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Imagine Fighting with Barba

A continuation of “Imagine Taking a Bullet for Barba”

For multiple anon’s: Do you think you could continue the ‘taking a bullet for Barba’ imagine? I’d love to read more of it. It’s honestly the best imagine I’ve read about Barba on this website

Thank you anon, that’s really nice of you to say. This has been requested seven times so here is part 2!

You hadn’t let him get another word in edge wise once he’d cracked that stupid smile. You’d gone home, angry and confused. Nothing Barba was doing was making sense.

“He sounds like a bit of an ass if you ask me,” one of your friends had said once you told her the story.

“He’s a huge ass!” You’d groaned. “He’s arrogant, crabby, overbearing, and he always has to be right!”

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  • Akane: Is that what you call justice? Ignore the law, involve anybody you can, and continue to fight in order to satisfy your self-centered pride?
  • Shinya *smirking*: You sure learned how to talk back.