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7 DAY CAS CHALLENGE by @jhongg

Rules: Each day go to the linked website for a randomly generated prompt and create a sim using that prompt! it’s different every time so nobody will have the same prompts!

Day 3 Superpowers

Malefic Infusion (Evil Energy Infusion)

The user can infuse objects (usually a weapon), beings or powers with malefic energy, empowering and energizing them and allowing the user to manipulate their qualities and efficiency.

when u wanna sleep but all you can think is : when people will stop to see bakugou as a villain ?

anonymous asked:

Hogwarts AU, please?

As someone who’s been reading both canon and fanon in the HPverse for FIFTEEN YEARS, dude, I have some steam to let go here. 

  • Bodhi is a Hufflepuff. The puffest puff to ever puff. The kind of guy who would risk getting a detention to grab some chocolate for a sad friend after curfew. He’s not that into quidditch even though he loves to fly, he has a big ass collection of chocolate frog cards and his pet is a small lizard. He’s a natural at Charms and Transfiguration, the kind that would be able to get an animagus license as soon as he stepped out of school. 
  • Chirrut is an extremely protective Gryffindor, along the lines of NOT MY FRIEND U NERD FIGHT ME. He has a custom wand inside his staff, and being blind people used to think he was an easy target for harassment and harmful pranks. USED TO. Because once he cast a Bombarda while hitting his target with the staff at the same time, sending the boy flying ten meters right into the hospital wing, nobody ever messed with the small blind cute little bean anymore. Did I mention he was twelve?
  • Baze is a Hufflepuff, but the hat really really really considered Slytherin, because he has that kind of fierce, scary loyalty that usually the snakes have. He’s two years older than Bodhi and one year older than Chirrut. People who look beyond his harsh scowl find a golden heart. He’s EXTREMELY protective of younger students, specially those who end up becoming a target to asshole teachers. He’s a great friend of Hagrid’s, and they enjoy long afternoon chats with tea and biscuits during lazy saturdays. In his 5th year he and Chirrut start dating, and going to Hagrid’s hut becomes their fixed plan for nearly every weekend.
  • Jyn isn’t only a Gryffindor, she’s the embodyment of gryff rage, fire and rebelliousness. She usually spends whole months in detention for back-talking teachers, strolling around the school after curfew and getting in fistfights (fuck my wand you snotty ferret, I’ll punch the daylights out of you the muggle way!). However, she has surprisingly high scores on almost all subjects. The biggest surprise is her absolute excelling in Potions. When she gets into the quidditch team everyone thinks she will try for seeker or chaser, since she’s small and lightweight. Poor souls… Jyn Erso becomes the first gryff beater in 50 years to play a whole season without being knocked out once.
  • Kaytoo is extremely rational, hates Divination with a passion and excels in Arythmancy. According to him, numbers are the most divine and exact way of making magic, and being a wizard doesn’t stops him from being rational to the core, because the wizarding world has an inner logic. Ravenclaw? NO! Slytherin to the bone. His intelligence is impressive, but not as much as his pride and ambition. 
  • Cassian. BOI. The hat would take nearly five minutes to decide, while weighing his loyalty, his bravery, his honor, his wits and his resourcefulness. It would end up asking if he would rather be a Slytherin or a Hufflepuff, and he would end up in Slytherin. He’s in the same year as Bodhi, Jyn and Kay, but both him and Jyn have loads of prejudice against each other because of their Houses. It gets worse when he becomes seeker in their 4th year. She seems to always knock him down when he’s almost getting the snitch.
  • during Baze’s graduation party the truth or dare game went absolutely savage. There was firewhiskey envolved, probably. But sure as hell there was no Amortentia, because it smelled like all the good things in the world - like wood varnish, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa - and Cassian smelled as sweat and cheap alcohol, nothing like her personal love potion scent. 
  • When they kissed Baze left out a loud humpf! and discreetly gave Chirrut a sickle.
  • Bodhi looked a little sad. After all, he had a two year long crush on Cassian, but - bless his little golden puff heart - couldn’t get in the way between him and Jyn
  • “Oh, well, whatever” he sighed and accepted the hand of a blue eyed boy who was asking him to dance. 

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Have you got any Gryffindor/puckwudgie headcannons?

I am myself a Gryffindor-Puckwudgie =D

  • Supposed to be the heart, so they are very passionates about things
  • Very compasionnate
  • Good at potions
  • Will fuck you up if you hurt their friends
  • “Fight me u nerd”
  • Always following their heart even when they now there will be consequences
  • Kinda bad at the most “scholar” subjects like arithmancy, astronomy or history of magic
  • Easily distracted unless they are focusing on somebody else
  • “I told you not to do it…”
  • They won’t stand up and fight unless absolutely necessary but if they do, oh boy, run
  • They like to experiment with Ravenclaws and to take care of animals with Hufflepuffs
  • People come to them for advice
  • They tend to keep their problems to themselves tho, in order not to annoy anybody, which can be frustrating for their friends
  • They cry all the time while watching movies

There you go =D


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