fight the aggression

I feel like if the rogues ever got in a fight with each other but didn’t want to have shoot outs or extreme violence they’d passive aggressively call the police on each other like

‘GCPD, what’s your emergency?’

‘Hello? Yes, I’d like to inform you that Edward Nigma is going to rob the Gotham City Bank at 8 pm tomorrow.’

'Alright, and what’s your name?’

'This is Jonathan Crane.’

’…sir, is this a prank call?’

Chloe is so vain, she would adore fanart being drawn of her.

I think we all know that Nath feel of not wanting people hovering.

simon rants to luke (dad figure) about raphael so i’m gonna go out a limb here and say magnus knows entirely too much about simon


[Aerith] always used to talk about the next time. She talked about the future more than any of us.



The hardest part about dealing with toxic family members is that they are family and we feel we have to treat them differently, or put up with their behavior because we are related. Remember, family can just mean that they are blood related to us, and THAT’S IT! Giving yourself permission to only keep positive and supportive people in your life is the first step in managing those toxic family members.

Now let’s get into some hopefully helpful tips on keeping healthy boundaries with toxic family members!

1. Figuring out when you know your boundaries have been crossed. Usually our body gives us signals, like feeling anxious or wanting to avoid certain people. We may feel angry all of a sudden or even sad. Whatever it is, it’s usually our body’s way of telling us that this isn’t right or we don’t really like that person. Listen to it!

2. Pretending that their behavior is okay, is not okay! It only ends up hurting you. If we don’t tell them that speaking to us that way isn’t acceptable, they may not know. That’s why communication is so important in setting up and maintaining healthy boundaries.  

3. Give yourself permission to not have a relationship with them. I know I talked about this a bit at the beginning, but it’s an important point. Permission is at times all that we need, but we can struggle to give it to ourselves. I think this is what should be worked on in therapy most :)

4. Toxic people are toxic. It doesn’t matter if we happen to be related to them. When it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. The only way that a toxic relationship can become healthy is if both parties are willing to work through it and better manage the way they interact with each other. If one or both don’t want to, it’s not going to get better.

5. Passive aggressive behavior is what they thrive in. Not communicating things to you, and instead saying it behind your back, or any other time when they do something hurtful instead of expressing what’s going on, it’s all passive aggressive behavior. And it’s NOT OKAY! Communicating directly to them and calling them out on it will stop the behavior. They may not respond well to it, but then again, they aren’t really being nice to you, and that’s not okay.

I hope this is helpful as we go into this holiday season. We all deserve to be respected and enjoy our holiday, and I hope these tips help you do just that. Please share! You never know who may need this information. xoxo

Just a reminder that the Batter never went out of his way to kill an elsen for absolutely no reason. The purifying of the Critical Burnt can either be seen as a mercy killing or as just unavoidable as the burnt elsen was not going to move on their own and there was no other choice.

I get sad when I see art of the Batter going out of his way to attack an elsen that’s neither burnt or aggressive. 

Be Quiet

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Yoongi (Suga)

Rating: NC-17 (warning: light choking) 

Word Count: 1,746

Summary:  You and Yoongi have been fighting. Days of passive aggression and pointed comments - all of which come to a head during the rather timely dinner party you’re throwing for your friends. 

“You have to be quiet,” he smiles, gaze finding yours in the mirror.

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Young Asian Woman Muay Thai fighter in defensive position by cepera1975
Via Flickr:
Young Asian Woman Muay Thai fighter in defensive position. On black background

BTS reaction to their SO getting into fights

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Passive aggressively buys the cutest and pinkest band-aids. He’s actually proud of you for standign up for yourself and your friends.

“See, I love and support you. But if you keep on getting into fights I’ll keep fixing you up. So you just have to put up with the Hello Kitty band-aids.”

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Totally stands behind you and holds your earrings or purse. Also occassionally takes pictures and may or may not carry a bag of popcorn with him.

“Tell ‘em, babe.”

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Tries to go all Knight-in-shining-armour on your ass and tries to fight your fights. It ends up with him getting his butt handed to him.

“I wasn’t trying to help, because I think you’re capable of telling people off just fine!”

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Similar to Yoongi but he would actually try to get you to be more calm.

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t stand up for yourself, I’m just saying that your blood pressure will go through the roof and I will be a widower at 30. Actually…black really suits me.”

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Listen, no matter how much you like to fight, a loof of those puppy eyes will calm you down in no time. Only when the one you’re fighting is a total jerk, he will gladly cheer you on.

“Baaaabe, why worry about those idiots when you could pay attention to me? See, I will give you many kisses, they just give you headaches.”

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He will mostly let you do your thing, afraid you will be mad at him if he gets involved. But if you need it he will have your back and he’s always there when you need to cuddle it out.

“Hey, why don’t you just tell me about what they did?”

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Kookie is so into this. He would be like your coach giving you advice in the corner of the metaphorical boxing ring. He also always flexes in the background and mouths threats toward your opponent.

“You almost got him, babe. Just one good left hook and he is down.”

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the signs as pokémon types

aries- fighting- aggressive, physical, powerful, afraid of birds

taurus- normal- well-loved, classic, snorlax

gemini- electric- quick, shocking, created by accident in a powerplant

cancer- bug, poison- annoying kill u slowly, most are weak but some are surprisingly strong

leo- fire- burn bright, explosive when enraged, lit

virgo- grass- slowly drain ur life force to heal themselves

libra- fairy/ice- pretty to look at, pretty useless in a fight

scorpio- dark, ghost- spiteful, hold grudges, curse, occasionally bite

sagittarius- dragon - see bagon pokedex entry 

capricorn- ground, rock, steel- hardened, impossible to penetrate, DO NOT GET WET UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE

aquarius- flying, psychic- smart, free, weak and easy to kill

pisces- water- fish wtf did u expect

Dating Crowley Headcanons

Dating Crowley would involve:

  • Being queen of hell.
  • Being just as much in charge  as Crowley is. 
  • Getting spoiled like crazy. 
  • Crowley always taking you on dates.
  • He also gets you random gifts. 
  • You and Rowena butting heads a lot.
  • If you get kidnapped he goes all out to find you.
    • He has all his demons looking for you 
    • And Sam and Dean 
    • He even asks Castiel. 
    • And after many strong words he gets Rowena to help.
  • Crowley opening up to you. 
  • You trusting Crowley with your life.
  • Having your own hell hound. 
  • Being well trained to protect yourself.
    • Crowley made sure of this. 
  • You make him be nicer to others.
  • Yet still help him torture traitors. 

  • Making Crowley dance with you. 
  •  You have Crowley wrapped around your finger. 
  •  Sarcastic, passive aggressive fights. 
  •  Trying to imitate his accent. 
    • You’re not good at it.  
  • But Crowley thinking it’s cute anyway. 
  •  Teasing him. 
    • “Crowley I want a pet Pig." 
    • "No. ”
    • “I know why you’re so hot: you’re the king of hell! " 
    • "You think you’re clever don’t you? ”
  •  Crowley having a nickname for you.
  •  Singing Mr. Crowley when you want to annoy him. 
  •  Crowley vowing to burn every Ozzy Osbourne album made.
  • Walking your hellhounds together.
  • Playing fetch with them
  • Baking with Crowley.
  • Insisting on matching aprons.
  • Fights were you don’t speak to each other for days.
    • But he finally apologized with flowers.
    • Or you apologize with cupcakes.
  • If someone won’t make a deal/alliance with Crowley you normally change their mind.
  • Going on really cool holidays.
  • Being called “Queen”.
  • or M’lady.
  • Sometimes even”Your Majesty.”
  • Calling the shots whenever Crowley’s away.
  • Owning all the clothes and shoes you could possible dream of.
  • Even when you fight Crowley looks out for you.
  • People always trying to split you apart.
  • But it never works because you love and trust each other.