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a quick thing for Autism Acceptance Day/Month!!

how to support autistic people this month:

  • don’t support Autism Speaks – it’s an awful “charity” that harms autistic people more than it helps them
  • do support organisations run by and for autistic people, such as the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network ( @autisticadvocacy​ ) and the Autism Women’s Network ( @autisticwomen​ )
  • don’t “light it up blue” for “autism awareness” – these things are heavily associated with Autism Speaks, and with the dangerous misconceptions it spreads about autism
  • do use the hashtag #RedInstead to fight back against #LightItUpBlue
  • do promote and celebrate autism acceptance (not just awareness!)

and, most importantly:

  • do listen to what actual autistic people have to say – we know better than our family members, “autism experts”, or any non-autistic person!!
50 Weeks of Art Improvement Challenge

This challenge is made with an emphasis on human anatomy in mind because this is something I really want to improve on. Each week, I will make a post with references I find for the theme to help get everyone started. :D

Here, you can find all the reference lists I’ve made.

Your job, if you wish to join me, is to practice drawing the topic for that week. It can be doodles, sketches, an art piece that focuses on the theme, or whatever else you can think of. 

Please join me in figuring out how to art, and tag your work each week under “50 weeks of arting” so we can find each other’s art and keep each other motivated yaaay :D

  1. Faces - proportions
  2. Faces - features
  3. Faces - shading with light sources
  4. Expressions
  5. Human body - proportions
  6. Torsos
  7. Back
  8. Arms
  9. Legs
  10. Hands
  11. Feet
  12. Hair
  13. Standing/sitting poses
  14. Action/fight poses
  15. Faces ( These are important - so let’s revisit them )
  16. Part of anatomy you struggle on
  17. Poses and figure drawing
  18. Children
  19. Elderly
  20. Fabric folds
  21. Accessories - shoes, hats, bags, capes, anything you can think of!
  22. Clothing - casual
  23. Clothing - formal
  24. Fashion style of your choice
  25. Faces (Awesome! Now let’s revisit faces and anatomy again before we move on to animals!)
  26. Part of anatomy you struggle on
  27. Poses and figure drawing
  28. Dogs
  29. Cats
  30. Birds
  31. Animal of your choice
  32. Fantasy animal of your choice
  33. Plants, trees, and flowers
  34. Weapons
  35. Armor
  36. Faces - Again!
  37. Part of anatomy you struggle on
  38. Poses and figure drawing
  39. Forest landscape
  40. Urban landscape
  41. Underwater scenery
  42. Different perspectives
  43. Draw a scene from your favorite story or fan fic
  44. Monochromatic Color Scheme
  45. Complementary Color Scheme
  46. Analogous Color Scheme
  47. Triadic Color Scheme
  48. Tetradic Color Scheme
  49. Choose a landscape or character, and color it using each of the color schemes.
  50. Redraw an old piece and see how much you’ve improved!

“I didn’t want this fight coming back to you,” Neil said.
“Too late for that now. But whatever,” Allison said. She was going for lofty, but Neil could see the anger in every tense line of her when she surveyed her car again. “They want to break my toy? So what? I’ll buy another one. Maybe I’ll buy two. Fuck them if they think this will hurt me.”

                       ↳ Happy Birthday Kit @metaphoricallytheworst  (4.21)

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Any advice for navigating the witchcraft / pagan community?

  • the community is tiny. be nice to everyone. you will see them everywhere
  • don’t get caught up in the pagan’s drama. They will duke it out. Just let them do it.
  • the 101 witchcraft tag is to die for
  • be nice to pop culture pagans they will fuck you up
  • literally don’t even bother reading buckland’s complete book of witchcraft (fight me, h8trs)
  • there is zero tolerance for cultural appropriation round these parts. don’t do it.
  • If you see a debate about christian witchcraft, christmas, easter, whatever STAY THE FUCK AWAY. Literally don’t even bother with it.
  • The community has a real fascination with witch labels and witch paths. Try not to get fixated on it. You don’t need to find a path, or find a label.
  • You can throw a rock and hit someone who’d like to mentor you. Everyone loves to help!
  • You’re probably already a great witch though. go you!

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Ok, so like if they had done an actual cap 3 instead of cw where sam and steve went after bucky and you go to write how that would go down, how would you have had the reunion/recovery go? do you think bucky would' want to be found?

I’m on mobile so I’ll have to format this later and put a read more in, but here’s what I would have wanted. Again, it’s long, I’ve thought about this at length.

We would have seen Steve and Sam, probably in Sam’s apartment reading and rereading files, crossing out leads, there’s a map with locations marked and also crossed out, Sam’s on the phone about another possible lead. Steve looks kinda defeated, it’s been 2 years and still he feels like they’re no closer than they were in 2014. Sam hangs up the phone, sits down next to Steve and says something like “Hey man, when he wants to be found then we’ll find him, and I got a pretty promising lead in Romania that says tin man is ready.” And Steve’s all “Sam, you gotta stop calling him tin man” - but he’s already collecting stuff to get ready to leave. And Sam’s close behind him like “Fine, how’s Robocop? Terminator? Man with the Midas touch?” “His arm isn’t gold Sam, can we go?”

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tips for ppl with hyperempathy from a fellow hyperempathetic pal

• dont be afraid to blacklist tags on tumblr about negative stuff. even if it’s incredibly important, i know it makes me v stressed out

• it’s ok to hate drama and not want to watch tv shows/movies/whatever that include arguments or fighting.

• a lot of people nowadays who aren’t kids like stuffed animals so people won’t really think you’re all that weird if you bring your stuffed animal everywhere

• it’s ok if your empathy fluctuates!! it’s ok if you only feel empathy for inanimate objects!! it’s ok if u have hypoempathy! all ‘not normal’ levels of empathy are super ok and there are lots of people who experience them

• hyperempathy isn’t always a bad thing. we have a lot of love in our hearts. always try to remember that

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hi im new and i want ask you something can you do yandere chan x sans pls it my ship i ever created

No Problem! Here you go!

(Hope you don’t mind, but I kinda changed it a little… I really hope you still like it though… BUT its still yandere  though! Just Sans and Yandere-Chara/Frisk)

I don’t know if someone created this Au already, but if there is, can someone tell/tag them for me! -Thank You

And I did it a bit messy/ lazily, because its hard drawing these kind of poses, if you know what I mean, Hopefully! :)

(And Sans can’t really fight back, cause whatever Chara feels, Frisk feels)

Ship hate=NO

You wanna know what I do when I see a ship I don’t like on tumblr? I silently whisper no at it and move on. I don’t post ship hate and make someone feel bad.

Pentagon: Arguing with you

Scenario: The two of you got in a big fight and in the heat of the moment, you get scared because you think he’s going to hit you. How does he react?

A/N: I don’t think any of them would hit you! And if any of my writing triggers you, please let me know and I can tag it appropriately for you.

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Gone (part 2)

“Can I have a request about dean and his wife the reader are fighting about whatever and dean says something about regretting marrying her and she says fine and leaves. He’s devastated and it’s up to Cas and Sam to save the day and reunite them”

“It can be a two part if you’d like”

Requested by: @nervousmemzie (If you want to be tagged in my other stories, tell me!)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word Count: 1620

A/N: Finally, the second part! I’m sorry for the late. Enjoy it!
Flashback is in italic.

Gone (part 1)

Two days have passed since Y/n left the bunker, throwing Dean in total discomfort. He has been looking for her day and night. By now, he doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat, doesn’t drink. Dean stands still, motionless, thinking constantly at that horrible night; he would have to stay home, with his wife, should have embraced her, make love with her. And instead..
Y/n.. is as if she had disappeared from the radar: the gps of her phone is dead, her car is still in the garage, and some hunters who know her.. no one had her news. Dean could only ask Castiel, but unfortunately, he wasn’t very helpful.

“Cas, you have to find Y/n. Use.. your angel powers! ”
Castiel sighs, continuing to look at Dean in his eyes; Is the third time the hunter prays the angel to do something, but unfortunately he doesn’t know how to find the girl.
“Dean, I’m not as strong as it used to be. I want to find Y/n, as want it you, and Sam. But I can’t use my powers. I’m sorry.”
Dean hits the kitchen table hard; first a punch, then another, and another one. He closes his eyes, and breathes deeply. As Dean tries to calm himself, Castiel approaches him, and puts his hand on the hunter’s shoulder.
“But I can ask some other angel to help me; a couple of them still have me some favors. Dean, we’ll find Y/n.”
Dean nods to his friend, while his hopes of getting his wife back are decreasing.

Dean is in the shower, and while hot water flows through his body, he continues to think about that night, to the words that came out of his lips. He tries to think of something else, and the first memory of him and Y/n is the night he asked the girl to marry him. Dean had bought the ring weeks earlier, but couldn’t make the proposal to her; Dean knew that Y/n loved him, but he was still afraid she would answer him no. Then one night Dean finally decided to declare himself. He had brought the girl to an Italian restaurant, very nice and intimate; there were candles, the perfect atmosphere, and the words came out of the hunter’s lips in a breath. Dean smiles, thinking back to that time, she was smiling, because she thought he was joking. Dean takes a hand in his hair, thinking of how much he misses his wife; how much he misses her smile, her eyes, her hair, her scent. Dean comes out of the shower, wraps a towel around his waist, and returns to his room; he dresses slowly, thinking back when he and his wife showered together, to her joking with him under the water..
Dean goes slowly in the kitchen, and sees Sam, as usual with his head on books; Dean remembers his wife in that same position when she does some research for some hunt. Sam looks up in Dean’s direction, and greets his brother with a nod. Winchester’s older brother approaches the coffee machine and takes a cup; on the table there is also a bottle of scotch, and looking at it, Dean is almost stomach ache. Suddenly, Sam and Dean hear the noise of the bunker’s entrance door; both on the alert, they head to the entrance, and they see Castiel slowly descending the stairs. His face is pale and looks very tired. Sam approaches him, and puts his hand on his shoulder.
“Cas, are you okay?”
Castiel does nothing but nod as he sits on a chair; meanwhile, Dean takes a glass of water and bring it to Cas. He knows the angel doesn’t need it, but it’s a courtesy. Cas decides to accept the water, and after drinking a long sip, finally, he seems to relax. The angel looks up, first to Sam and then to Dean.
“I think I’ve found her. I’ve found Y/n.”

Spring City, Tennessee.
Here is where Y/n is located. The girl, while she was locked in her old room, she didn’t want to wait for Dean to wake up the next day and talk to him. She needed to take some air, and get away from her husband for a while. She had turned off the phone, so that he couldn’t find her, and she had begun to walk and walk, until thought had tired her; she had decided to stop at the first motel she would find, and now, she is lying on the bed of her room, staring at the ceiling. To think about the last two days, to Dean’s words. She knows he was drunk, and that maybe he didn’t mean those things; but if he really thinks of those things? Y/n tries to figure out what’s wrong with her, what made her so wrong to bring Dean to think of something like that. Y/n turns into bed, trying to hold back the tears; she has been crying so much in these last days, and whenever she thinks that night, the tears begin to fall again. Y/n gets up from bed, and enters the bathroom; she takes off her clothes, and enters the bathtub. A hot bath will do me good, she thinks, at least I hope.
But it doesn’t change anything, what she wants is just to stay close to Dean, embrace him, make love with him. But him..
Toc! Toc!
The thoughts of the girl dissolve, when she hears a knock at the door; she decides not to get up to go to open up, but after a few seconds, still knocking at the door. Y/n sighs, and gets bored, leaves the tub, and wraps a towel around the body. She approaches the door and slowly opens it; she frozes. Y/n expected to be in front of anyone except him. Dean.
“D-Dean. How did you find me?”
“Can I come in?”
Y/n asks Dean for a few minutes, and after closing the door, she begins to dress; meanwhile, she thinks about what Dean needs to say.
Y/n opens the door again, and Dean is still there, waiting. The girl’s gaze meets the hunter’s, while he enters the motel room. Both boys remain silent for a while that seems endless; to make the first step is Y/n, which with Dean’s surprise, she is thrown into the arms of the man.
At first Dean is upset by Y/n’s behavior, but immediately that thought disappears, and the hunter does nothing but shake his wife’s strength.
“I missed you so much.” Dean says, as he touches the girl’s back; yes. She’s angry with Dean, he shouldn’t have said those things .. but, how can she give up the love of her life?
“Tell me you don’t think those things. Please tell me you love me..” Y/n’s words mingle with her sobs as tears flow over her face. Dean looks at the girl in her eyes, and taking her face in her hands, he lays his lips on her. God, how he missed the taste of her lips, wrap his fingers through her hair.. Y/n wraps her arms around the neck of the hunter and draws him closer to him.
“I’m sorry.. I’m sorry.. I’m sorry..” Dean goes on to say, while kissing his wife on the lips, on the cheeks, on the neck. Dean’s eyes meet those of Y/n, and with his thumbs dry her face out of tears.
“I didn’t mean those things, I was stupid. I love you, Y/n, and I will never regret having married you.”
“So why did you tell it? Is there anything true in what you said? Because I do nothing but think about what’s wrong with me. Do I worry too much about you? I’m too..”
Y/n’s words dissolve in the air when Dean slams back on her, and their lips clash.
“You’re not too much, you are my wife. And you are my life. I.. I was drunk. And I didn’t know what I was saying. I was an idiot.”
“You were an asshole. And you hurt me, too.”
Y/n moves away from Dean, and gives her back to him, while she runs a hand through the hair. Dean sighs; he knows it will not be easy to be forgiven by her, but he’ll not give up on her. He loves her too much.
“Come home with me, Y/n.”
Dean wrapped his arms around her waist, crashing the back of her with his chest.
“For me, exist only you. I need you.”
The hunter’s lips sit on her neck, and he begins to torture her soft skin. Y/n put the head on his shoulder, enjoying that little moment. The girl turns around, closing her eyes, wrapping her arms around the hunter’s waist, and hiding her face against Dean’s chest. He rubs her back, and puts soft kisses on her head.
“I swear to God that such a thing will no longer happen. I was wrong, and I was a jerk. But I love you Y/n, and I can’t live my crappy life without you.”
The hunter’s words make her shudder; the girl has never heard of it this way, not even when they got married. Y/n looks up to meet Dean’s, and without saying a word, she kisses him; their tongues collide passionately, and both feel the desire to deepen the kiss, to go further.
Y/n knows Dean has made a mistake, but she also knows he feels guilty of his mistake. And if he says he’ll not do it anymore, then she believes it. And deep down, Dean is her husband, and she is his wife; they love too much to stay angry forever. Their love is stronger than a hangover and a quarrel.

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The Outsiders X Reader: Fight Club

Summary: The reader is in a fight club to bring in money to help with the bills, her brothers don’t know that she fights, and neither does the gang.

Warnings: fight (physical and verbal), gore, blood, cussing

Word Count:713

Tag List: @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester, @lucifer-in-leather, @outsidersimagines57, @nea90sweetie, @trumpetsaretheworst

Please tell me if you would like to be added or subtracted from my tag list!

Request:Could you do an Outsiders x Reader fic where you’re Darry’s younger sister (but you’re older than Ponyboy but younger than Sodapop),and Darry & you have a big connection? (Similar to Ponyboy & Sodapop). So the reader wants to help Darry out with money and everything,  and since she’s a great fighter, she finds out about a legit fight club. After a few years (or so, whatever) of her giving Darry the money she wins from all of the fights, he is obviously grateful but is curious about how she’s getting the money. She’s one of the best at the fight club, like she definitely has a reputation for it. No one else in the gang, including her brothers let’s her go to rumbles because they’re protective, and they obviously don’t know that she knows how to fight. You can make up a way all of them find out but I would love it if you would really point out the brotherly-sisterly relationship w/Darry and the reader. I was thinking they could find out by coming across her fighting at the fight club (w/o her knowing), them hearing about her reputation then finding out, or she could come home a little roughed up after a fight (that she won) then maybe she could lie but they find out anyway. Tysm! Love your writing btw. 💕

Requested by @mxltifxndomromanreigns

A.N. Sorry this took so long!!! And I hope you like it!

Originally posted by chipotole

(Y/n) sat at the table with Darry, watching him calculate the bills. She sighed when he began to rub his temples, the sign that they didn’t have enough for the month. At the sound of her sigh, Darry looked up at gave her a small smile. He began to do his calculations again, checking his math. (Y/n) reached over and rest her hand on his.
“How much this month?”
“Don’t worry about it (Y/n)”
“Come on Dar, I can tell that we don’t have enough. How much?”
“We’re thirty short. But don’t tell Soda or Pony”
“I won’t. I never do. Let me help Dar, I have some money saved up”
“No, I can’t take that from you. You’re saving that for college.”
“Staying together is more important than me going to college Dar, if we can’t pay the bills, they will take Soda, Pony, and me away and you know it”
“No buts, you know I’m right. Just take it Darry.”
“Thanks (Y/n), I love you kiddo”
“Love you too Dar”

~Time Skip~

(Y/n) was preparing before a fight, she took a deep breath, before entering the arena. It wasn’t much, just an abandoned warehouse, but it was like a second home. She had found the club a few years earlier, and had joined, knowing that she was a good fighter. The money she had been winning had been going toward college, and paying the bills, though (Y/n) would never tell the gang where she was getting the money from. But she didn’t know how much longer she would be able to hide it from Darry, he had been asking where she had been getting the money, she had more than what she should have been getting from her job at the DX, where she worked with Steve and Soda, and he had started fearing the worst. (Y/n) had a tough opponent, his reputation said that he was unbeatable, but (Y/n) knew she had a good chance, she was small, and light on her feet, while he was large and bulky. It had been a long drawn out fight, but (Y/n) had won. She was given the money she had won and went home. When she entered the house, all eyes were on her,
“Where have you been?”
“Out where? Don’t give me attitude (Y/n)”
“I just went for a walk Dar, I’m fine, everything is fine”
(Y/n) walked down the hallway and into her room, closing the door behind her. After she had gone, Dally leaned toward Darry,
“Did you know she is in a fight club?”
“No, where did you hear that?”
“I was in town, trying to pick up a broad, and I heard some guys talking about a fight club, I didn’t think much of it until I heard her name. Apparently she has quite the reputation, won the most matches, and beat the strongest guys”
“That must be where the money is coming from, she has too much for it to be from work”
The next day, none of the gang mentioned the fight club to (Y/n), they went about their usual routines. When (Y/n) had come back from her fight, her face was bruised, and she had a noticeable limp. She had tried to get past the gang without any questions being asked, but Darry stood in her way as she tried to go to her room,
“Where were you?”
“Let’s not do this again (Y/n), what happened to you?”
“Nothing important, just ran into some Socs on the way home”
“Are you sure this doesn’t have anything to do with the fight club you are in?”
“H-how did you find out about that?”
Darry opened his mouth to answer, but Dally beat him to it,
“Word on the street has it that you have quite the rep in a fight club”
“I don’t really care that you are in it (Y/n), I just wish you would have told me, instead of lying to me”
“I’m sorry Dar, I just wanted to help”
“I understand, but I don’t want you to get too hurt, you can’t miss any school”
“I haven’t lost yet”
“I can believe it”

I was tagged. Six things about me

1. Though I have my favorite pizza toppings I’ll eat nearly any pizza. If you and I order a pizza we’ll get whatever you want for toppings even if it’s kale and brussels sprouts. It’s pizza and pizza is delicious. Watching high-maintenance children and adults at parties moaning “Ewwww, olives are the grossest!” or “I can’t eat onions!” or “Yuck! No one likes pepperoni!” kills me. I’ll argue about tap water before I’ll fight over pizza toppings. Being on a deserted island with one of those people would be amusing if the only food was a pepperoni and olive pizza. Be picky, be hungry. Fine with me.

2. I was the captain of my cross country running team in high school.

3. I don’t like big music concerts. One time my wife and I got free tickets to see Paul Simon and Brian Wilson. The music was good but everyone there bugged the shit out of me. Near the end of that concert I started a fight with some obnoxious high school kids. I may hate some people but it’s extremely unlike me to fight. That fight was mostly pushing and shoving. Security saw us and kicked the kids out but I was allowed to remain.

4(a). Twice in my life I have pulled a dead body out of a lake. 4(b). Twice I’ve done the Heimlich maneuver on a young child. It worked! 4©. Once I did CPR on an adult. It didn’t work.

5. If I could go to college all over I’d consider majoring in psychology. Being a therapist would be interesting. People open up and tell me things even if I’m not asking questions. I think I’m a good listener and discreet with what I hear.

6(a). If I obtain ridiculous wealth wearing a brand new pair of socks every day will happen. The feeling of fresh, squishy socks is amazing. It would cut down on laundry too. 6(b). I actually like doing laundry. It’s why I bought a washer will all the bells and whistles.

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"people who LOVE gamzee but hate vriska (like this person) arent triggered by abuse, because they love abusers who target disabled people as long as theyre men" or different things trigger different people. there's plenty of people on tumblr who are triggered by dirk, but not by vriska, or vice versa -- are those homophobia and misogyny respectively? i fucking hate gamzee and don't care about that user but i'm exhausted on feeling like i have to like vriska when she triggers me immensely

you dont have to like vriska, and im sorry if anything ive ever written has made it seem like i think u do. i dont want people to like her, just to understand her, which is the same reason i write about dirk. (and of course nobody is required to like or understand either of those two characters, which is why following me is optional and not, like, mandated by law)

i definitely do find something suspicious in people who like vriska but hate dirk, depending on how they characterize him - “dirk is overrated/boring/annoying” is totally understandable, “dirk is a sexual predator” is homophobia - but normally i dont give a shit about who likes or hates whatever character. thats your business. but this person puts all of their posts in the character tags and wants to make it other peoples business so it doesnt take a genius to see that theyre itching for a fight, ykwim

what follows is anecdotal and personal, so ymmv - im also putting it under a cut

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Headcanon about teen Ignis and Noct

Ignis’ hair being spiked back started as a gesture of frustration.

Noct was being a little shit, as he does when he’s scared for his dad, and Ignis was actually driven to the point of grabbing a fistful of his hair and pulling, and then he pushed his hand through his hair. From all the shouting they had been doing, he had been sweating, and it caused his hair to stay back.

Noctis took a good look at him, and suddenly the fight was over. He was laughing, and pointing it out, then saying it looked good, said it made Ignis look older and cooler. And then he gave in, whatever it was, the victory went to Ignis.

So he started doing it on purpose from then on.


if in your efforts to normalize homosexuality and queer relationships you end up harassing those who identify as bi and pan and calling them homophobic when they ship het ships in addition to gay ships….you’re probably fucking up.  Especially if you aren’t even LBGTQ+ and you claim to be an “ally” but you really just enjoy gatekeeping and fetishizing gay relationships. I’m kind of appalled at this.

There are gay and lesbian tumblr users in the overwatch fandom who multiship where some of those ships happen to be het that are getting death threats like??? are you kidding. There are people in the gay community that ship gency, that ship meihem and anahardt and lucihana and symmrat alongside mchanzo and reaper76 and widowtracer and zaryamei and pharmercy and roadrat. Now they’re traitors to the gay community and deserve hate? wtf?

I loved when Tracer was confirmed in a lesbian relationship like the whole website was celebrating and it was amazing! And the crybaby dudes who wanted to continue to fetishize her and fantasize about her went to their corner raging all the way and we kept up the support and happiness on our end because fuck them. Blizzard is legit making an effort and they’re listening to us as fans. Why are people threatening the creators lives? What the fuck. Whatttt the fuck. You can be dissatisfied but it is NEVER OKAY to tell someone to kill themselves whose legit done nothing to you. A creator of OW ships gency and ya’ll want him to die? Really tho? That’s the person you are? 

Originally posted by lifetimetv

There are polyamorous overwatch fans being called out because not everyone in their polyam relationship otp is the same gender or sex. There are bi and pan tumblr users that ship both ends of the spectrum as well, WHY are they being bullied so terribly and lumped in with straight people or seen as enemies? That’s TERFy as fuck. And for what?  You can’t just be like “Overwatch belongs to gay men and lesbian women only” in an effort to stop erasure and heteronormativity when you’re excluding like everyone the fuck else in the queer community.

There ARE toxic people who are homophobic and sexist and fatphobic in this fandom and to find them and call them out is necessary, but some of ya’ll are missing the mark entirely. The biphobia is unacceptable. My cishet ass can take the backlash for shipping my het ships alongside my gay ones because I get it, I get that frustration and I know representation matters and you have a right to demand it.  I mean I still don’t think it’s right to attack straights that ship het pairs for simply doing so, but I’m not really going to get into it because het relationships get so much priority anyway so it would be wrong and selfish for me to sit here as a straight person defending straight people who ship straight pairings as if we don’t get representation and validation literally everywhere else. It doesn’t bother me that much. I’ll let ya’ll emote because as a black woman I can relate to where you’re coming from. I’ve been there. When it feels like there’s nothing for you and you have to fight just to have a space that yours and caters to you and validates you. Just know that you have NO idea where people are mentally and whatever comes from your words and harassment is something you’ll have to live with. I’m talking about unprovoked harassment and people putting triggering shit in the ship tags and asking people to die. I’m just parroting what other members of the fandom that ARE LBGTQ+ are dealing with and feeling because it can’t be said enough. And for that to come from the people that are supposed to be down for them? Not cool.

You can be upset with Blizzard if you don’t feel like they are doing enough to satisfy you as a consumer. That’s fine. Honestly, you’d be completely justified in calling it erasure if someone ships a character that is gay in canon (like Tracer) in a het ship. Be petty and competitive in the ship tags, whatever helps you live. Just STOP the harassment. Stop targeting specific tumblr users or twitter accounts and telling them to kill themselves over a fucking ship. This is like someone being ace/aro and calling anyone who ships a romantic ship or depicts two characters having sex arophobic or acephobic. Don’t be ridiculous.

  • Lizzie: Come on, compliment me. Tell me my hair looks beautiful.
  • Ciel: But your hair looks disgusting. Did you even shower?