s all playful
  • He just teases you about a lot tbh  
  • Ruffles your hair all the time like you literally just got up from getting your hair done and lol nope now it’s messed up sit back down
  • During one of your lessons, you ask him why he became a knight bc he’d never really talked about the reason
  • He tells you about the time his family went to a jousting event when he was a child and how one of the knights had talked to him the entire time
  • The knight gave him his shield and he actually has it hanging up on the wall of his room
  • He tell you about how an infamous thief had been at the event because that’s where a lot of the upper classmen went and that meant money and had attempted to steal his mother’s coin bag
  • The knight had been so quick to jump into action and take the thief into custody and made sure to personally give his mother her money back and from that moment that knight was his hero because Namjoon’s family wasn't part of the upper class and needed every last coin
  • He says his mind never changed once after that, he tried to do other things but nothing made him feel like a hero until he enrolled to become a knight
  • He’s actually an amazing fighter though
  • Like he’s clumsy 24/7 and always manages to knock over your cup but when he fights he’s not cute lil Namjoon who trips over air
  • He’s all force and speed and you’ve never seen him lose a fight during his practices
  • But once he wins, he smiles so widely and turns right back into your Namjoon
  • And one day, you end up tripping over your own feet and as you’re sitting there laughing at yourself, two horses running at full speed while pulling a carriage start coming your way
  • He grabs you literally just as you’re about to be trampled by them and you honestly don’t even know what happened because it all went down within like thirty seconds but then you just hug him
  • That night, you tell him he is a hero and he just gives you that really soft look and kisses your forehead and honestly, your words mean more to him than you’ll ever know
  • He’s basically just your personal teddy bear whose top priority is to make sure you’re safe