fight the faries

Faris Odeh, 14 y.o. Standing alone without fear.

Hari ini, 8 November 2015, adalah 15 tahun martirnya Faris ditembak oleh Yahudi Israel di bagian leher saat ia melancarkan aksi intifadah pada tgl 8 November 2000. Foto ini diambil pada aksi sebelumnya tgl 29 Oktober 2000. Sampai hari ini, aksi heroik Faris menjadi ikon perlawanan intifadah global. Mereka para manusia bengis bisa memiliki senjata, tapi keberanian ada pada anak-anak Palestina.

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Imagine trying to help out human!Cas with public transport...

You fiddled with your phone and peered into the screen, it was bright and sunny out making the screen near impossible to read. You were mindlessly tapping at it, hoping it would lock onto the app you were aiming for.

“Hi, hey, when’s the next bus?” A gruff voice brought you out of your daydream.

“Um, 5:40.” You said with a warm smile. The voice came from a flustered looking man of about 35, he was the only other one in the immediate vicinity and he looked pretty harmless.

“Thank you, I’ve had the worst day.”

“One of them, hey?” You laughed nervously at the stranger. He made his way over, adjusting his coat and muttering to himself.

“First it was the phone, then I lost my train ticket and now I’m getting this bus, I am not sure I like buses.” He dumped a tattered bag at his feet and you awkwardly wondered whether you should offer a hand.

You have the man a half smile. He gave you an almost pained look and you pretended to be busy with your phone as you both settled into an awkward silence.

“So where are you headed?” You asked to break to quiet.

“I am trying to catch up to some friends in Kansas.” He replied.

“Sounds fun. I’m Y/N, by the way.” You said, offering a hand.

“Castiel.” He said, lips twitching into a small smirk.