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Reasons I’d watch a Cisco and Cynthia spin off (ideally some sort of mini-series of 3-12 episodes maybe over the summer or something that would be rad)

1. Travel the multiverse. 

2. Doppelgangers get just about every arrowverse actor to show up without actually having to worry about messing with their character arcs in their home shows. Actors get to stretch their acting chops and we all get to enjoy the heck out of it. 

3. Potential musical universe. I won’t even pretend I don’t want this. 

4. Cisco and Cynthia both have really strong personalities. We’ve only gotten 3 episodes of them, but Cynthia’s kinda aggressive standpoint of “this is Right and this is Wrong” balanced against Cisco’s empathetic ability to understand other people’s perspectives could–

5. –make for some wicked character arcs where Cynthia learns over the course of the show to balance what’s Right or Wrong as she sees it against what’s actually reasonable to all these different cultures they come across; and Cisco has to face a decision in the climax where the Right way feels wrong and the Wrong way feels right (preferably not kill or be killed cause thats old and doesn’t really fit Cisco) and there’s no apparent third way out and it could all end where either Cisco has to make a choice and carry that back into the main arrowverse after the miniseries is over or Cynthia and her own character development works with him and they find that third way and they macgyver themselves a happy ending

6. screen time and development for two of DC comic’s biggest nobodies (because I love them but try bringing either of them up to a non-DC fan. or even a DC fan.)

7. I’m cynco af

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(I'm going to regret this) Cross's new name is "Lux's dad". And XGaster is "Lux's grandpa".

 Manipulated, betrayed, misjudged,  but thanks to (instert huge underverse spoiler here)  He is known as Lux’’s dad.

He saved the last golden apple from Lux’s uncle and keeps fighting to bring positive feelings to the entire multiverse. He is our hero. He is Lux’s mom.

Despite all those terrible things made in the past, he wants to redeem his corrupted soul and thoughts. He wants to be a new Lux’s grandpa.

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Goku Destroying universes?!?!? WHAT I need to catch up on Super but give me the Deets Jax

Okay so basically in the New Arc of Dragon Ball Super Goku wanted to fight in a Multiverse tournament so he went and talked to GOD and GOD said sure

So GOD makes up the rules for the Tournament and God (Or the High Priest Angel) Decides that all 12 Universes COMPETING will have a chance to win and prove theyre the best but THE LOSING UNIVERSE will BE ERASED that means the Kais and Gods of Destruction are ERASED as well. ALSO meaning the afterlife for that Universe will be erased so if you die you literally dont exist but it doesnt matter cause you are erased.

So only 1 universe can win and 7 Will be Erased. 

4 of the Universes are safe because the quality of life in them are high. 

So everyone IS FREAKING OUT about this but Goku is all

“I just wanna fight strong folks I’ll FIGHT EVERYONE COME AT ME BRO”

He literally says that no BS

so When Goku fights this dude named Bergamo he pleads to GOD hey. 

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If I win this make it so all the universes are exempt and wont be destroyed please and GOD agrees if he wins he’ll leave all the universes alone but if Goku holds back and lets the dude win he’ll destroy all 12 universes on the spot. So Goku just wants a good fight and battles the dude without holding back and kicks his ass

Originally posted by vgeta

So after he beats him all the other universes are lookin at Goku like WHY DID YOU AGREE TO THIS and GOKU SAYS 

Like totally just Saiyan Blood Hyped up and then at the end this Dude who looks like Robotnic is gonna fight him to see if Goku is evil and Goku says

And then they are going to fight. Honestly it feels like Goku’s TRUE SAIYAN nature is overtaking him to the point he’s indifferent to the Googleplex of lives that could be lost because he wanted to battle 

EDIT FOR THOSE who keep saying OmniKing was gonna destroy those universes anyway.

Thats not the Main POINT of the issue the Main Point is Goku really Doesn’t care about anyone else BUT FIGHTING. So all that “He gave em a fighting chance Bullshit” Doesnt really matter because he didnt care in the first place. When he found out that all the Universes were at stake he was like “Oh….well that sucks. Oh well” but he wasn’t shaken at all. and I know people are saying “well if they win he could use the Super DragonBalls and Restore them” etc but still the fact he is becoming so Indifferent to all the Lives that could be lost is fuckin Bullshit. I know he’s done selfish shit before like
Letting Vegeta, Frieza, and Buu Live when he couldve killed them

or giving a Cell a senzu bean and letting him wail on his son just cause he wanted to see a good fight and thought Gohan will eventually rage boost.

They REALLY Need to address this because even Kid Goku and Early DBZ Goku would not have pulled this shit or if they did they would still be worried about people’s lives, Yes even the japanese one did show he cared numerous times throughout the series so thats what irks me

This place got a name, Damian?

The House of Mystery.

Does that name have an explanation of any kind?

Because people die here. A lot. And no one knows how or why.
Because the dead people are too busy being dead to explain how it happened.

I don’t scare easy.

Then you’re very, very stupid.


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hiya! i've been so excited about you openeing your ask box again, so here we go! how would the ut, uf skelebros react to their s/o being a companion to the doctor? like in doctor who and stuff? (i missed you so much !! i love you !!)

Ooooh Doctor Who. I haven’t seen that show in a while. I love you too! 



Take him with you. Please. Just take him. PLEASE. 


Doctor who? That sounds like someone he wants to be friends with! He too, shall join your adventure across time and space! And could he bring Sans along too? 



Yeaaahhhhhhh Red is going with you or you’re staying here, end of discussion. He doesn’t trust that Doctor guy and these adventures are too dangerous. He wants to be the one to keep you safe and sound. 




Tangled after a small fight Jingle!Sans just crossnapped Cross! Might be taking him out for a date this Christmas I guess C: 

Cross!Sans belongs to @jakei95

I’m so bad at animating still çwç the arm was supposed to move but as a gif the animation doesn’t work cwc.. *back to studying 

Chapitre 108 – Child of God

In which the splash text PRETTY MUCH SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.

This is just – Syaoran: A Summary. But with added Lava Lamp Guy, just for extra pain.

Because he mirrors him, as he so often literally does, but still stands fundamentally opposed to him in every way.

And with a rain of feathers surrounding them. Because a) they are Syaoran’s goal, b) they are also Lava Lamp’s goal, or at least part of it, c) Sakura’s existence hangs heavily between them, because is there even another Sakura? or are they fighting for the same one? d) Sakura is scattered, literally, across the multiverse, but also e) the fight between Syaoran and Lava Lamp might just scatter her even further. And by that I mean we have the increasingly ominous sense that Sakura not only feels bad for people suffering for her benefit, but will choose to suffer herself if it means saving them from that pain.

Which will only escalate when she has two Syaorans suffering for her. The outcome can only possibly be bad.

See also: Syaoran’s cloak is in tatters. It’s coming apart at the edges, just like his identity, but he still grips it tightly because his conviction has not been shaken, even with Lava Lamp Guy quite literally rising up out of a hole in his past. And there will be nothing but destruction between them.

Alternatively, if you split the image in half (like the omnibus does) Syaoran’s half has the cloak coming together in his hand, and Lava Lamp’s half has it tearing apart around him.

Ie, opposing goals, opposing ideaologies, and quite possibly different outcomes depending on which one of them wins this fight.


Meet the resistance in Venomverse #1. Including Venom-23, Host Rider, Mania and Venomized MJ from Renew Your Vows.

As far as events go Venomverse is surprisingly low-stakes. I mean, aside of Eddie and Andi everyone else is from other worlds so even if they die it’s not that big of a loss. Especially when pretty much everyone we’ve seen so far was created for this event. In fact, it feels less like an event and more like a miniseries billed as something more by the marketing department. So, a pair of course for Marvel.

Anyway, the story is that Venoms from across the Multiverse are summoned to fight Poisons - a race of weird being who use illusions to touch their victims and can bond with both host and their symbiote, becoming some evil, twisted version of them. We saw one of the characters in the above page hit with this treatment and it’s all but said the same fate happened to Venomized Gwenpool. Poisons have a pretty nice design, being all white and boney, nicely contrasting with symbiotes’ black goo.

The opening issue of this event is pretty nice because it’s not trying to be gods know what like Spider-Verse or Secret Empire, instead it’s simple and to the point. It feels almost like a breath of fresh air.

- Admin

me: this D&D game is going to take 8-9 sessions, as much time as we have this summer, and be set in kind of post-apocalyptic-turned-fantasy California but I’m mostly just doing that to steal the geography and a landmark or two, I’m not worldbuilding much more than what 5e gives me. And it’s definitely just California - we don’t have much time, after all!


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Do monster of AU work in the justice reigns? Like Outertale Papyrus, Underswap Chara, etc? And when some part of the justice reigns meet with the meme squad for casualty, do they need to report that to dream or can they fight them without the told boi™?

Yes, people from all over the multiverse work in Dream’s organization.

If any of them found the meme squad, it would be reported to headquarters. Whoever it was wouldn’t just fight them, that’s reckless. (unless they were specifically ordered to)

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How would Ink react if his S/O had powerful magic and wanted to fight alongside him to defend the multiverse?


Ink is a little nervous to have a partner. Despite his friendliness, Ink is actually a lone wolf, and prefers to do everything himself. He’s not too enthusiastic to have you, his S/O fight alongside him too especially because he worries about your safety. Magic isn’t a factor, he just can’t protect you. That’s what he tells you anyway, that he’s just worried about your safety. In reality though, he still wants to do this alone and isn’t ready to leave his lone wolf ways. 

…While I appreciate all the good DC (comics) has been doing, and I do not know much about the lore so I might not understand

Why is Earth-X not a part of the Dark MultiVerse? From what I understand the Dark MultiVerse are worlds where humanity’s worse fears come to life, they are doomed worlds that are unable to exist for long. And Earth-X is the world where freaking Nazis rule the planet, so shouldn’t that be among the other twisted nightmare worlds? Like it’s a horrific realiti. Why didn’t the god that made the multiVerse doom that one to die?

Or is the implication that because there is still hope in that universe in the form of rebel’s mean it doesn’t belong down there, because there are still good people fighting. But Barry is still a part of the Red Death and he continues to hope he can reach Bruce, and their world is a part of the Dark MultiVerse. He is a good person still fighting. So I am confused about this placement and all.

@thefingerfuckingfemalefury you know DC and I think you are following part of the current event, do you know if there is an explanation why Earth-X is not down there? Or am I just not understanding the premise of the Dark Multiverse.

Also tagging @renaroo @wonderhawk @hellyeahteensuperheroes @majingojira @filipfatalattractionrblog and @ayellowbirds because I feel you all know DC better than I do.

His Heart Swells (And His Chest Constricts)

Summary: His heart is swelling, as if it’s about to fly into the heavens. His heart is beating with such strength as if it wants to burst out of his chest (an all too tight a cage, barely able to keep his maelstrom of emotions contained).

Note: basically a self-indulgent one-shot of 1.3k words about Tsuna and Feels. That’s it. That’s the whole fic.

WARNINGS: So Self-Indulgent (I Don’t Even Have Words), May Actually Be The Most Self-Indulgent Thing That I’ve Ever Written So Far (I Didn’t Even Think That Was Possible).

Disclaimer: I don’t own KHR.


When Tsuna’s understanding of his own feelings and his perception of the concept of love shift, it is all too quick, all too jarring- an impact that leaves him dizzy, nauseous, out of breath; it leaves him choking on a lump in his throat, fighting tears and the feeling of lead heavy in his stomach.

Ten years into the future and fighting an enemy who apparently conquered the multiverse isn’t the time or place to have such a revelation.

For a moment, it appears as if it would get him killed in his hesitance, in the sudden shaking of some of his foundations

Except, he realizes, not all of his foundations were shaken.

His heart is swelling, as if it’s about to fly into the heavens. His heart is beating with such strength as if it wants to burst out of his chest (an all too tight a cage, barely able to keep his maelstrom of emotions contained).

He shudders from the strength of the emotions.

That is when it all clears, just as suddenly and just as strong as his emotions; his vision, previously murky, swimming in and out of focus, barely letting him make out any shapes, turns into a sharp and clear focus.

His ears fill with static, a faint tremor travels along his hands, and he stares straight into Byakuran’s eyes.

It is all so clear, so obvious, how could he not see it before?

His flames ignite that day, and take a living being’s life.


He doesn’t regret it.


Enma stumbles into his life, a muted shade of red, voice quiet and falling over his own two feet.

He reminds me of myself, Tsuna thinks.

With each and every new information Tsuna learns about Enma, an ‘oh’ reverberates in his mind, knocking loose musings he never knew existed.

Tsuna’s heart stutters in his chest. Is that what it is? The feeling one gets when their screams into the void are answered? With a commiserating cry and a silent sense of camaraderie?

I thought many time of running away, Tsuna remembers Enma telling him.

I’m not going to become Decimo, Tsuna tells Nono.

Let’s run away then.


Injuries are nothing new to them, Tsuna knows this, but it doesn’t stop him from worrying, doesn’t prevent his heart from screeching into a halt after he hears Gokudera on the other end of the line.

He is dizzy, vision blurry, and throat dry, but he stands.

He doesn’t remember the trip to the hospital, doesn’t remember barging into the room Yamamoto was in.

But he remembers how Yamamoto looked lying in bed, how his blurry vision snapped into focus, how his mind whirred and tripped over itself with the thoughts whirling inside.

He stares ahead at the door to Yamamoto’s room and decides, cold and hot at the same time, to change his response to Nono.


Enma attacks him and his friends. Enma takes Chrome. And Tsuna follows.

Tsuna takes the offer given to him by the old man to upgrade the rings and he follows.

His steps are shaky, his limbs stiff, there’s a lump in his throat, and he’s blinking tears out of his eyes. The metaphorical knife embedded deeply in his gut twists.


With Deamon gone, the issue with the Shimon is resolved nicely. Chrome is back. Yamamoto is healthy. Enma doesn’t want to oppose Tsuna anymore.

Tsuna cries.

Tsuna cries, relieved and shaken, hurt and worried, still feeling the phantom pain in his gut.

Enma reaches him. Enma touches him. His pain slips away, his shoulders sag, his breath rushes out of him and his tears continue to spill, silently.

Tsuna clutches at Enma and refuses to let go.


The Arcobaleno Representative Battles punch a hole in his delicately-held together confidence.

Reborn and Skull refuse to ally, and Enma gives him a sad, sad look.

(He though they put it behind them, the conflict, the fighting against each other. But apparently, the universe has decided not to give him a break.)

Mukuro is on another team. Hibari is on yet another team. Chrome is ill.

Tsuna is lost, for a while, then stitches himself back together, with thin threads barely holding.

It is stupid, arrogant, entitled of him, to believe that he and his friends will always be on the same side, on the same team. Creating a strong front against all enemies.

He is stupid; of course the others have more important things than him to attend to, of course the others won’t necessarily rate him as high as he rates them, of course-

An arm slips around his shoulders, a light-hearted laugh travels to his ears, a weight comfortably settles against his body. It’s Yamamoto.

Their eyes meet, and Yamamoto gives him a smile, smaller than his usual smiles, more genuine. Gokudera shouts at Yamamoto as is his habit. Reborn lands lightly on his head. The Shimon come into view on the road, on their way to school as well. Enma catches his eyes and waves at him.

The threads holding him together tighten, strengthen. The weariness tugging at him vanishes.

He smiles.

(It is alright. Things will get better.)


(He’ll make them get better.)


Tsuna doesn’t realize he grew into the habit of slipping his arm around Enma’s shoulders until after Enma is taller, broader, and Tsuna can’t comfortably do it anymore.

He is struck with this knowledge after his arm moves of its own accord to slip into the crook of Enma’s arm; after Enma tugs his arm, bent at the elbow, closer to his body, bringing Tsuna closer, securing him to Enma’s side; after Enma tilts his head to look at him and give him a small smile, fond, and not at all surprised.

Oh, Tsuna stops breathing.

Oh, his heart beats furiously.


Tsuna fantasizes sometimes, about the people around him, he wouldn’t deny it.

He fantasizes about Enma the most.

His mind tugs at his desires, pulls his wishes together, weaves a tapestry of his hopes, presenting him with images that make his heart want to burst out of his chest.

In his mind’s eye, he sees Enma, soft and sleepy, curled up on the bed; he sees Enma in the kitchen, smiling, making tea; he sees Enma in his office, strolling in with an excited air about him, tugging at him, insisting he leave the work for a moment to spend time together; he sees Enma, sprawled on the couch, arms wrapped around him as they bask in the peace and quiet.

His heart is weak, and his mind bows to his wishes, he wishes he has the power to make these dreams a reality.


(And if he has fantasies of another nature, slipping into his mind in the quiet night, burning him with a different kind of desire, then it’s his business.)


Scenarios play out in front of his eyes, how to approach Enma, how to tell him, what will Enma say in response.

He dreams of gathering his courage.

Especially in a situation like this, where he wants and wants, and the opportunity presents itself almost served to him on a golden platter.

Enma smiles at him, eyes half-closed with mirth dancing in them, lips pulled up in amusement.

He huffs, and fights back tears of frustration.

He had never thought Enma would broach the topic of marriage with him.

The topic of arranged marriage.

Granted, Tsuna has yet to tell Enma that he completely shut down Timoteo and anyone else who suggested 'favorable matches’ between Tsuna and members of other families.

“I’d marry you.” It slips out of him, spontaneous, treacherous, and Tsuna clamps his mouth shut, forcibly pulling his lips up in a mockery of a smile, a feeble attempt to hide his shock, his fear, a plea for Enma to not notice Tsuna heart lodged in his throat and the tears about to overflow.

Enma’s smile widens, “Was that a proposal? If so, then it’s a strange way to do it.” Enma leans forward, the smile slipping from his face, his eyes serious, and he cradles Tsuna’s face between his hands, he whispers, “I’d like to marry you as well.”



I always loved Ryo outfit, i dont know, i like that armor thing. also, i consider Ryo as one goggle boy, he deserve it, he did like hell a lot for not only his digiworld, but for all the digimon multiverse. also people fight if tamers Ryo its the same one of adventure, for me it is the same one. i have read lots of dc/marvel comics and Clamp mangas to accept weird time lines, i mean, have you seen the Clow Reed family tree? how can your clone be also your father?

and with him im done with favorite tamers (Hirokazu, Rika and Henry) but i will do Takato for a friend. and then start with XrossWars :D

Reading more on that multiverse theory thing a bit and okay okay. We all know (or a good portion know) that there’s a theory that we’re in another universe after switching over due to the fight over Berenstein bears vs Bearenstain. So, okay, remember that whole ‘universe going to end in 2012′?

What if it did?

Hear me out, I can’t be the only one who keeps thinking something feel slightly…off, ever since that year, right? Nothing you can place, but like all the furniture in the house was moved an inch to the left. You know? What if that universe did end but we just switched conciousness over to another one? A very, very simliar one with only slight differences?

Or it was a misprint and I’ve been reading/watching too much sci-fy.

Either or.