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Reasons I’d watch a Cisco and Cynthia spin off (ideally some sort of mini-series of 3-12 episodes maybe over the summer or something that would be rad)

1. Travel the multiverse. 

2. Doppelgangers get just about every arrowverse actor to show up without actually having to worry about messing with their character arcs in their home shows. Actors get to stretch their acting chops and we all get to enjoy the heck out of it. 

3. Potential musical universe. I won’t even pretend I don’t want this. 

4. Cisco and Cynthia both have really strong personalities. We’ve only gotten 3 episodes of them, but Cynthia’s kinda aggressive standpoint of “this is Right and this is Wrong” balanced against Cisco’s empathetic ability to understand other people’s perspectives could–

5. –make for some wicked character arcs where Cynthia learns over the course of the show to balance what’s Right or Wrong as she sees it against what’s actually reasonable to all these different cultures they come across; and Cisco has to face a decision in the climax where the Right way feels wrong and the Wrong way feels right (preferably not kill or be killed cause thats old and doesn’t really fit Cisco) and there’s no apparent third way out and it could all end where either Cisco has to make a choice and carry that back into the main arrowverse after the miniseries is over or Cynthia and her own character development works with him and they find that third way and they macgyver themselves a happy ending

6. screen time and development for two of DC comic’s biggest nobodies (because I love them but try bringing either of them up to a non-DC fan. or even a DC fan.)

7. I’m cynco af

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Goku Destroying universes?!?!? WHAT I need to catch up on Super but give me the Deets Jax

Okay so basically in the New Arc of Dragon Ball Super Goku wanted to fight in a Multiverse tournament so he went and talked to GOD and GOD said sure

So GOD makes up the rules for the Tournament and God (Or the High Priest Angel) Decides that all 12 Universes COMPETING will have a chance to win and prove theyre the best but THE LOSING UNIVERSE will BE ERASED that means the Kais and Gods of Destruction are ERASED as well. ALSO meaning the afterlife for that Universe will be erased so if you die you literally dont exist but it doesnt matter cause you are erased.

So only 1 universe can win and 7 Will be Erased. 

4 of the Universes are safe because the quality of life in them are high. 

So everyone IS FREAKING OUT about this but Goku is all

“I just wanna fight strong folks I’ll FIGHT EVERYONE COME AT ME BRO”

He literally says that no BS

so When Goku fights this dude named Bergamo he pleads to GOD hey. 

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If I win this make it so all the universes are exempt and wont be destroyed please and GOD agrees if he wins he’ll leave all the universes alone but if Goku holds back and lets the dude win he’ll destroy all 12 universes on the spot. So Goku just wants a good fight and battles the dude without holding back and kicks his ass

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So after he beats him all the other universes are lookin at Goku like WHY DID YOU AGREE TO THIS and GOKU SAYS 

Like totally just Saiyan Blood Hyped up and then at the end this Dude who looks like Robotnic is gonna fight him to see if Goku is evil and Goku says

And then they are going to fight. Honestly it feels like Goku’s TRUE SAIYAN nature is overtaking him to the point he’s indifferent to the Googleplex of lives that could be lost because he wanted to battle 

EDIT FOR THOSE who keep saying OmniKing was gonna destroy those universes anyway.

Thats not the Main POINT of the issue the Main Point is Goku really Doesn’t care about anyone else BUT FIGHTING. So all that “He gave em a fighting chance Bullshit” Doesnt really matter because he didnt care in the first place. When he found out that all the Universes were at stake he was like “Oh….well that sucks. Oh well” but he wasn’t shaken at all. and I know people are saying “well if they win he could use the Super DragonBalls and Restore them” etc but still the fact he is becoming so Indifferent to all the Lives that could be lost is fuckin Bullshit. I know he’s done selfish shit before like
Letting Vegeta, Frieza, and Buu Live when he couldve killed them

or giving a Cell a senzu bean and letting him wail on his son just cause he wanted to see a good fight and thought Gohan will eventually rage boost.

They REALLY Need to address this because even Kid Goku and Early DBZ Goku would not have pulled this shit or if they did they would still be worried about people’s lives, Yes even the japanese one did show he cared numerous times throughout the series so thats what irks me

I am cleaning my likes collection, I found some DC Comics posts, one of them with this:

This is Damian Wayne as Nightmare Robin from “Infinite Crisis - Fight for the Multiverse” comic book series for the DC Comics MOBA game the same name.

I can’t help but think…

“I can’t believe that Genji’s Blackwatch aesthetic is a DC Comics reference!“

OK, I know that type of design is common, but I find the similarities in design interesting.


Tangled after a small fight Jingle!Sans just crossnapped Cross! Might be taking him out for a date this Christmas I guess C: 

Cross!Sans belongs to @jakei95

I’m so bad at animating still çwç the arm was supposed to move but as a gif the animation doesn’t work cwc.. *back to studying 

So I’ve fallen back in love with one of my all time favorite games. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks scouring the internet for all things Star Ocean 2. I also downloaded a ROM and been playing it as I find the time. I still have my original PS1 game and the remake for PSP, but no systems to play them on. 

The biggest thing tho is that getting back into SO2 seems to have broken my drawing dry spell. I’ve hardly drawn anything in over six months and cancelled all of the remaining conventions I had scheduled for this year because I just couldn’t get anything done. I’ve been making my way through the cast, but of course the first sketch I had to share was of my Complicated Fave. 

I really wish my Japanese was better. I fell out of Star Ocean fandom around the time Blue Sphere was in production and I really, really want to play it. I also want to play Anamenesis, but it looks like a Multiverse fighting game rather than a continuation of the story. 

I might end up making a side art/fandom blog, or take it to Twitter (because OH MY GOD there is so much good SO2 stuff on there! Thank god for tiny but active fandoms!) If I do, I’ll also dig out all of my old art and translations from way back. I still have all of my sketches. Sadly I only have one 4 Koma book left. Almost all of my Star Ocean 2 collection was left behind when I left The Ex. 

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(LET'S GET SOME ANGSTY SH*T) How would skelies of your choosing react to an S/O being diagnosed with stage four cancer and they only have about a month to live? (No, magic or medication will save them.)

Oh shit- a dying potato

Ink!Sans: His smile tightens when the doctor tells him what’s happening. But, stays strong for and takes you to do whatever you want before you die. To let you live for once even if it means it shortens what little remains of your life. You most likely end up dying in his arms, peacefully and discreetly. While you were all dressed up and out dancing and other shenanigans. This is just too much for him to bare. Two weeks later he ‘falls down’ and turns to dust right in the middle of fighting Error. The multiverse loses its protector and now color fades to grey. 'Just a insigfigant human ’ Error thinks ’ caused the downfall of all the au’s ’

Teeth/Cinnamon: the poor boy, it has to be explained to him. Once he figures out you’re dying and no one can save you, someone he’s loved so much, he almost dusts right there. But Axe, Axe, the one who no one would think cared about you picks him up off the floor. Tells him that he needs to comfort you and love you before it’s over. To live and love to keep your memory alive. He’s still in pain, but this fills him with determination. Spending as much time as possible with you before you die. And doing Excatly what his brother told him to. Axe is also comforting you. If you’re dating his brother you gotta be friends too. When you pass it’s a quiet funeral and he’s hurt so so bad. But he manages to make it for another 300 years. And the returns to your loving arms again.


Injustice 2 - Official Gameplay Launch Trailer

Power up and build the ultimate version of your favorite iconic DC characters and fight your way across an epic story mode, ever-changing Multiverse, and robust online multiplayer - all while earning rare and valuable gear to fully customize your characters. 


Variant cover by ANDREW ROBINSON
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.“MULTIPLICITY” part one! The New Super-Man of China has been taken! The Red Son Superman of Earth-30 has been beaten! And who knows what’s happened to Sunshine Superman! Someone is collecting Supermen across the Multiverse—this looks like a job for our Kal-El as he is joined by Justice Incarnate in this multi-Earth epic!
On sale JANUARY 4 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Variant cover by ANDREW ROBINSON
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.“MULTIPLICITY” part two! Superman and New Super-Man fight alongside an army of Supermen from across the Multiverse against the threat trying to wipe them all out of existence! Plus, Jon and his neighbor Kathy investigate a hidden horror that seems to be growing in their town.
On sale JANUARY 18 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T


Adventures of Kenan and Kal-El and Jon’s solo adventure? Nice.

Reading more on that multiverse theory thing a bit and okay okay. We all know (or a good portion know) that there’s a theory that we’re in another universe after switching over due to the fight over Berenstein bears vs Bearenstain. So, okay, remember that whole ‘universe going to end in 2012′?

What if it did?

Hear me out, I can’t be the only one who keeps thinking something feel slightly…off, ever since that year, right? Nothing you can place, but like all the furniture in the house was moved an inch to the left. You know? What if that universe did end but we just switched conciousness over to another one? A very, very simliar one with only slight differences?

Or it was a misprint and I’ve been reading/watching too much sci-fy.

Either or.

(Ok so some information in case you were confused. Host is asexual, if you want to get into specifics he’s a Pansexual meaning he’s ok with being with either gender, he just doesn’t attract to them sexually.

Another thing is that if you were reading the interactions between him and @askgoogleirlrp you would have seen him stop fighting Google’s strength…this blog is multiverse meaning in that Google’s universe, Host is dead. Sorry but that’s what happened. Host faded again and once he’s gone in a universe he stays dead for a long while.

Any way that was just to tell you some things. Enjoy)