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Because I’m trying to add something new to this Sing fandom, have another Sing headcanon. Or small ones that make for one large one

- Ash and Lance met each other as late middle schoolers/early high schoolers outside of the principal’s office. Lance had (stupidly) started a fight with a rhino and Ash was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

- The 2 started hanging out more after finding out they have similar tastes in bands and actually shared a lot of classes.

- Lance became Ash’s first real best friend, since she normally stayed away from animals due to how easy her quills shed (which goes into another headcanon from @givebackandlivehappy’s account that Ash’s shedding and quill firing is a medical condition)

- Lance was the one who taught Ash guitar and gave her her classic red guitar (which was an old spare he owned). Ash had been a metalhead for a while, but never actually owned a guitar of her own.

- Ash and Lance are high school dropouts. When they met, they were really slacking academically speaking, and barely made it into high school. There could be a number of reasons why; they never understood the material the way it was taught, one (or both) of them had some kind of learning disability that none of their families caught onto, they just didn’t put in any effort or had any reason to try. Whatever the reason, they were failing and majorly. Eventually, they just dropped out as sophomores/juniors to try and make it big (or have Lance make it big with his backup vocals)

- Lance’s family is rather poor, and his parents were always too busy working to really pay attention to their son. Heck, they didn’t even know he dropped out until years later when at high school graduation, his name wasn’t called.

- Ash’s parents were the ones that bought their apartment with the lease under their name, only with the request that she and Lance pay half of the rent.

- The 2 made money off of any gigs they could land and small menial jobs (since they weren’t in school and didn’t have high school diplomas to get actual part-time jobs). If they failed to land any gigs, it would more affect Ash than Lance since most of the time, they would fail once she got carried away.

- Lance secretly made extra money by doing gigs with Becky (he had been cheating on Ash for a while before she found out) at places that he and Ash would have been rejected from. When Ash found, it kind of damaged her self esteem a little bit (it wasn’t completely destroyed because the theater fam helped her, but the news still gives her a bit of self doubt on her playing abilities).

That’s all I got so far. And all of it just came from the simple headcanon of “Ash and Lance are high school dropouts”.

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Midoriya, Shoto and Bakugo find a baby rhino with a flame horn quirk a few blocks away from the local zoo, the baby is very friendly but the mother, who has the same quirk, sneaks up behind the boys and doesn't seem as friendly

im crying this is great omg 

Midoriya Izuku

  • Curious about how the rhino got this far from the zoo without being caught already, but is cautious to approach it!
  • Once he sees the mama rhino, he panics, but runs towards the zoo either hoping to lure them both back or get someone’s attention! 

Todoroki Shouto

  • He’s so confused… Why is there a rhino here? How did it get out? He approaches it carefully, in case its injured! 
  • Once he realises that the mother is behind him, he kinda stiffens but decided to try to get them both to follow him back to the zoo! 

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Does a double take at first, because there’s a rhino standing near his house?! He runs over to it, half curious, half mad that it’s trying to eat his mom’s flowers! 
  • He doesn’t even notice the mama rhino at first, only going “oh shit” when he hears her make a noise! He’d probably look around for some kind of exit from the situation, or y’know prepare to fight a rhino I guess?
“It’s a Snow Day!”

Summary: Waking up to snow covering every inch of New York and class being cancelled is already amazing in itself, but spending the day with Peter Parker is what makes this snow day like no other!

NOTE: So it’s started snowing where I’m from and everything is so magical and beautiful!! PS - I wrote this in July and have been waiting so long to post this!! And okay, this isn’t that Christmasy, but I hope it’s still festive enough for you to enjoy this time of year! :)

    You woke up on a December morning at the sound of your alarm clock going off at six am as usual. Groaning, you laid there momentarily before pulling yourself upright. Looking out your window, everything seemed… a bit brighter, even though the sky was still dark. Gasping, you padded to the window of your apartment, gazing out at the streets of Queens that shone white with snow. Instantly, you felt giddy, unable to stop the grin from spreading across your face. Pulling on a fluffy grey robe over your t-shirt and fuzzy pajama pants, you skipped down the hall, feeling rejuvenated at the sight of your favourite weather.  

    Stepping into the kitchen, you clicked on the TV and went to prepare yourself a cup of tea. After settling down at the table, you switched to the news, keeping an eye out for the announcements about school.

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Does Peter do anything weird while on patrol?

Oh yes, Anon…

  • Peter is hyper and wiggly, he can never keep still. So he is always bobbing his head/tapping his foot, and so on slower nights he makes up new moves and tries new tricks while web-slinging…Sometimes it goes well, other times…Not so much. 
  • There is a whole webpage filled with Superhero fails and I am telling you right now that Spiderman is like half of those videos. He tries different stunts and tricks and unfortunately he lives in a city where Spidey falling face first into a taxi isn’t going to go unnoticed. 
  • We all know for a fact that Spidey can’t keep his mouth shut to save his life. So he talks to himself quite a bit, having one-sided conversations, and even answering himself from time to time. (this confuses people)
  • He also sings while patrolling. (I HC this hard) And he isn’t good at singing either…(people yell at him to shut up quite often) He’ll sing whatever is stuck in his head or even make up songs. He also does his own theme music from time to time. 
  • Spidey totally makes his own sound effects when he is bored. He’ll punch someone and yell “pow!” or “k-bang!” sounds, or he’ll kick them and yell “snap!” or “boom!” and it drives his baddies crazy.
  • He’ll also narrate his fights, kind of like on those brawling video games. So he’ll start off with things like “Rhino vs Spiderman! FIGHT!!! Rhino is coming in and he tries to impale Spiderman with his horn. Oh whoops, luckily for Spidey he saw it coming from a mile away!”
  • I can totally see him humming the mission impossible music to himself as he sneaks into a building, and then getting caught because the baddies heard him humming to himself. (this dork)
  • He also is filled with pop-culture references so he is constantly quoting something. If the people he is fighting stay in character and quote with him he’ll go easier on them, if they don’t play along…well Spidey isn’t as nice. 
  • He also always tries to eat while upside down. He has dropped ice cream scoops on people’s heads and spilled drinks on walking tourists. But people’s all time favorite was when his hot dog slipped out of the bun and fell and Spidey screamed “MY WIENER!!!” (This is also on the web page)
  • Spidey cannot resist dogs. If he sees you with a dog he will come for you and he will ask if he is “allowed to pet your puppy?” and then he will get very excited and erupt into giggles.
  • He also has a homeless cat that he loves, he named it Shadow because 1. it is black and 2. because it always follows him around. He feeds it and sometimes he and Shadow patrol together. 

Okay so maybe those weren’t all that weird…whatever…

At a time where too many superhero movies are led by blandly handsome white men named Chris, Black Panther celebrates a cast made up almost exclusively of dark-skinned black actors….Also, the characters fight giant rhino-mechs, Lupita wears cannon blasters on her hands, and I’m pretty sure I caught Danai Gurira’s character flirting with another member of the Dora Milaje. I
—  ‘scuse the fuck outta me as I get my blog for Nakia ready

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Omg that nightmare one was soooo good!!! Can you please do more batdad stuff with damian??

I really love writing Batdad guys. Like I really love it. Anyway, sorry for the delay in answering this, I wanted to pick something really good and was having trouble coming up with a good idea, then my dad and I sat down to watch a stupid movie and bam! I had an idea. 

For those who are curious the nightmare one can be read here


The manor was quiet this late at night. It was a still kind of quiet that usually settled Bruce, but tonight something felt off.

He decided to make one last round of the manor before going to bed himself, and stopped by each of his son’s rooms, checking in on them with a quick, silent glance, so he wouldn’t wake them. Dick was there, taking a break from his globetrotting for a few nights. Jason’s room was empty, but Bruce expected that, the Red Hood had left in the direction of his own apartment at the end of patrol that night. Tim was asleep in his bed, having been too tired to return to his own place. Duke’s light was still on, and through the door Bruce could hear the sound of pages ruffling.

He saved Damian’s room for last. His youngest’s door was closed, and the moment Bruce laid his hand on the knob he felt a twinge of panic in his chest, the sense that not all was well doubled as he stood there outside his son’s room.

He flung the door open and found the room still, silent, and completely unoccupied. Damian wasn’t in the room. He hadn’t been there for a long time. Alfred kept the cobwebs from setting in, and the dust from ever sticking, but the room was unused. It had been since that rainy night.

Then he was seeing it happen again, seeing his son broken and run through on the order of his own mother. Murdered by the woman Bruce had once thought he could love. Her laughter filled his ears, bitter, and almost joyful. Words came next, baiting him, telling him of how he’d failed, how this was his fault, how he’d never have the chance to see his son grow up.

He squeezed his eyes shut against it, and clamped his hands over his ears as if either attempt would stop the assault, would change the fact that his son was gone.

And then he was awake, panting, sweating, and more exhausted than he’d been when he’d fallen into bed hours ago. He pushed his hair back and stilled his breathing with deep even breaths. A nightmare, it had only been a nightmare.

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SOUTH AFRICA, Alberton : A Maasai Warriors cricket player gets ready to play a shot during a cricket match between Maasai Warriors and Glenvista Cricket Club invitational side at the Klipriviersberg Recreation Centre in Alberton on September 13, 2015. The Maasai Cricket Warriors, an ethnic group from Kenya, are visiting South Africa playing cricket to raise awareness for the fight against rhino poaching. In 2014, South Africa lost a record of 1,215 rhinos to illegal poaching. AFP PHOTO/STEFAN HEUNIS                        


Endangered Species Day is here & it’s time to fight for rhinos. Lend a hand and write “Stop Killing Rhinos” on your hand and post a photo on Instagram or Twitter with the #Rally4Rhinos hashtag. Everyone who posts a photo is automatically entered to win a beautiful rhino painting by Jeremy Rohr. We also encourage you to make it your Facebook profile pic. See your photo in the gallery, and learn more ways you can help.

Harry The Lionheart

Warning : Graphic photos.

Adrenaline pumping, his face alert with excitement and momentary apprehension, Prince Harry reaches out to touch the flanks of a fully grown male lion.

It’s an extraordinary and heartstopping moment, as the fearsome beast – which has been lightly sedated – lies semi-conscious at his feet on a pitch-black night in the African bush.

The Prince is monitoring the animal’s breathing during the vital few minutes needed for vets to carry out tests. Maintaining a commendable calm, he then helps wildlife vets draw blood from the lion for DNA identification, replace a broken GPS collar under its shaggy mane and brand it.

But this is Harry – the ‘Playboy Prince’ – and he soon lifts the tension. With his head torch hanging around his neck he jokingly pulls down his shorts crying: ‘OK, me next!’ before pretending to reach for the red-hot branding iron.

As these exclusive pictures show, Harry, 30, has been living his African dream on a wildlife reserve and, unencumbered by the pressures of public life and paparazzi, has opened up to his companions as he never does in public.

He jokes about what a ‘bad uncle’ he is to his brother Prince William’s and posing for the all-important photographs with baby Charlotte, Harry was standing barefoot in the bush, tucking into chicken stew cooked over the camp fire.

Talking more seriously about his longing to spend more time in the wild in Africa, Harry told his friend: ‘I have to go along with the way my life is, and in many ways I’m very privileged.

‘It’s how things are and I know what I have to do. But I want to spend time out here regularly, it’s become really precious to me and I’m learning a lot.’

Harry, who has also spent time with armed soldiers fighting off rhino poachers from helicopters in Kruger national park in South Africa, added: ‘This is a recce really. I’m taking a lot of new information back home with me for my brother and me to analyse. We’re going to work out a strategy for doing more in Africa and to encourage new conservation initiatives.’

Harry has been playing a full role in the work of a team tracking lions in the remote, 10,000sq mile Palmwag Reserve in Namibia’s north-west Kunene region, where lions, elephants, rhino and leopards roam across vast vistas of desert and scrub.

Having swapped life as an Army Apache helicopter pilot for the sharp end of animal conservation, he has been living his African  dream as part of a three-month assignment in southern Africa, where he has joined the campaign against rhino poachers – and he is relishing the freedom.

He is so much in his element that he often goes barefoot and, to the alarm of colleagues who warned him about the dangers of wild animals marauding in the night, he stubbornly insists on sleeping in the open rather than in a tent.

Harry told one: ‘I’ve come all the way to Africa to be free. I’m taking my bedroll and I’m sleeping by the fire.’

The Prince’s encounter with the king of the jungle came after he told his companions – two royal protection officers, two vets, a Namibian police officer, a senior tracker-guide, and Simson – that he desperately wanted to see lions up close and personal in the wild.

Renowned wildlife vet Dr Peter Morkel, a rhino expert, had already spent time elsewhere in Namibia showing Harry the process of painlessly removing horns to save the species from destructive poaching. Now he had brought the Prince to these wildlife-rich lands where local communities have been given responsibility for conservation efforts, including keeping an eye on the lions.

Simson said: ‘We tracked down a pair, one male one female, for him earlier in the day by following the animals’ droppings and footprints. Harry wanted a taste of conservation in the raw and it became a huge adventure.’

Specialist vet Dr Philip Stander used sound equipment to blare out a recording of an oryx screaming, followed by a hyena’s call.

Soon the lions, sensing the imaginary kill, padded into view. Simson said Harry had been continually whispering: ‘Are you sure they’ll come? How can you be sure?’

He knew he would have an important role to play if the animals appeared, said Simson, adding: ‘He was nervous and thrilled at the same time.’

Dr Stander used tranquilliser darts to sedate the animals, and beckoned the others forward. ‘It was rocky and sandy underfoot and we all crept up quietly,’ said Simson. ‘Harry had already been told what to do.’

His companions have warned the Prince that tranquillising large exotic animals is a ‘tricky science’, and to work very quickly before the drug wears off.

Dr Stander said: ‘The male lion’s radio collar had been damaged and it needed replacing. The work had tobe done in a matter of minutes – you only lightly sedate the animals so as not to interfere with their metabolism, and you must work fast.’

He said Harry did not hesitate to crouch down next to the lion and, as instructed, monitor his breathing to check it remained regular while Dr Stander prepared a syringe to take blood.

‘Harry knew what he was doing. He stayed calm and helped to fix the new collar with its studs and buckles.’

In a fleece top with a Walking With The Wounded logo from his time on the Forces charity’s South Pole expedition, Harry later poses proudly beside the lion, his hand resting gently on its head.

Dr Stander lit a small fire to heat up a branding iron and stamped a code number on to the lion’s fur, which prompted the Prince to offer his backside.

As a member of a team of eight, Harry has been enjoying the camaraderie of the tight-knit group and has asked for no special favours, camping with his companions at night and doing his share of the chores, chopping vegetables, preparing meat for the barbecue and washing-up.

Simson said: ‘He was with us for five nights, all spent out in the bush in quite rough conditions.’

Rising at 5.30am with the rest of the team in the camp, he helped to make tea over an open fire or fry eggs, before heading off into the bush.

Simson said: ‘There were no toilet or shower facilities.

‘We got water from a nearby spring and splashed it, cold, on our faces.

‘Harry joined in uncomplaining, and took a bucket of water like the rest of us for an all-over wash.

‘I could see straightaway when I was introduced to him that he was going to be a great companion and a team player. He looks pale and slim compared to some of us, but he is strong and you can tell he’s been military trained. He’s impressive.’

They shared beers around the camp fire in the evenings and, despite serious warnings from Simson, Harry insisted on sleeping under the stars.

‘I told him it would be safer to sleep in his tent. He had pitched it expertly himself and we were all sleeping inside ours. We know that anything can happen unexpectedly – from snakes approaching to insect bites, or an elephant or hyena coming into camp.’

Simson briefed Harry on how to get out of sight and stay downwind if animals approached, saying: ‘That was the least I could do if he insisted on sleeping in the open.’ He added: ‘Of course every time Harry slept out, his bodyguards had to be there too.

‘There was a lot of teasing and joking about him spending his life with them. It was very funny.’

On one occasion, the Prince came face to face with a big rhino bull called Harry. ‘That amused him very much,’ Simson said. ‘Finally Harry met Harry.’