fight like the devil

If you have only gotten to know me in the last 8 years, let me make something clear to you. I have never been quiet about my political, economic, and religious views. My stance as a humanist, atheist, progressive, democratic socialist is not a secret. I am not afraid to discuss these topics, as I deeply believe that open, frequent, fact centered debate is the highest hallmark of our democracy, and one of the most reliable forces of peaceful change available to us. My dedication to human rights, social justice, and economic equality should be no surprise to you.

But if you have only known me in the last 8 years, you have only known me during a democratic presidential term, and that means my opinions and dialogue has been tempered by the successes of progressive leadership. Youve never seen me while a republican was in charge.

In short, yall aint seen nothing yet.


character posters: the herondales

Ella was protective,” said Will. “Like a mother. She would have done anything for me. And Cecily was a little mad creature. She was only nine when I left. I can’t say if she’s still the same, but she was—like Cathy in Wuthering Heights. She was afraid of nothing and demanded everything. She could fight like a devil and swear like a Billingsgate fishwife.” There was amusement in his voice, and admiration, and … love. She had never heard him talk about anyone that way, except perhaps Jem.

dirk gently’s holistic detective agency playlist:

amanda: young understanding // sundara karma; runaway // aurora; crazy // gnarls barkley; 1992 // thiago pethit

farah: old yellow bricks // arctic monkeys; warrior // aurora; team // lorde; nine out of ten // johnny hooker version

dirk: elastic heart // sia; yellow circles // layla; dandy darling // thiago pethit; counting stars // one republic; icarus // bastille; here comes the sun // the beatles

todd: polarize // twenty one pilots; aerials // system of a down; a sadness runs through him // the hoosiers; trouble // paper lions; message man // twenty one pilots

bart: human // of monsters and men; fight like a girl // emilie autumn; devil in me // thiago pethit

ken: d is for dangerous // arctic monkeys; psycho killer // cage the elephant version; spiderhead // cage the elephant

rowdy 3: toxicity // system of a down; swarm // the bohicas; fuck the system // system of a down; seek & destroy// metallica; scream // avenged sevenfold 

dirk&todd (brotzly) -  fun // troye sivan; bonfire // the hunna; touch // troye sivan; I walk the line // halsey; nothing else matters // metallica; my type // saint motel; stop the world I wanna get off with you // arctic monkeys;  open // rhye;  afterlife // XYLØ

amanda&farah:  dangerous animals // arctic monkeys; i’m into you // chet faker;  I don’t do boys // elektra; magnets // disclosure ft. lorde; don’t worry about me // frances

bart&ken: to die for // the bohicas; love and feeling // chet faker; wolves without teeth //  of monsters and men; crush me // the bohicas; portuguese knife fight // cage the elephant; smokestacks // layla; romeo // thiago pethit

amanda&martin (rowdy 3) - follow // esteban; violet // hippo campus; I bet you look good on the dancefloor // arctic monkeys; flawless // the neighbourhood

I made this playlist based on the lyrics and rhythm of the songs (I didn’t see any videoclip) and, of course, with the songs I hear and know.
I hope you like and if you have any suggestions or want other playlists just say to me ♥

  • (all songs are linked with their youtube videos)

Holy by Zolita (tw: hanging)

“A young girl explores a lesbian relationship in a patriarchal schoolhouse and starts a secret feminist girl cult.”

Worship your body as you walk my way/ Your the only one who can make me pray/ I fall at your feet, your breath defined/ And underneath my skin’s intrinsic shrine/ Mm mm 

Drink my tears, i’m at your mercy/ I love you most, but i’m not worthy/ I’ll give my soul, sacrifice me/ Cause your love is holy/ Is holy 

I can fight but the devil wins/ And i will fall like i sin new sins/ Forgive me Father i am weak/ And it’s not forgiveness that i seek/ Mm mm

Storytime *Platonic!Liam Dunbar x Reader*

title? Storytime

request?  1) Can I request a teen wolf imagine where you are Scott or Stiles’ older sister and when you come back home, they have a pack meeting round and your brother is surprised to see you so he runs up to you and hugs you like a little kid and when they go to introduce you to their friends you recognise Liam. And everyone is confused on how you know him and you tell them all that you used to babysit him when he was little, like from the ages 2-4.

2) and you end up telling them all little stories about him when he was little, like how clingy he was and funny little things he did, how he was a little devil at the same time like fighting with other kids, how he use to scream whenever you left and stuff like that, and maybe part where you baby sat Liam with your little brother there and they didn’t get along? Thank you

requester? an anonie !

word count? 789


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A collection of songs with disconcerting sounds.

disconcerted: disturbed, as in one’s composure or self-possession.

I can fight but the devil wins
And I will fall like a saint who sins
Forgive me Father, I am weak
And it’s not forgiveness that I seek


Act Three: Looming Crywolf
XI-Tt Hiroyuki Sawano
Holy Zolita
And the World Was Gone Snow Ghosts
The Undertaker (Renholder Remix) Puscifer
Clubbed to Death Rob D
In My Head Pale 3
Titles - Come Home ft. Amatorski Dominik Scherrer
Volcano Woodkid
Acid Rain Lorn
Hunt You Down ft. Ruby Friedman The Hit House
The Drunken Whaler Copilot Strategic Sound
No Maker Made Me IAMX
London Joywave

My name is Lucy, Kendrick
You introduced me Kendrick
Usually I don’t do this
But I see you and me Kendrick
Lucy give you no worries
Lucy got million stories
About these rappers I came after when they was boring
Lucy gone fill your pockets
Lucy gone move your mama out of Compton
Inside the gi-gantic mansion like I promised
Lucy just want your trust and loyalty
Avoiding me?
It’s not so easy I’m at these functions accordingly
Kendrick, Lucy don’t slack a minute
Lucy work harder
Lucy gone call you even when Lucy know you love your Father
I’m Lucy
I loosely heard prayers on your first album truly
Lucy don’t mind cause at the end of the day you’ll pursue me
Lucy go get it, Lucy not timid, Lucy up front
Lucy got paper work on top of paper work
I want you to know that Lucy got you
All your life I watched you
And now you all grown up then sign this contract if that’s possible
—  Kendrick Lamar

equestrian-paranormal-society  asked:

M8 Enter the Dragonfly wasn't even made by Insomniac and was the beginning of the end WHY

I know Insomniac bailed after the original trilogy, but I wanted a next gen game of it soooo bad. So I thought,”Hey, if I can deal with the shittiest Spyro game known, I can deal with the others!” and NOPE.

I will say The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning is alright, but it’s not Spyro. It’s a beat ‘em up, no gem collecting, and Spyro is a big wimp in it. He’s not the spunky 90s dude I know and love. Like if you wanna introduce a kid to a game that has a Devil May Cry-like fighting system toned down, it’s a good start. But I really like collectathons, I wasn’t in the mood for ANB so Will ending up liking it and beating it before I was in the mood to play //weeps

Worship your body as you walk my way
You’re the only one who can make me pray
I fall at your feet, your breath defined
And underneath my skin’s an intrinsic shrine
Mmm mm

Drink my tears, I’m at your mercy
I love you most, but I’m not worthy
I’ll give my soul, sacrifice me
Cause your love is holy
Is holy

I can fight but the devil wins
And I will fall like a saint who sins
Forgive me Father, I am weak
And it’s not forgiveness that I seek
Mmm mm

Drink my tears, I’m at your mercy
I love you most, but I’m not worthy
I’ll give my soul, sacrifice me
Cause your love is holy
Is holy

I’d rather drown in your ocean
Than wither on the shore
Undying devotion, feel you in my core
Veneration, this faith’s got me high
Nothing without you, live for you till I die
Till I die, till I die, till I die, till I die, till I die oh whoaa

Drink my tears, I’m at your mercy
I love you most, but I’m not worthy
I’ll give my soul, sacrifice me
Cause your love is holy
Is holy
Your love is holy
Your love is holy
Your love is holy
Your love is
(Your love)…
It’s just so beautiful and dark~

Grimoire card: Ghost Fragment- House of Kings

Variks: You ask of House Kings, yes? They of the secret Kell. They who rule over ancient ruins in hope of one day returning to the shadow of the Great Machine. Kings are very mysterious, yes.

Petra: I want to know what they are truly capable of.

Variks: *laughing* Kings are very good at veiling their hand. They have embraced the Dark, so that none can steal from them anything, yes? Knowledge cannot be stolen so simply. Were it so easy…

Petra: You joke now, but you said earlier that they could’ve proven a match for even Skolas. It was long my belief that the Wolves were the single most powerful House in the system…

Variks: Kings only rarely fight in the open. They fight through their puppets: the Devils and Exiles.

Petra: Kind of like Skolas….

Variks: What little I have heard of Kings’ Kell brings me to same conclusion.

Petra: So why would Skolas try to treat with them?

Variks: Skolas wants to take control of all Houses, yes? Kings are House, yes?

Petra: No, no, that’s not what I meant. I mean, why would he trust them enough to try diplomacy? He didn’t with the Devils and he just completely ignored Exile. Winter didn’t have a Kell anyway, so that one was easy.

Variks: Skolas may be cunning in his madness, but Kell of Kings is mad in his cunning. Kell of Kings lets one thing be known of him. He wishes to keep Great Machine for himself, to rule over not only Eliksni, but all creatures.

Petra: So we may have two Kells with a God complex? Great…

It's Bittersweet

“Looks deceive,” she said to me, after I explained how she is the sweetest being one could ever meet.

“There is a demon caged within my rips, and at times it will scratch and gnaw, demanding to be heard. I’ve been hurt and hurt a thousand times over; you see, I could never hurt another, so internally I fight with this monster. It’s like a devil upon my shoulder whispering sin into my ear. I’ve captured my thoughts as prisoners of war, and these battles will never be over. At times, I am bitter. I did not deserve the things I’ve endured, and now there is a black hole where my month should be, so I cut out my tongue and merely emit positive energy.”