fight like a man or hang like a dog

“You know what Anne’s last words to her imprisoned lover were? ‘Had you fought like a man you need not have been hanged like a dog.’ But I think she proved that fighting like a woman was more than effective.”

Anne Bonny and Mary Read were the fiercest pirates in their day, holding their own and beyond among crews of men. The fearless swordswomen led wholly scandalous lives full of adventure, debauchery, and daring exploits in their careers as rovers of the seas. Though not many details about their lives are known as fact, they undoubtedly remain two of the most iconic nautical historical figures of all time. 

The curator of the Maritime Museum of San Diego had been putting the finishing touches on a new exhibit about the two infamous female buccaneers when the cornerstone piece, an eighteenth-century pistol belonging to Mary Read herself, was stolen. According to legend, the superstitious marauder had recruited a sorceress to conjure up a curse; should the revolver be taken from its rightful owner, the malefactor would be sorely punished. Bizarre and unexplained accidents have begun occurring on all of the museum’s ships, and the curator is convinced these local misfortunes point to one of his staff being the culprit. Is this merely the work of a disgruntled employee? Or has Mary Read’s vengeful malediction been enacted?

Join Nancy Drew in her next case: The Swashbuckler’s Scourge.

Doing my storyboard on a new level today.

This one took me the entire day. I will MAYBE make the next part if the motivation is with me. (the rendering took forever urrrgg)

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