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17 Badass Women You Probably Didn’t Hear About In 2016
Badass women alert.
By Rossalyn Warren

A few highlights:

Las Hijas de Violencia, a group of women in Mexico who fight street harassment by firing confetti guns at the harassers and singing punk music.

Balkissa Chaibou, who risked her life by saying no to being married off to her cousin when she was 16 years old. She’s now a campaigner taking a stand against forced marriage for girls.

The three judges who made history by convicting a commander for rapes committed by his troops during a conflict.

Negin Khpalwak, the 19-year-old who leads an Afghan all-female orchestra who risk their lives by playing music. It is the first ever all-female ensemble in the country’s history.

Reshma Qureshi, the woman who survived an acid attack and went on to walk in a show at New York Fashion Week.

Women in Jordan are fighting back against street harassment using martial arts skills they learned at self-defense class. 26-year-old Rasha Salih was able to fend off a would-be rapist using tips she picked up in her SheFighter class.

“I was able to overcome my fear and protect myself. It was an incredible feeling,” she said.

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We begin to believe that we do not belong in certain surroundings, certain environments because we are women, because it will “invite” an unwanted and toxic encroachment. It will pour into us a certain inescapable sense of shame, a periodic dehumanization that very often can’t be expressed because there is no common or universally acceptable language to address our grief. This is when I decided I wanted to speak back, speak loud and take space without apologies. I realized we had to stop receding, stop abbreviating our own bodies till we are merely a collection of organs and memories, which was what they want of us in the first place.

Meet the Hijas de Violencia (the Daughters of Violence), a Mexico City collective that fights street harassment with confetti guns and punk rock.