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I kinda want to see the members of the Host Club on a shopping trip in Walmart

TVD Musings: Damon's Motivations

Notice how in the synopsis for 6x06 and 6x07, when we pretty much know Damon is back and left Bonnie behind, they mention him in the last sentence and he isn’t involved in any of that stuff the others have going on. Like in the past we’d be lucky if they didn’t put him in a sentence that didn’t pertain to Elena or Stefan or enacting some plan to stop some big bad that involves/winds up involving these two. But now he gets to do his own thing separate from everyone else and we can guarantee that it’s involves getting Bonnie back.

His main motivation and priority at that point won’t be to thwart some asshole coming into town to fuck shit up, or Elena/Stefan being in danger, or any other petty drama they usually have going on. It will be to do what is needed to get Bonnie back b/c not only would she do the same for him but over the course of their four months together they began to form a deep bond and got used to the other being around like a shadow. And him knowing she’s stuck over there with that whack job will make him even more frantic to get her back safely asap. Not for Elena b/c if you read both synopsis she has some other drama going on that obviously has nothing to do with Damon or getting Bonnie back. But it’s for himself b/c he misses her presence that he’s gotten so used to having around. And for Bonnie b/c she gave him hope when he was ready to give up so he will repay her by using that to motivate him to get his Bon-Bon back. Your OTP could never.

do you ever really properly think about what would’ve happened to blanche dubois after the play though
take a minute to picture it :)))))

On The Road To Peace


I feel the good just isn’t good enough.

Its no looking up.

I end up fighting, self-conscious that I don’t push enough.

Seeking for answers, as if I don’t look enough.

Telling myself “Be patient”

as if I haven’t been waiting.


to myself that help from someone else

ain’t the route when I’m down

cause they’re dealing with self.

So I shield and withdraw

just away from it all

Foolishly thinking I could ever hide my flaws.


it never lies on me, it never lies on them

it lies on circumstance, as we’re all trying to live.

My mind…instead of take, it always thinks give

regardless of what the other’s disposition is.

Tears overflow ducts because I’m lost

in the world

Spilled ink is my compass

as travels unfurl.

Suicide hit my mind

more times than I can say

but on each one of those days

my mind says “Survive.”

I’m tougher than I realize.

Breathe. Meditate. Never waste

the day away

being drug down by bad

and its temporary states.

Happiness is fickle,

the destination I want to…

reach is more loyal,

as I’m on the road to peace.

Most of the time I'm fine

but sometimes I feel my eyes well up with tears 

and the hole in my chest expand.

And I think, ‘he was right. I am crazy’.

Even though I know better 

and fight to prove my sanity

and fight to prove my worth

sometimes I know it’s true. 

I will get up for class tomorrow

and paint a $12.50 sephora red 

lipstick smile on my face

but inside I will still be in bed

wishing for this day, this life, this pain

to end. 

Most of the time I’m fine. 

The acclaimed National Theatre actor Robert Stephens said to the star of Granada TV’s Sherlock Holmes; Jeremy Brett; “Do not undertake the role of Sherlock Holmes. He will be your undoing”. “You must drop it Mr. Holmes, you really must. It will be your undoing” said Professor James Moriarty upon his first encounter with Sherlock Holmes. Somewhere between the fact and fiction Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s greatest creation stole the soul of Jeremy Brett, the actor who would become the embodiment of the Baker Street sleuth. The Curse of Sherlock Holmes follows Jeremy as he fights for his sanity…. His life. This is the full script of the play by Dhanil Ali.

The Curse of Sherlock Holmes is available from all good bookstores including in the USA Amazon, Barnes and Noble, in the UK Amazon, Waterstones,  and for everywhere else Book Depository who offer free worldwide delivery.

crazy how you lose so much of yourself loving someone who doesn’t even
see you . crazy how you lose your sanity fighting to hold onto someone that could care less .. hmph , crazy .
—  @nonameshakur

forsakentevinter asked:


Horus: What is one thing you’ve had to fight for in your life?
  Sanity? Friends? Resisting the urge to punch people in the face because my emotions are wired backwards, if not missing altogether? Yeah, I really don’t have a good answer for this one.

  But why is it so important to humans to think 'Well you must have a reason to fight! It's a noble idea and romanticized in books and media and there for must be true’. For some people the answer is just self, but many don’t get that and press for something they can related to better. In reality it’s really just stupid.

Resting in a silent place,
the time here changes it’s pace.
In his hands only paper and a pencil,
full of power, full of potential.

He is writing the words,
that flee his hands. They continue to burst at a sudden glance.
He’s writing a story, he’s writing his life
on the paper there evolves a fight.

A fight between good and bad,
feeling happy and feeling sad.
A fight for his sanity, a fight for his mind,
even though they are constantly blind.

He is sitting between the fragile frontiers,
fading the writing from losing his tears.
He looks at himself, in his words and his paper,
his thoughts, they are becoming his traitors.

They rise to the air and sink to the ground,
they vanish, somehow not seen and with no sound.
Every distant particle seems to implode,
there is nothing left for him to hold.

He is falling, a desperate hole in his mind,
he screams his wish, his need to rewind.
There is no option to go back, not a chance to change,
he falls to his knees, as if his mind has been chained.

And so, every notion has been written into words,
like a fire within him, it hurts and it burns.
His world has become smaller, slowly minimized,
he stops writing as if he were suddenly paralyzed.

In the end what persists,
the one thing he’ll never miss,
it’s what achingly rips, a slow tear down his lips,
It is what makes him speechless, rapidly disorientated,
because what stays with him
it is simply,

*Disclaimer: This isn’t mine, I found it from one of the groups I follow on FB

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♬ coughs

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                They’re fighting again. More than usual, they’ll try and pretend,
                 that this is normal. But it isn’t right, and God Finn just wants it 
                 to stop. They didn’t used to fight. Not before. Not before all of this.

                           ”Just stop okay? I get that you’re mad about what I did,
                             both of the things I did for God’s sake, but fighting isn’t
                             making this any better. Can we not fight, just for a few 
                             hours? Please? I want my you family, not my real family.”

I hate myself. I hate what’s inside my body, not who I am. I don’t think I can keep living unless my brain is on the same page as me. I can’t fight myself for sanity much longer…