don’t even try to tell me Charming is only going to the Underworld for Emma because…

Snow’s focus is 100% on Emma. Her grief is for her daughter. 

But Charming…he’s not just sad for Emma here - he’s lost his friend. He comforts his daughter - he places her in her mother’s arms. But look at where his attention is here. It’s on the lifeless body of his mate being carted away.

And there are people that actually think that Charming would harbor a grudge over some revenge plot Hook almost enacted while cursed? Nope. 

His friend just sacrificed his life to save them all and to end the darkness forever. And his daughter literally had to stab the man she loves to make it happen. Look at his face in the gif above - pain, sadness, regret…LOSS. 

Yes Charming is going to the Underworld to help his daughter get her happy ending back. But don’t try to tell me he doesn’t care enough about Hook to risk his life to save him. Look at that face. There’s love there.

(gif from this set by @onceland )

(2/2) Here’s the other one I made. They took a few hours each, so I haven’t done too many, but I plan on doing some more in the future!! Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration to me!

Really like how the sky turned out on this one! Thank you for sharing your cards, they’re looking good! I look forward to seeing more! 

Φοβήθηκα τη χαρά που έφερε τ’ όνομα σου στην οθόνη και την απογοήτευση που με τάισε αυτό το ηλίθιο, κοινότυπο «τι κάνεις». Φοβήθηκα την αλήθεια.
Γι’ αυτό σου λέω μη γυρίσεις ν’ αναστήσεις ψόφιες ελπίδες, γιατί σ’ έχω ξεπεράσει αρκεί να μη γυρίσεις!
—  Γιατί σ’ έχω ξεπεράσει αρκεί να μη γυρίσεις!

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I fucking hate this blog, all you do is allow people to rag on others and characters and ships for no goddamn reason and you don't deserve the popularity you have because you're just copying the idea from the thousands of other confession blogs out there and even stole the spotlight from the smaller tf2 confessions blogs that were here before you. YOU DON'T EVEN UPDATE CONSTANTLY LIKE YOUR PROMISED YOU LIAR! FUCK YOU. I BET YOU DON'T EVEN PLAY THE GAME, AND YOUR SPY LOOKS LIKE A GAY FAG

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Well, it was bound to happen eventually.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you our first actual anon hate. Y’know what that means? We’re getting popular! :D

Also anon, here I think you dropped this: 

Now here comes the fun part, picking your sorry ass apart because I’m just as salty when I want to be and honestly this is just a time killer for me and yes I will GLADLY respond to your hate.

“ all you do is allow people to rag on others and characters and ships for no goddamn reason “

Okay anon, lemme remind you what a confession blog is for. 

A confession blog, especially this one, is for people to comment and speak what is on their mind about the fandom in question anonymously so that you can get that need to express yourself off your chest and also get your views seen by others without the negative effects of getting hate, of which is like a madly contagious disease here on tumblr, as you are proving to be true. 

So yes, we allow others do to this because that’s one of the reasons we are here, and we also take caution not to tag any hate so as to not offend others by forcing them to see it, you only see it if you are following this blog.

“ you don’t deserve the popularity you have because you’re just copying the idea from the thousands of other confession blogs out there and even stole the spotlight from the smaller tf2 confessions blogs that were here before you. “

While I honestly can’t say I’m poplar, at about 1500 followers and counting at time of writing, I can safely say my blog’s name is getting around. I’m no where near what is considered a “popular” blog here on tumblr. As for deserving this? Well that’s debatable. It’s not like I STOLE these followers or anything? I just sat down one day and decided to make a blog, I made my own confessions first, took a few from friends and stragglers that stumbled upon my blog and it went from there. 

As for copying the idea, yes, I am in fact doing that. You are 100% right, but so is every other confession blog out there. We’re all doing the same thing, some of us make cards, some of us just post it, but it’s not really a “bad” thing that I’m copying these “ideas” as I am producing all my own original content, unlike some blogs who actually use peoples artwork for the background on some confessions and don’t even bother to source them (our current backgrounds are also made by mod Carry now, a friend of mine I’d like to add.)

As for stealing the spotlight, well can’t really steal the spotlight from anyone who’s not standing in it? I actually checked before I created confessiontf2 if there was already a confession blog, and guess what? Their all dead. I will pride myself on saying that aside from the dirty tf2 confessions blog (which seems to still be going, good on them) I am the first tf2 confession blog to not be dead and produce new content. sure I don’t update constantly, but I do try and it’s not like I’m 6+ months since my last post, so I don’t really think I stole anything. First come first serve. 


Look not that it would matter if I did or not, as long as I was in the TF2 Fandom I have every right to start a confession blog, but m8, my 600+ hours does not lie.

I may be a bit newer to the game but this is at least my 3rd year now playing, based on 2 smissmasses past (the coming one will be my 3rd.)


Well this just confirms that is clearly directed at me, the owner, for some odd reason you decided to single out my oc, but okay if you wanna go there fine. 

But see, the joke is still on you because if he looks like a “gay fag” then I have done everything correctly because Xavior actually is gay. GG Anon, thanks for pointing out the obvious? 

Honestly that’s hardly an insult, “ooooh i’m gonna say someone’s a different sexual orientation as an insult, how bad me be.” Gay can’t even be an insult anymore because it’s the norm for so many people. That just proves you’re homophobic anon.

This message is really bad and makes no sense and so many misinformed claims that it feels like you’re trying to start something, which I guess I gave you satisfaction by delivering this long ass response but honestly I had enjoyed myself picking you apart so thank you. I’m also disappointed in you, I expect my first anon hate to be something really mean and nasty, but no all this did was make me laugh. 

Honestly if you have such an issue with me, come 1v1 me on TF2, I’ll even give you my steam:

In conclusion