fight for the pink

sometimes I see stupid comments in different places of this fandom about adding lipstick on (mostly male ofc) characters, so it inspires me to draw/sketch this kind of stuff, hehe.. ( @marinette-buginette omg, sorry hahah)

Adrien had so fab (fight me if pink doesnt suit him) lipstick after one photo shoot, so lately he couldnt stop himself to share with his friends.. in his way, pff  idk what am i doing

(no worries, Chloe will get this too lmao) 

anonymous asked:

My issue isnt that i took inspiration from that game, its that i didnt take inspiration from that game to get the aesthetic, and that ive used it a few times before the game actually came out. but im still worried that ill be called a copy cat. - aesthetic anon

Tell them to (politely) bite you.

Just say you didn’t and you only discovered the game you took inspiration from afterwords - it’s actually more common than you’d think and happens in artistic communities all the time.  Hell, it happens in biology! :p 

 If there are people who are still pissy at you and won’t let it drop, just ignore them since, again, they’re dumb and looking for a fight, and you just happen to their target of the month.  If someone ask “Hey, I heard from this person you copied this person, is that true?” just state “no, I’m inspired by these other people and I only discovered this game after I developed my own style!”  Most people will understand.  

It’s not fun facing accusations of being a copycat, but you know that you aren’t and that’s what matters.  Good luck, and enjoy your game’s art style however you make it :)



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Hey! You know which Crystal Gem can tell Steven direct answers for all of this questions about Rose and The Diamonds, especially Pink Diamond?