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Okay, can we talk about this for a minute? That in the pilot, Henry was the one who brought Emma home? Were she actually belonged? She didn’t know who she was. She was just living a fake reality. Just like ….


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Alright, so in 6x10 we have the EXACT same thing. But this time. It’s Regina who’s gona save Emma from the fake reality she lived in.

Both, Henry and Regina care about Emma. They are willing to make her believe at any cost. Henry actually died to make her believe and Regina traveled through realms WILLING to die in order to make her believe.

We’re not delusional.


“There’s no version of your story where you aren’t a hero.” (x)

okay, so the BatB gown redesign is happening

Criteria that I’ll be sticking by:

  • Historically inspired, but not necessarily historically accurate. The original animated film made very little attempt at creating a period-correct French ballgown, and it became an iconic costume that I see everywhere
  • Easy to move in - Emma Watson specifically requested something that didn’t restrict her when she danced. I’m going to leave her comments about corsetry, oppression of women, etc. out of the picture, because this at least is a legitimate concern - modern women don’t learn to waltz in hoopskirts or corsets or bustles, generally; if you’re doing a complicated choreographed routine with a half-costume half-CGI (or however they did the Beast) partner and cameras everywhere it makes sense that you’d want to be able to move around. “Easy to move in” isn’t necessarily something I worry about, but then again I’ve been in and out of corsets for ten years.
    • also like half the point of this is to prove to Ms. Watson that it’s possible for a gown to be more historically rooted AND easy to wear AND pretty to look at, so…
  • No panniers, despite the period kind of calling for them. Because I, personally, hate panniers, and this is my redesign. (Also ‘pannier’ and ‘easy to move in’ doesn’t correlate unless you’re a pro, which the intended actress is not)
  • No bustles, even though I love bustles, because “a ballgown inspired by the aesthetics and design choices of 18th-century robes a la francaise” and “massive late-Victorian bustle” do not go together. Truthfully, the original gown has something to be said for using 1860s-era evening wear as a base inspiration (much like Cinderella’s gown, actually), but the rest of the film seems firmly rooted in pre-French Revolution styles so that’s what I’m sticking with.
    • If you all would rather I do something closer in visual appearance to the original film, please tell me! I’m always game for a romp through the latter half of the 1800s.
  • This is a fairytale. If I’m caught between an option that looks nice and an option that’s more historically accurate, I’m going to choose the one that looks nice.

make me choose: captain swan in s4 or captain swan in s5?
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You said you knew what was wrong with me. Prove it.

  • “Graham Nolan, you were named for a guy your sister had a thing with but at least we picked the one who saved her mother’s life and believed in her and got her a job instead of knocking her up and sending her to jail”
  • “Killian Nolan, you were named for your sister’s boyfriend which yes is kind of weird but at least we picked the one who’s always been there for her and saved our lives and he’s also Captain Hook which let’s face it is pretty cool”
  • “James Nolan, you were named for my brother who was kind of a jerk but at least he never hurt your sister”
  • “Leo Nolan, you were named for your grandfather whose choice in second wife was a bit questionable and whose treatment of said wife was also a bit questionable but at least he never hurt your sister”
  • “Leroy Nolan, you were named after a dwarf but hey it’s a cool name and he’s a cool guy who actually helped us a lot and never hurt your sister”
  • “Charles Nolan, you were named after a guy I met once long ago who convinced me not to give up on love and who also inadvertently helped save your sister from a dungeon and from never existing”
  • “Jake Nolan, you were named after no one in particular because we figured that just like your sister you ought to have your own name without any weird baggage or references to someone who hurt your sister”
  • “Luke Nolan, you were named after Luke Skywalker in Star Wars because he’s awesome and also your sister pretended to be Princess Leia one time and my little geeky heart exploded with feels but don’t tell your mother because she just thought that it’s a nice name”
  • “David Nolan Jr, you were named after me because let’s face it I’m pretty awesome”