fight for me reprise

Fight for Me (Reprise)
  • Fight for Me (Reprise)
  • mia, who is trash
  • Heathers the Musical (LA)

So I absolutely adore this song and I really wanted
to cover it while I remembered the lyrics and I’m
actually shocked by how many people haven’t
heard the reprise since it was taken out of the
so I’m going to tag some people so they can hear not really my singing but the lyrics because they’re gorgeous and painful h a
I hurt:
pxrfecto fxrgery astatistic teenxngstbodycount slushiie ofslushies jasxndean soveryheather duchessheather theoneinyellow alldamaged also caeduis because Vi is bae and also needs to watch Heathers

is that everyone?? I think I got everyone


Because tHIS SONG

The signs as songs from Heathers: The Musical
  • Aries:Dead Girl Walking
  • Taurus:Meant To Be Yours
  • Gemini:Fight For Me
  • Cancer:Seventeen
  • Leo:The Me Inside Of Me
  • Virgo:Seventeen (Reprise)
  • Libra:Shine A Light
  • Scorpio:Beautiful
  • Sagittarius:Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)
  • Capricorn:Candy Store
  • Aquarius:Freeze Your Brain
  • Pisces:Our Love Is God