fight on fossil fuels

And another thing

love love love the -punk part of solarpunk, the rebelliousness that fights against the fossil-fuel-funded oligarchy and plants guerrilla gardens between pavement stones and invents cold fusion in grubby basements and wears silicon jewelry and tags walls with moss graffiti and forces green into spaces that have been black and grey and sooty for too long

Like, art-nouveau utopia is great and all, but that’s the solarpunk of the elite. Give me the solarpunk everyone else makes for themselves and claws back from the hard concrete to give back to the earth

Also the plot of Gundam 00 doesn’t happen “so humanity could meet aliens

It’s because humanity’s saying WOOHOO SPACE let’s explore Jupiter and build three orbital elevators and some space colonies and keep going from there

And Aeolia Schindberg facepalms, saying you jokers think you’re ready to meet intelligent life but you haven’t even gotten the hang of interacting with humans yet

You have racism and greed and terrorism and war everywhere. Your governments are fighting over fossil fuels even though we have solar energy, selling weapons to mercenaries and then doing nothing about the damage it causes, refusing to help other countries in need of aid even though they’ve been ruined because of you, and experimenting on kids to create super humans who can handle the hardships space without seeing anything wrong with that

No one cares about each other because no one understands each other

Pull your shit together, figure that out first, and then you can get back to me about meeting aliens
Mark Ruffalo Wants the Avengers to Divest From Fossil Fuels

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“I’m in the process of divesting. I took the pledge,” Ruffalo told me, "between 3-5 years, to completely divest in any fossil fuels or anything climate change related and put it into renewable or clean tech.“ Ruffalo had just been a guest on Al Gore's fourth annual  24 Hours of Climate Reality program, and he was enthused.

I really enjoyed speaking to Motherboard about 24 Hours of Climate Reality, divesting from fossil fuels and why I’m so passionate about fighting climate change. If you’re interested, you can read the whole interview HERE.


For those looking to take some action, here the shortlist of cabinet members I am directly opposing (in order of priority). I have already contacted my senators about Jeff Sessions, Ben Carson, and Tom Price. I will be calling them about Betsy DeVos and Scott Pruitt today, and plan to take time Monday to reach out about Rick Perry and Andrew Puzder. I fully expect most (if not all) of these nominees to be confirmed by largely party-line majorities, but I think it’s important to speak out and not let them go unchallenged. I am grateful for the tough questions that have been posed in the hearings and will continue to speak out in the coming months.

While there are often other philosophical disagreements on why I oppose Trump’s nominees, here are the main pieces I am citing that are specific to their role and solidify my opposition to their candidacy.

Jeff Sessions, Attorney General (Department of Justice)

  • A long history of questions on potential racism, and a very mixed history on Civil Rights.
  • A strong opposition to immigration and immigrants.
  • Personal opposition to LGBTQ+ rights, which has been a major thrust of the DOJ under President Obama
  • A “law and order” zeal, with little regard towards issues of institutional racism and other issues in the justice system.

Tom Price, Secretary for Health and Human Services

  • A longtime opponent of Obamacare and its universal coverage mandates.
  • Strong opposition to women’s health and reproductive rights issues.
  • Serious ethical questions over trading in medical stocks while in office.

Scott Pruitt, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator

  • Spent a career fighting the EPA and now wants to lead the EPA.
  • Deep ties to fossil fuel industries who have long supported him, financially and otherwise.
  • Concerns over his willingness to take action on climate change issues.

Betsy DeVos, Education Secretary

  • No experience in public education, and a deep opposition to the public education model (which over 90% of students pass through).
  • Troubling answers at her hearing on guns in schools, her knowledge of education law, Title IX, and other topics that raise more questions.

Ben Carson, Housing and Urban Development Secretary

  • Absolutely no experience in housing or urban development.
  • Has repeatedly called for cuts to social services programs and views them as enabling poverty.

Rick Perry, Energy Secretary

  • Wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy during his campaign, and then did not understand what this position entailed when it was offered to him.
  • Many ties to the fossil fuel industry (including being a member of the board of the Dakota Access Pipeline’s company) raise questions about how balanced he will be.

Andrew Puzder, Labor Secretary

  • Opposes the minimum wage, overtime laws, and the ACA.
  • Has repeatedly spoken out against unions.

Feel free to use these talking points, they are certainly shaped by my own values, but reflect verifiable information and positions from each of these nominees.

Either way, I hope you’ll contact your Senators.

A new study released by Oil Change International, in partnership with 14 organizations from around the world, scientifically grounds the growing movement to keep carbon in the ground by revealing the need to stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure and industry expansion.

These guys need these jobs. It’s the right place for them. They’re making sure we don’t ever have to fight for fossil fuel resources or geopolitics again. 

We stand with People of Nevada. Support solar jobs for veterans.