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What's your favourite song?

Gotta be Mad Gear and the Missile Kid’s Black Dragon Fighting Society.
Best gig I’ve seen, best scene in the whole of the zones.

They’re fuckin’ whack.

P out x


Remembering the Black Panther Party

They stood up to police brutality and fed poor kids. They were hated by the FBI.

They were unfairly demonized by our “democratic” government and preyed on by law “enforcement”, and sent to jail for trumped up (no pun intended) charges.

2017 and we are still fighting the same fight!

Not much has changed. They still stand watch over their communities. A person might not know it. But they are there and strong. They have passed the torch on to their children and grandchildren and I am grateful they are there. .

The Signs as songs i associate them with
  • Aries: World Destroyer - Frnk Iero and the Patience
  • Taurus: Wonderland - Caravan Palace
  • Gemini: 20 Dollar Nosebleed - Fall Out Boy
  • Cancer: Formidable - Stromae
  • Leo: Witness - Mindless Self Indulgence
  • Virgo: Pinkish - Gerard Way
  • Libra: Da Mama - Delia
  • Sagittarius: Aliens (Christmas 1988) - The Rheostatics
  • Scorpio: Cold Blows the Wind - Ween
  • Capricorn: Black Dragon Fighting Society - My Chemical Romance
  • Aquarius: Meher Baba M4 (Signal Box) - Pete Townshend
  • Pisces: Shock the Monkey - Peter Gabriel

what i don’t understand is like… where are all the galra women. like have we seen literally any galra girls please help me bc if we have i would love to know educate me i beg u

like i almost expected the Blade of Marmora to be entirely made up of girls or something (fooled once again by the shoulder-waist ratio ahaha kill me) and then Haggar wasn’t even Galra so like. where are they. I have a hard time accepting that the galra women aren’t part of the military at all because a) they’re GALRA and b) Allura went undercover as a galra soldier and no one batted an eyelash so WHERE THEY AT

Sisters 🙌

Not sure about the rest of the world but where i come from, women are expected to live up to the standards set by the society, that change with time. So it is pretty darn tough for a believeing woman to practice Islam freely. They question why she covers in front of people who saw her grow (non mahrams), they ask why she puts on no make up (people won’t send proposals), they ask why she doesn’t perfume herself and dress nicely when going out or to specific ceremonies. Wallahi these people have abandoned the teachings in the Quran and Sunnah of RasoolAllah SallahuAlaihi wasalam. They have no fear whatsoever, instead of being content and happy and encouraging their women, they often do what the kuffar of Quraish did. Sadly, a woman has to go through all these trials until and unless she is married, and even then, it the husband turns out to be bound by customs of the soceity, she continues being called out for being sincere to her Rabb and Deen. Have patience sisters, this world is a mere mirage, you will receive rewarda, recognition and the Mercy of your Rabb soon enough, and the on lookers would wish they hadn’t taunted you instead joined you. Do not let anyone, anyone at all, be the reason to hold back, they can’t force you, they can’t physically force you to abandon anything, and their words are mere words, Allah’s promises out weigh what they say, hold on to those promises. You don’t need the consent of your family, nor your husband, not anyone. You were given consent by your CREATOR, The All Mighty. HE will aid you through the hardships, HE will stand by your side when everyone refuses to. Find the right company, find people who would motivate you and out weigh the hate with love. This land is still filled with the Momineen, you just have to look in the right places.


a series of unlikely crossovers:  Klaus gatecrashes a Caroline Forbes soirée

System forces you into their definition of society.
Society forces you to swimm in a one meter swimmingpool.
But you want to dive in a deep ocean.

System can’t allow this.
Society can’t accept this.

Ends up being an outsider.
Maybe we are outsiders with a greater mind.

But we are not losers.

The world is a very cold, harsh, and scary place for Black Women and Girls, we’re fighting intersecting oppressions alone; no allies, we’re up against an extremely anti-woman “community” and anti-woman society
—  Fighting Misogynoir, Tumblr
I love you with every ounce of my being. I cannot deny the sparks that fly when I am with you. When you touch me, I get chills throughout my entire body. When you look into my eyes, I can feel the love you have for me and it excites me. You are my one and only and I will fight until the day I die to keep you in my life, no matter the cost.
—  I will fight for you

“I’ll buy you a new one.”-Dipper

“I’ll but you a new one.”-Wendy

“I’ll get a new one.”-Pacifica