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Barisi Episode Tag, 18x17

(Yes, I know Barba wasn’t in this episode. No, I didn’t let that stop me.)

(10.8K. Rafael POV. Fluffy and angst-free. Inspired by Sonny and Rafael wearing almost the exact same outfit, and then wearing literally the exact same outfit. Also inspired by my need to justify why Rafael was missing from Real Fake News, even though Liv needed him. Lastly, in this story I attempt to explain Rafael’s softened personality in S18. So this is the Barba version of Flan, I suppose. Oh and, this is sort of a prequel-tag to the finale. It’ll make sense when you read it.)

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“Is he here yet?”

“No, Mr. Barba. Not yet. I’ll send him in, as soon as he arrives.”

Rafael sighs.

He’s pretty sure Carmen would sigh too, if she weren’t the consummate professional that she is. He’s asked her five times, already, and the meeting isn’t for another ten minutes.

He can’t help it.

Rafael can’t help feeling nervous.



It’s not his case.

He knows that.

It can’t be his case.

Rafael had to quietly recuse himself.


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My contribution to the whole "humans in space" thing

So I’ve seen quite a few “humans in space” posts where the humans saved the ships crew from space pirates by being protective of their nonhuman comrades they bonded to, underestimated due to size and deceptive vulnerability, ability to read each others body language, etc.

But I don’t think I’ve seen one where the human is on the side of the pirates? Heck if I had to choose between joining the “galactic federation of keeping law and order in an interstellar fight against space crime” or ragged, mischief making, plundering space pirates who just want to have fun and go wherever they please I would choose the space pirates! Greedy humans with their happy go lucky, hold my beer attitude, “betcha we can outwarp those space-cops” would be fantastic space pirates.


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Imagine where you’re Dodds spouse and you go see him after he’s shot 

Requested by Anon~

As your fingers began stroking through Mike’s hair, this roused the detective into opening his eyes. He looked so pale, with dark circles around his eyes. Mike looked so weak, so tired.

Yet, when he finally opened his eyes and gave you a smirk, you smiled back. Despite the painful clenching of your stomach. “Hey there.” You greeted softly. “How do you feel?”

Mike took a deep breath, which made him wince a little. “I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to make you worry, sweetheart.”

His words made you laugh a little. “You got shot, and you’re saying sorry?”

jaspermagneo-deactivated2017050  asked:

Madam sophii, would you mind writing some jason grace headcanons?

  • impossibly hyper during thunder storms 
  • lives for law and order marathons 
  • has to fight the urge to howl at full moons 
  • gets his pilot’s license 
  • keeps a drachma in his pocket that he plays with compulsively 
  • owns an impressive collection of cardigans 
  • always brings a book with him “just in case” 
  • if he drinks too much apple cider he gets sugar high and everyone gets a glimpse of what drunk Jason would probably be like (very cuddly and doles out compliments like it’s his job) 
Gotham MBTI

James Gordon
ISTJ [The Inspector]

ISTJs are so task-oriented, and so conscientious in their handling of details and standard procedures, that they are often stereotyped as “establishment” types, weighed down by the gravity of institutional priorities. Although ISTJs are indeed careful, and concerned to preserve what has been proven to be worthwhile, these characteristics are only a part of the type’s approach to the world–the part that most people see. ISTJs are fundamentally Introverted Sensates, with a highly subjective, original turn of mind. As Introverted Sensates, ISTJs are unparalleled realists. Their powers of concentration are unequaled–and nothing escapes their attention. They prefer to work in an uninterrupted manner. They may be perceived as emotionally distant and demanding. They don’t always understand what people want of them, and they may be uncomfortable and awkward about conveying warmth apart from situation of personal intimacy. [Thomson]

Harvey Bullock
ESTP [The Doer]

ESTPs are realists of the first order. The ESTP is galvanized by Introverted Thinking toward situations involving risk, strategy, and serious competition. They like the thrill of the game, and they generally play out their need for action and challenge in fast-moving careers that require think-on-your-feet decisions and split-second coordination. They take in so much information at a glance that they may seem to have a sixth sense. They know far more than they’re able to express about what’s likely to happen and what they can do to prevent or support it. ESTPs are so alert to others’ reactions that they can use this skill to their advantage, negotiating ends favorable to their own interests. An ESTP may be ruthlessly pragmatic in this respect, fully capable of depersonalizing a situation, seeing others as players in a game that inevitably results in winners and losers.[Thomson]

Bruce Wayne
INTJ [The Mastermind]

Because INTJs rely on Extraverted Thinking for their dealings with the outer world, they often have a scientific, somewhat skeptical approach to reality. They want to know how things work and what they’re likely to do under varying circumstances. Impatient with wasted motion, words, and emotion, their outward demeanor may be difficult to read. They are rarely committed to general assumptions about rules, laws, and hierarchy, and they may have an acerbic or wry sense of humor about such things. INTJs will use what works in the service of their ideas; and they will quickly discard or change what doesn’t. INTJs cannot accept new information until they relate it to their inner world. INTJs explore information largely by rejecting its influence–examining it from other perspectives and determining its limitations. [Thomson]

Alfred Pennyworth
ISFJ [The Defender]

ISFJs are most comfortable with facts and information about concrete reality. ISFJs relate to their outer world in a decidedly personal way, with Extraverted Feeling. ISFJs are highly alert to behaviors and gestures that suggest another’s emotional attitude, needs, or expectations, and they generally acquire knowledge that allows them to be of service–preferably to one person at a time. They rarely consider the amount  of time or effort their involvement will require–or even the potential consequences of their actions. They may find it difficult to justify, or even to verbalize, their fundamental motives, but they are quite certain they are doing the right thing and will not be swayed by their perceived task. They take others’ reactions and expectations to heart, and they may end up offering approximate information rather than taking the time to think out what they know. [Thomson]

Oswald Cobblepot
INFP [The Dreamer]

Introverted Feeling determines subjective values–convictions about how life is best lived. Such values are trained by direct experience of good and bad behaviors, and they claim us from within. INFPs may not describe their approach to life in metaphysical terms, but it’s a rare INFP who doesn’t see in nature’s underlying pattern intimations of a larger purpose. Because their ideals are wholisitic, INFPs feel responsible not only for their actions but for their desire to take action. They’re often wry, and if they’re comfortable, they’ll contribute a running patter of perceptive remarks and observations. Thus, it surprises people when the INFP abruptly winds down and wants to be alone. INFPs who use their inferior function, Extraverted Thinking are often excellent at managing time and resources for others but have a harder time structuring and organizing their own lives. [Thomson]

Although many would not consider what Oswald is doing as morally right or just, his dominant Fi is skewed by his upbringing in Gotham. Fi is shaped by personal and experience. For him organized crime is morally fine and he has his own ideal from his Fi as to what Gotham can be. Ne helps him see the patterns and he sees a deeper meaning to Gotham and the crime organizations. He is more of a poet criminal than a power hungry mob boss like Fish. For Fish it is about being in charge of a system, but for Oswald it is extremely personal. Gotham is his home and he is the only one who can get it on the right track. His tertiary Si makes him obsessive in this endeavor and his inferior Te is what makes him organized. However, as much as he is part of organized crime his inferior Te fights against Te systems in the form of the “law and order” of the GCPD. We see this most in how he sees himself as a kindred spirit of James (ISFP, sharing Fi dominance). They both want what they feel is right for Gotham and ignore the rules and principles in place. He constantly tempts James to his side of the game.

Barbara Kean
ESFJ [The Supporter]

Organised, caring and driven by duty the ESFJ loves to contribute and remain constantly valued, productive, busy and liked. The ESFJ has an action-orientation that they will channel into people, helping and finding practical solutions to people issues and they’ll work hard at making this happen as they are naturally oriented to the needs of those around them. Whilst the ESFJ wants everyone to feel valued, they will also want to feel part of the group themselves - they need to feel included. If someone is hurting, the ESFJ will be the first to respond.

Barbara has constantly formed her identity from those she was with. Whether friends, family, or romantic partners (Fe). Once these were all stripped away from her with her split with Gordon, her girlfriend dumping her, and then when she killed her family, she has to create a new sense of self. All she wants is appreciation from others (Fe) and she kept getting rejected by all of those she loves. Instead of really trying to find herself with Si, She uses her Ne function and blames those around her for problems that she causes for herself. If she gets rid of Leslie, then her and Gordon can be back together. Without Si, she taks zero responsibility or blame for her own inner turmoil and actions. 

Selina Kyle 
ISTP [The Craftsman]

The ISTP is one of the most complex of Jungian character types moving seamlessly from quiet bystander to active participant and leader of the revolution in one fell swoop, then back again to invisible, apparently disinterested introvert. The self-indulgent nature of the ISTP means that they will be full-on, or full off - they don’t do shades of grey. The ISTP is at their best in times of crisis and challenge, but will have little appetite for follow-through as they will be looking for a new complex challenge. Independent, inscrutable and self-contained the ISTP will be difficult to get to know as they will reveal only what they choose to reveal, when they choose to reveal it. 

Edward Nygma
INTP [The Engineer]

The INTP is intellectually curious and enjoys the more complex and theoretical problems, often for their own sake. Practical application has little interest for them, preferring to identify the solutions and then leave someone else to plan the work. They do however like things done properly and have very high standards. The routine, the detail bores them rigid and they will put off completing tasks, especially those that they see as unnecessary, preferring to ‘blitz’ them nearer the deadline. For the INTP follow-through does not come naturally, and completion will be via huge bursts of energy at the last minute but it will be done. 

Edward is obsessed with structures. Whether it is the structure of science or riddles. He loves to be involved hands on, take things apart and put them together again. His Ne makes him more abstractly minded and about figuring out how things work and why. He continually isolates himself in a Ti-Si loop. His inferior Fe creeps up on him afriad of people judging his riddle work and his general sense of self. As he tries to put himself out there with Ms. Kringle, he receives rejection and recedes into himself even more. He seems to be healhier when he is accepted by her, but once he reveals his true self to her he is rejected yet again and is in a full on Ti-Si loop. His “alter ego” is really apart of himself. The one that creates an unhealthy INTP who is arrogant and thinks they are better and smarter than everyone else. He grows obsessive with riddles and no longer connects with the outer world with Ne-Fe.

Fish Mooney
ENTJ [The Leader]

Organised, productive with high willpower, determination and an intense need to be constantly ‘on the go,’ the ENTJ will not sit back and see what life brings but will proactively go make it happen. Rarely intimidated and with a restless desire to achieve and with no problems going against the grain or being very direct with people. This is of course not intentional but they can display a lack of patience with those who don’t grasp things as quickly as they do, or who appear to be blocking the plan, and can be seen at times as intimidating overbearing in their desire to get the job done, moving from A-Z in the shortest possible time-frames.

As an ENTJ Fish Mooney sees how inefficient the crime system is in Gotham and sees how it can be changed and adapted. She is the one to do it and takes on the leadership proudly. No matter what situation she is in she knows how to climb to the top and won’t share the thrown.

Victor Zsasz
ISFP [The Artist]

The ISFP is the astute observer of life, quiet, introspective and kindly. If trust is broken, the ISFP will walk away, no fuss, apparently passive but stubbornly refusing to engage again. Quiet supporters, rarely will an ISFP be the leader, preferring to remain behind the scenes, observing, understanding, but saying very little. There is a stubborn side to the ISFP, but this is more of a passive stubbornness, meaning the person may say 'yes,’ but mean 'no.' 

Zsasz has perfected klilling to an art. Being a killer is all he needs in life (Fi). His Se is what helps him fulfill this Fi calling of his. He doesn’t need to do anything else, but be one with killing those around him. He doesn’t mind who he works for, but demands freedom from the organizations that hire him (inferior Te). As long as they let him loose and encourage his art, he is in bliss.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins
ISFP [The Artist]

Reserved, intensely private, and unobtrusive, it can take many encounters to get to know the incredible warmth, generosity, kindness, playful humor, and often impressive skill set of an ISFP. First impressions do not do them justice; ISFPs are the type least likely to “advertise” their own strengths. They are one of the most sympathetic types who genuinely care about and enjoy people. However, being in highly social environments tends to drain their energy - they crave time inside their own head to process and recharge. ISFPs have strong personal values, and while they do not discuss them much with others, they have a large impact on the ISFP’s actions and decisions. They seek to feel that they are living their lives in accordance with their values and what “feels” right to them. ISFPs care deeply about people, seeing something positive in everyone. They take great pleasure in tangibly contributing to the well-being and happiness of others. [Type-Coach]

Theo Galavan
ISTJ [The Inspector] 

The ISTJ is the behind-the-scenes worker making things happen. Their sense of duty and loyalty means that they will rarely be happy in the front line, preferring to be the engine room. Logical, detached and detailed, ISTJs pride themselves on their store of data and knowledge, all arrived at with clinical procedure and experience. They take great care not to get it wrong and like everyone to take responsibility for their actions - and their mistakes. ISTJs like to plan, schedule and drive through to completion, in a logical linear sequence. Any deviation from the plan would be questioned and may take some convincing of its merits. 

Theo Galavan has a ton of factual and concrete knowledge of his interest in family history and the history of Gotham. He grows obsessed with restoring his family’s name. He does not care about the emotions of those around him, as long as everyone is doing there job (Te). He feels morally justified by his tertiary Fi, that taking down the Waynes is the right things to do. He is unhealthy and sees the outside changes of Gotham (Ne) as completely negative, and only he with Si-Fi is the one who knows what is right for everyone, and how to stablize Gotham.

Tabitha Galavan
ESFP [The Entertainer]

Life-loving, people-centric thrill seekers, the ESFP is interested in people and experiences throwing themselves into relationships and life in general. Their dislike of rules and routine.  If there is a crisis, the ESFP will be there, taking charge, offering support, revelling in their ability to help, loving the drama. The ability of the ESFP to drop everything and provide immediate, practical support may come at the expense of an ability to plan, schedule and prioritise. However those on the receiving end will be grateful and left feeling really special. 

Tabitha is engrossed in her sensate function. She loves to torture and cause pain for the thrill of it. She is in the moment. Her Fi directs her focus towards others, combined with her Se, it makes her very good at reading the emotions of others.. This helps her read situations well enough to know when to dip right out. Her tertiary Te makes her prioritize herself over all others and therefore she is inclined to dip once she has nothing to gain.

Jerome Valeska
ENTP [The Visionary]

Engaging, plausible and entertaining the ENTP will be like a breath of fresh air, infusing people and situations with a whole array of new ideas and creative ways of doing things. However, they can become bored and withdraw their energies as they go off in search of the next thrill. Curious, child-like wonder characterises the ENTP, they are flexible, open-minded and love possibilities. They tend to see everything as a challenge, seeing opportunities even in the most difficult of circumstances. ENTPs can at times display impatience with those whom they consider wrong, and may show little restraint in demonstrating this.

Jerome is full of ideas for the future of Gotham, but doesn’t like to deal with the details. He is a villain out of boredom (Ne) and simply wants to challenge people (Ti) to get expected reactions out of them (Fe). If he doesn’t get the reaction he wants he grows very upset. When ever he is challenged he uses humor as a defensive mechanism (Fe) in order to regain control of the situation and his sense of independence (Ti).

Havey Dent
ESTJ [The Executive]

ESTJs see reality as a kind of puzzle whose pieces must fit together logically if they are to understand the whole picture. They have an incisive understanding of organization and complexity. ESTJs reason conceptually, one step at a time. The problems that absorb them are too complicated to be solved by common sense or intuition. They require the negotiation of structural relationships by way of logic. ESTJs observe facts, draw tentative conclusions, predict what will happen next, then check their predictions against real-life consequences. Anything that can’t be proved by hard evidence is ruled out. ESTJs see themselves more as advocates–people whose position and knowledge permit them to represent a system and to negotiate structure for others. [Thomson]

Italicized descriptions from Prelude Character Analysis. Those labeled Thomson are from Lenore Thomson’s book Personality Type. Other writings are original copy of @fictionalcharactermbti.

Pietro Maximoff One Shot

Summary: You and Pietro pretend to go on a date as part of a mission. 

Your name: submit What is this?

“You’re wearing a dress.”

Your attention was suddenly caught by the familiar Sokovian voice, turning around on your heel to where Pietro Maximoff stood in quite a spiffy suit, his hair slicked back and his eyes gazing over your body. 

“Did you expect me to come in sweat pants and an old t-shirt?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him and he licked his bottom lip in a nervous manner but a small smile did come to his face. 

“I wouldn’t have been surprised,” he strode over to you, offering his hand which you reluctantly took as you were fully aware that your hand was clammy from how nervous you’d been while waiting, “did you make the reservation?” 

Your mouth fell open, “I thought you were going to do that!” 

Pietro gave a small laugh, guiding you to the waiter at the front of the restaurant. 

“Ah, reservation for Vladimir,” he said and the waiter nodded, looking through the reservations as you elbowed Pietro in the ribs. 

“Right this way, sir. Ma’am,” the waiter gave you a small smile before leading the two of you inside, the quaint restaurant filled with customers but to your surprise, the waiter took you past all of them to a backroom that was nearly empty except for two other tables - one had a couple at the table and the other one the furthest away from the door as possible with your targets seated at it. 

“Are you paying with cash or card?”

Pietro handed a card to the man, “card.” 

Soon, the waiter walked back to the front room and you and Pietro were left alone. You had a better view of your targets, Pietro’s back unfortunately turned to them due to the seating arrangement but you knew that it was especially hard to get seats in the back room of the restaurant you were at - only the richest of the rich could get seats here. 

“You used Tony’s card, didn’t you?” you asked Pietro who gave a sheepish smile. 

“Of course I did,” he smiled thankfully at the waiter who returned the card back, “we are the ones putting our lives on the line… we deserve a good time.”

“How do you suppose we have a good time when we’re supposed to be trying to figure out whether or not to start a raid on this place?”

He reached out, taking your hand from across the table and giving it a small, almost comforting squeeze.

“I’m sure we’ll figure something out,”

At first, you were taken aback by the gesture but as your eyes flickered over to the men you were meant to be targeting, you saw one of them watching you suspiciously.

“Do you have eyes in the back of your head or something?” you asked him and he gave a small laugh.

“I’m full of surprises,” he then took his hand away from yours, picking up when of the menus as your had stayed where it was, a slight tingly feeling occurring, “we’re meant to be in love, remember?”

You and Pietro ended up having quite a lovely night, both of you almost forgetting that you were on a mission and that you couldn’t just take Tony’s money whenever you like. However, halfway through dinner was when Clint came through your earpiece, asking you if the two of you were done flirting and ready to get to work.

So now, you were hiding behind a flipped table, reloading a gun as you looked around for Pietro.

“He’s outside,” Natasha yelled to you and you gave a small thankful nod, sprinting out of the scene (not before shooting a few bullets on the way out) and outside to where agents had surrounded the place.

“Have you been hurt?” one of the agents asked as you stepped over the crime tape, hearing loud gunshots from inside.

“No, they’re nearly done in there though,” and plus you’d get in Natasha’s way, you thought.

You found Pietro sitting just outside an ambulance, a medic just finished patching up one of his wounds and he gave you his familiar sheepish smile, indicating to you that he was just fine.

“Good first date,” you joked, taking a seat beside him and he gave a small laugh.

“Yes, I even took a bullet for you,”

“It’s true love,” you looked at his side for a moment, “did you actually take a bullet for me?”

“Did you not see me?”

“You do kinda run really fast,”

He shrugged, “it was nothing. It didn’t hit anything major and I’m allowed to go home.”

“You really didn’t need to do that.”

Pietro’s expression turned suddenly serious, “yes, I did.”

You weren’t given much time to question him before Clint was sitting beside the two of you, attending to his own wounds and talking to both of you.

“You two actually had me questioning if you’d been dating behind our backs,” he laughed, frowning at the blood stain on his shirt and muttering about how it was going to be difficult to get out. “You two haven’t been dating in secret, have you?”

“No, no!” you and Pietro said in unison, blushing furiously.

“All just an act,” you said nervously, “that’s our job, right?”

Clint laughed, sounding a bit relieved, “yeah, yeah, just a bit paranoid. I’d just rather not walk in on the two of you making out.”

“You never have to worry about that. Trust me.”

Lying on your couch lazily, you flicked through various TV channels, knowing that you shouldn’t expect anything amazing to be on at this time of night. Getting home from missions often left you with a lot of adrenaline, especially at this time of night, meant that despite being physically exhausted, your body didn’t want to sleep so you were stuck watching bad television. Pulling your blankets around you, you began to think back to the night’s events. You knew that you were only meant to be pretending to be in love with Pietro but you couldn’t help but begin to think that maybe you actually were. You liked being able to hold his hand, say cute things to him and have him being affectionate towards you but even he agreed that you two being together was something no one ever had to worry about. This made you bury your head in one of the couch pillow’s – why were you getting so caught up in this?

Halfway through a very early episode of Law and Order: SVU, your phone began to buzz on the table and you lazily reached over to pick it up. If it was Steve or Natasha telling you that you had another mission tomorrow night, you were going to be angry.


“(Y/N),” it was Pietro who said your name very calmly from the other end of the phone, “how are you?”

“I’m fine – uh, how are you? Is everything okay?”

“I can’t sleep. Did I wake you?”

“No, I can’t sleep either. You sound strange though… are you okay?” you heard Pietro suck in a breath before responding.

“You said to Clint that tonight was all just an act and it was just part of our job… did you… did you mean that?”

You paused for a moment.


“Okay… I usually like to kiss a girl after a first date.”

You smiled a little as Pietro’s usual confident self began to appear.

“Then you can kiss me when you see me next.”

“Oh lovely. Can you open your door then?”

Your eyebrows furrowed as you got off the couch, pulling your blanket with you and still holding the phone to your ear although neither of you spoke. You put your phone down momentarily, slowly unlocking your door and opening it to see Pietro standing there with his phone held to his ear, the two of you staring at one another.

“Hi,” he said and you could already feel your cheeks burning up.


Pietro stepped forward towards you, ending the phone call and putting his phone into his pocket.

“Just a kiss,” he murmured, his hand that had left yours all tingly raising to your cheek and your arms fell limp as he pressed his lips against yours, your blanket falling around your feet. A loud fight scene broke out in Law & Order but the two of you were too caught up to pay attention to the noise, your lips moving together as you shared a sweet kiss. As Pietro pulled away, a small smile was on his face and he let out the quietest of laughs.

“Clint won’t be impressed,” he murmured, rubbing his thumb across your cheek and you couldn’t help but laugh as well.

“We’ll just have to be really sneaky then.”

“I wouldn’t mind annoying him.”

Thursday, May 4, 1967

  • United States Marines doggedly held their grip on Hill 881 North against the penetration by North Vietnamese troops just below the demilitarized zone in South Vietnam. But at nightfall they had failed to gain control over the last enemy position. Allied spokesmen said 78 North Vietnamese troops and 22 marines had been killed in the fighting. A high Marine Corps source said that “this could be an all-summer affair.“
  • President Johnson said at an impromptu news conference that he had no immediate plans to increase to 600,000 the number of American troops in Vietnam by Jan. 1. Cen. William C. Westmoreland, commander of American forces in Vietnam, was reported on Tuesday to have requested such aid during his two-week visit here. The President added that the announced plan to withdraw 35.000 American troops from West Germany next year was not connected with Vietnam needs.
  • Communist China called on its armed forces to be vigilant against “military provocations” by the United States. The call by the armed forces newspaper followed a Peking report that four American F-105 fighter planes had flown across China’s territorial air space and dropped bombs in a district of the Kwangsi Chuang Autonomous Region. The United States Government has denied the report.
  • Republican members of the House “overwhelmingly” back the President’s stand against Communist aggression in South Vietnam, Representative Gerald R. Ford of Michigan told a news conference. The House Republican leader, in effect, disavowed a Senate Republican policy committee staff study that challenged the President’s policies in the war.
  • A member of the Black Muslim movement, traced to the West Coast and half way back, was arrested by F.B.I. agents at a Toledo (Ohio) motel for the shooting and wounding of three detectives in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn last March 31. Robert H. Smith, alias Robert 35X Smith, and Beverly Watson, described by the agents as his paramour, offered no resistance. The woman was wanted on charges of assault and robbery.
The Metaverse and the Vacuum

Crush and Supernatural came out at the same time. Obvious content overlap but no interaction between poet and show. What happened? Which came first? My question was: if they’re related, what came right before them? What are they responding to?

We make work inside a culture. We make culture inside a culture. No vacuum. 

I remember reading poems full of allusions to Greek mythology and thinking, “This is too much work.” Having to go read stories (backstories) to understand a poem felt exhausting. And it made me feel stupid. And, soon enough, I was reading poems that had appropriated other text(s) to mash-up or to engage with. And I thought, “This is too easy.” We can, I can, get really judgmental when it comes to what we demand from art.

If we mention Mnemosyne, it’s labeled High Art. If we mention Sherlock, it’s labeled Low Art. But it’s the same thing. These references, these allusions, are landmarks. We use them to plant flags and share meaning. 

Some poets demand original ideas and images from every poem. Some poets are fine with generic nouns. Gertrude Stein used a rose. Wallace Stevens used a blackbird.

I remember freaking out the first time I saw a fictional character leave her invented soap opera town and show up in another soap opera’s fictional town. I remember the cruel delight I felt when, in The Men Who Stare at Goats, George Clooney’s character tries to explain to Ewan McGregor’s character what a Jedi is. We get it and we expect it now. We are no longer dumfounded by cross-overs. Of course the Law & Orders share characters. And Alien can fight Predator. And Freddy/Jason. And Batman/Superman.

Now, instead of troubling the lines between fictional worlds, we are troubling the lines between authors. Sometimes we get imitation. Sometimes we get weird, recursive loops of reference. And sometimes: innovation.

Remix culture. Metamodernism. Fan fiction, screen caps, memes. That’s where our heads are right now.

I will never be able to come up with a satisfying answer when it comes to the relationship between Crush and Supernatural. I feel honored by the Wincest community but there’s no place for me there. The insistence that everything I’ve done so far is Wincest gives me no wiggle room. I take no offense, I’m proud they found the poems worthy enough to include, but still: no wiggle room.

My new poems are about war and they are very angry. There are a few moments of clarity between friends, but mostly they are about greed and hate and fear and the dream of possibly being useful. There’s not much overlap between johnlock and War of the Foxes. And I think my next book will be even darker, because I do not like the way the world is treating itself and I have things to say about it. 

Reciprocal tenderness. That the draw here. I’m going to stop dumping praise on you and go finish my fics. This is all just to share some thoughts with you on what I’m doing here. And to confess that I don’t know why my work overlaps but I’m glad that it does. And to say that my goal as a poet is to make landmarks. If you find them at all useful, please use them. That was the point. And, of course, I’m going to use yours.


» Character Personality Traits: Olivia Benson (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit)

“The truth is everybody changes everyday and some things are more devastating than others. But we never are the same and there are two ways to deal with these changes, you either accept them or you fight them like hell all the way” - Olivia (1x10:Closure)